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Call of Duty: Black Ops II outpacing Modern Warfare 3 in pre-orders

by William Schwartz on May 4, 2012

It looks like Treyarch struck a chord with Call of Duty fans following the world reveal of Black Ops II.  The near-futuristic setting seems to have urged consumers into the marketplace to pre-order the game at a rapid pace.  As it stands, Black Ops II is outpacing last year’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 by over 30% on Amazon.

Modern Warfare 3 was the fastest-selling game in history when it went on sale in November of 2011, the biggest launch ever for the franchise.  Which had been set the year before, by the original Call of Duty: Black Ops.  Should this pace continue, Black Ops II will leapfrog Modern Warfare 3 as the most pre-ordered game of all-time on via Venture Beat.

Black Ops 2 was revealed just a few days ago and set to span multiple eras in the single player campaign, and obviously will once again serve up multiplayer in the form of competitive and cooperative game modes.  While these numbers are just from, it’s a good signal that Call of Duty hasn’t lost its touch with its massive fan-base.  Black Ops II is set for another November release on the 13th.

Black Ops II Screenshots

For more screencaps from the trailer, head here.

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  • UnknownUser28

    mw3 didnt beat black ops in sales.


    Never got why people like cod so much

  • platinumwarrior121

    Cod will never die lol there games are just to fun and addictive

  • Wh1pL4shL1ve

    I think its too early to tell. I mean is only been like what? 3 days?

  • Frank

    Because they’re fun games and easy for casuals to pick up and play? I don’t get why idiots like you bash others for liking different games. It’s annoying actually.


      I wasn’t bashing it at all but since you insist….

      I don’t see why people like cod so much, the engine is outdated and animations look artificial. The campaign makes no sense and lasts 5 hours if your lucky. There are so many better fps on the market.
      Fear 3.
      Crysis 2
      Fallout new vagas
      Hell even halo

      Cod is kinda like the just on beiber of video games

      There happy?

    • Wh1pL4shL1ve

      “Because they’re fun games and easy for casuals to pick up and play? I don’t get why idiots like you bash others for liking different games. It’s annoying actually.”

      I agree with this. the games youve mentioned has a very steep learning curve but COD hasnt.


        IV been playing gears of war 3 for the past 6 months which is a third person shooter and I got crysis yesterday and am doing fine online. How dumbed down do you want games to be?

      • Wh1pL4shL1ve

        And what was the easiest to learn COD or crysis 2? 
        I never said COD was the best or anything. I said that people play it because its easy to learn.


          the easiest to learn was yo mamma lol jks

        • Wh1pL4shL1ve

          No prob man. your always be my Xbox bud. 


            Awesome dude

    • platinumwarrior121

      Your either retarded or slow..nahhhhhhh your retarded


        The disabled community finds that term offensive

    • Brevs

      Fear hasn’t released a game in a few years, Crysis 2 was released a few years ago, Fallout new vegas was released in 2010, bioshock was released in 2008 and halo 3 is old and halo reach is unpopular with a lot of people. They buy it because it is new.


        Fear 3 was released last year bioshock infinite and halo 4 are coming out this year

  • Sdaf


  • Canada


  • OmegaMan88

    woooooooooooooo… ok

  • Alim Khan

    Black ops 2 is never better then black ops cause lemme tell you why black ops is all about killing and the thing i love about it is Zombies and black ops 2 is mostly about racing

    • Brevs

      oh i didn’t realize you played Black Ops 2. And What the f*ck do you mean it is mosly about racing… hahaha wtf?


    I don’t know about you guys but this cod looks so much better than the last few. 

    • Wh1pL4shL1ve

      I have the same impression here. 

  • Bigjershby

    i just got done with killzone 2 and it was better then crysis 2 and to me fallout is a rpg ive played all 3 gears of war and the first 1 is the best imo im playing the witcher 2 atm and im loving it not trying 2 be a fanboy but the witcher 2 is the FIRST game thats really worth it that i can play on my xbox but not my ps3 (fable was a disappointment and gears of war was a copy paste job with a sad attempt at a story and i dont need another fps atm sorry halo)

    im also quick to want to bash cod but when i think of mw3 i think “o shat a juggernaut shane run!” so yea i like the co-op in cod but nothering that cod can do is a tenth as satisfying as ramming a jet up a campers ares

    speaking of campers check this out

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