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Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Origins Zombies Guide – Free Weapons, Staffs & More

by Jonny Hercock on August 30, 2013


Welcome to the second portion of my guide for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Origins zombies. The previous article covers basic tips and can be found here, this article covers free weapons, perks and staffs, and there will be more in the future covering Achievements.

Free Weapons

At least two free weapons are obtainable in Origins, which are both Pack-a-Punched; The Magna Collider and one random one.

Magna Collider (Pack-a-Punched MG08/15)

In order to obtain a free, Pack-a-Punched version of the MG08/15, you must first build the Maxis Drone. The first part is found on the table in the starting room, the second will be found on top of or near to the Excavation Site, and the final part is near the Church, often in the mud. Once you find a build station (one is very close to the third part, behind the tank), add all of the parts to the Maxis Drone and pick it up. There are now 4 locations that you need to take the Drone to, so that he can collect 4 gold discs:

  • Just outside the front of the Church, by the giant robot’s foothole. The disc is on the roof of the Church.
  • Near the starting room, outside the door next to the Ballista. The disc is in the burning rubble on the right.
  • By Generator 5. The disc is on the broken roof by the edge of the map.
  • On top of the excavation site. The disc is opposite the Pack-a-Punch machine, on a ledge to the right.

Once the Maxis Drone collects all 4 gold discs, there will be a free Magna Collider waiting for you by the Pack-a-Punch machine.

Random Pack-a-Punched Gun

Depending on your skill level, this gun may be easier to get as it doesn’t involve finding any parts. This gun is obtained by completing the challenge for 115 normal zombie headshots. When it says ‘normal’, it just means that headshots on the glowing blue zombies don’t count.

Once you get 115 headshots, head to one of the challenge containers (there’s one in the spawn room, and one by Generator 6) and reap your hard-earned reward. When you open the box, you will receive a free weapon. I often get the Agarthan Reaper, which is a Pack-a-Punched Scar-H, but I’ve also recieved the Spatz 447 + and someone has told me that they’ve received a Lamentation as a reward.

Free Perk

Though not technically ‘free’, a perk bottle can be obtained by completing another one of the four challenges found in the starting room. By spending 30,000 points and then visiting one of the challenge containers, a free perk bottle will be given to the player. These points can be spent on anything including doors, weapons, perks or anything else.

So far, every time I’ve seen this challenge completed, or done it myself, the free perk has been Double-Tap. However, though there’s no Perk-a-Cola machine for Double Tap for Origins, it is one of the perks randomly given by the  Wunderfizz Orb station found by the Generators.

5 Perks

If you already have 4 perks, you can still pick up the free perk bottle for spending 30,000 points, leaving you with 5. However, there is another way of getting Double Tap for 1500 points mentioned above. This means that if Double Tap is one of the 4 perks you already have before collecting your free one , then you won’t be able to pick the perk bottle up. You can’t have the same perk twice, so it will disappear back into the container and you won’t be able to get it again.

This can be avoided by buying perks only from machines so you don’t accidentally get Double Tap. If you do have it, then don’t try to get your challenge reward until you’ve been downed and been revived or respawned.

The information on finding the staffs is fairly lengthy, so I’ve saved it for page 2 of this article. Click the arrow at the top of the page to find it.

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  • Kenan

    I’ve gotten Double Tap in in a Perk-a-Cola.

    • this girl

      not on origins there is no perk a cola machine for double tap you can get it from the wonder fizz machine though.

      • Spoonything

        I think Kenan is confused, the wunderfiz machine prompts you to buy a random perk-a-cola or something on those lines.

        • Spencer Zest Johnson

          the wounderfizz is kinda like a box for perks

      • jespersen

        yes there is. its by generator 5

        • Andrew Christian Elam

          That’s actually Stamin-up.

      • ChrisR

        Perk-a-cola is another name for wonder fizz.

      • Black ops 2 freak

        I can’t figure out do u need fall the staff’s made to upgrade them or not

    • footballallstar

      hey kenan can u send me tha orgin map my player name is footballallstar

  • MessyFool

    The Ice Staff parts are able to be dug up only when its snowing outside.

  • dyoung

    The wind staff is the yellow one and lightning is purple

    • Jonny Hercock

      Very true, my mistake.

  • west57x

    For the record: if you open the reward chest and do not pick up your reward you can just open the chest again and it will still be there. So you don’t lose your perk or weapon or max ammo like mentioned above.

    – west57x

  • Augustu$

    howdo you beat the deep sea diver when he shows up out of nowhere!!!!!?

    • Jp

      If you mean the zombie in the diver suit you just keep shooting him in the head.

      • Spencer Zest Johnson

        ray gun or ray gun mark II is the best just shoot hime with thos

        • johnny

          actually the pistol you start out with upgraded is better than the mark 2 raygun

          • dace

            Its better if yiu do it wuth the fire or elektric staff

        • Bat Man

          I played tranzit it’s where you serve people food

      • johnny

        its called a penser

        • your_wrong


        • Bruce Bridges

          Does the free ray gun trick still work on origins?

          • Bruce Bridges

            Lmao damn nobodys been here for a Year


    This game is awesome!!!!!!!

  • tazzmania13

    I played about five times built every thing including thunder punch and did all of the challenges . and still got to wave 28 :) :)

  • Ellie

    after i get all the staffs what do I do next?

    • joe

      you can either try the easter egg, upgrade them, or just try to get to high rounds

  • StrikeFreedom

    also if you didnt know you can just keep on digging to get the golden shovel where the shovel indicator on your screen would be, not completely sure what it does, but after you get the golden shovel you can get the golden helmet next to the shovel which allows you to be stepped on by the giant robots and not get downed. you can get this by digging, again it doesnt show up as something you dug up, it just shows up next to where the shovel indicator is next to each players points.

    • Strike9

      You can also get the golden boots, they let you run fast in mud. When you are in zombie blood and you have the golden shovel you can try to find an orange colored dig an if you dig that, you get a free perk slot. Then you can by another perk. Keep doing it to get all perks.

  • Mystery

    You’ll notice that the weather changes commonly in Origins.When it snows, you have a better chance of digging up an Ice staff part.It’s kind of a good idea to dig up objects when its snowing so you have a better chance to get them.All parts for the Ice staff get obtained this way.

  • eisvis9741


    • supbro


  • eisvis9741

    The Ice Staff parts are able to be dug up only when its snowing outside.

  • John

    You can also get pack-a-punch if you shoot the robot Thor in his right foot while standing under his foot you will be transported up to his head were you can find pack-a-punch

    • johnny


    • Christopher Ryals

      No, that just open’s his foot and you find a wind staff piece. Freya, Thor, and Odin are there name’s. You can actually use them to your advantage if you figure out their movement patterns.

  • ccc352

    iv had trouble getting in the robots with the yellow light on there foot but on another note I found a neat way to kill the little robots 1 person killed 4 robots by him self but had golden ray gun …!!!

    • Little Lost Boy

      You dont get a golden ray gun!

    • fapfapfap

      you can get a free papd mgo8 by getting the maxis drone and collecting 3 coins around the map, then go to pack a punch and it will be there

  • Aidan

    I have recently had 3 free perks in one drink, juggernog, double tap and mule kick

  • Rob Messina

    , in each of the robots that walks by, each one has a wind staff part inside of him that’s how you get the wind staff you just have to find the record it’s not hard though!

  • Rob Messina

    for the ice staff you have to dig up the skulls when it’s snowing, if its not snowing you won’t get any parts! The record is easy!

  • Rob Messina

    the Lightning staff you have to go on the tank and jump to the ledge to the left, then there’s a Ledge on the right, then another wooden ledge on left then the last one is right before the church you jump to right to get all lightning parts except record which is easy to find

  • Rob Messina

    for the first ass all you have to do is shoot down 1 plane out of the sky in no man’s land, kill 1 mini robot guy and collect the peace, and the last piece is at generators 6 when you get it running there’s a chest that opens and gives you the peace, for the record its in a few different places but you’re find it usually it’s in the church!

    • johnny

      you have to shoot a glowing plane idiot

  • Rob Messina

    don’t forget to get the records, the main record for all the staffs, it’s usually right around the excavation point you might have to buy your way and sometimes its next to pack a punch!pick up the Gramaphone right next to the table in the cave and play it so the stairs open, do this at every staff points: it will tell you on the wall which staff it is and it take you to the crazy place!

  • greg

    Why Can’t I Pack A Punch

  • greg

    I Find Pack A Punch But I Can’t Use It Why?

    • Zachary Estep

      You turn on all generators before you pack-a-punch

  • dyamond

    What do you do when have all of the blue staff and u go in to the crazy place and you build the staff and u don’t know what to do next and u don’t explain nothing good just how you find and that is it.

  • footballallstar

    i need somone to send me tha orgin maps

  • laxbro

    it is by generator station 2 not station 3

  • Christopher Ryals

    If anyone need’s any help, and you play Origins on ps3, add me, Ashennx. I can run you through the entire map, showing you everything about it.

  • Vinyl Scratch

    Where is juggernog?

  • Sylas

    I played tranzit it’s where you have to serve people food

  • kyler vincent

    do u have to buy an another dlc to get the ray gun mark 2 or is it in the apocolypse dlc

    • Cronik253

      mk2 is a punched raygun

  • poop


  • Black Op 125

    Thx man I’ve been trying to get this map downed for months and this helps alot

  • Black Op 125

    Still memorizing discs and crazy places.

  • chad

    evertime I’m offline split screen and i try pick up a staff part it does not show up that i got it

  • Kyle

    Hello if i can, how do u finish the game on origins?

  • slayer

    Double tap can be given in the reward box at spawn after spending 30000 points. You can pick it up when you have 4 perks to use it as a 5th, if you die with the 5 perks then you will not be able to get the double tap again as a 5th perk ”without spending another 30000 points”
    Unless you use the shovel to dig until
    You get the golden shovel, this alows you to find glowing dig spots while in zombie blood mode which will contain empty perk bottles that add more slots so you can pick up all perks

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