Attack of the Fanboy

Homefront Uncut Multiplayer Gameplay

by William Schwartz


Homefront is just a few short hours away from release, and new multiplayer videos have surfaced for the game.  In Homefront the multiplayer is a class based affair that pits teams against each other in objective based and deathmatch gametypes.  Allowing for the use of vehicles and special weapons the multiplayer component for Homefront is quite deep as you can see by the 15:00 video below.

Vehicles and Specials are unlocked by earning points in game.  You can then use these weapons throughout the match as you earn enough money to make the purchase.  Some of the weapons include rocket launchers, helicopters, drones, missle strikes, humvees, tanks, and others.

This video is no longer available as it has been taken down by the uploader. 

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