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Bethesda – Everything But Fallout 4

by Matt Newstead on December 18, 2013


If the Fallout 4 speculation was a roller coaster ride, then I would certainly be needing a bucket right about now. Not only from the nausea induced by the wave-like motion of this endeavor, but also as it NOW appears that Fallout 4 may not even feature in 2014.

The euphoric hopes of fans upon the arrival of ‘’ were soon shattered amid doubts, and then the eventual revelation, that the site was a fake. This was followed up with articles such as this revealing leaked information which apparently confirmed a set location and even a brief, albeit early, script outline.

Alas, the annual Bethesda Christmas card was recently posted on BethblogIn keeping with their Christmas tradition, Bethesda provide a nod to games coming in the new year via the card. Usually in the past, this is an overt inclusion of a weapon or NPC from Fallout. This time, however, their was a bit of Elder Scrolls Online, a touch of Wolfenstein: The New Order and…what’s this?

A vault, under the tree, with blood on it? It can’t be! And it isn’t.

The vault is instead a representation of the head of Boxman from The Evil Within.

‘Bethesda provide a nod to games coming in the new year via the card’

This is no concrete evidence against Fallout 4 making an appearance next year, but it is certainly less lip-moistening than the appearance of a nuke-shaped present under the Christmas tree. Quite possibly what fans will consider sending Bethesda if they continue to tease in this manner for much longer.

Are you concerned by Bethesda’s decision to not include Fallout? Or maybe this is a case of over-analysis? Leave a comment below with your thoughts!

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  • Mark Danger Hopps

    To be honest I don’t think any gamer with a shred of common sense expected it in 2014, even if the survivor site was real or they announced at the VGA’s you were still looking at an early to mid 2015 release .

    • MJNewstead

      True, Depends if they have had it in the work for longer than people have expected. 2014 Christmas release is my guess, if not, could really be any time.

    • John

      Not true. Skyrim was announced at vgas 2010, then released 2011, 11 months later. It was based on their last marketing strategy which worked so well. I think they’re just keeping their mouths shut until it is less than a year away from release. Bethesda don’t announce games that are 3-4 years off.

      • Mark Danger Hopps

        yeah i suppose you’re right and I personally think it’s been in development for a while now at least with a small team until skyrim was finished with. I’m still calling early 2015 release though.

  • djmagnumb

    Excuse me, while I go shoot myself in the face!!

    • Shane

      Can I shoot myself first? *sigh*

  • Sideways_1M

    BRING ON TES: 6!

  • Bj Threlkeld

    im hoping mabye that they are keeping it top secret, and will surprise us with it

  • Chris Asher

    My guess would be an announcement with a teaser trailer at the 2014 VGA s and serious gameplay footage at E3 2015 with a release at holiday 2015. I’ve been looking forward to this game for a loooong time but I just don’t see an early 2015 release. They’re gonna take a full year to build up the hype.

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