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Dead or Alive 5 Last Round Announced For PS4 And Xbox One

by Damian Seeto on August 31, 2014


Team Ninja is not ready to give up on Dead or Alive 5 yet as a version of the game will now be making its way to the PS4 and Xbox One sometime in the future.

Team Ninja are currently holding the DOA5UA Fighting Carnival 2014 SUMMER right now. This is basically a video game fighting tournament where fans are playing Dead or Alive 5. A winner was crowned, but the biggest news is that a version of the game will now make its way to the PS4 and Xbox One consoles.

A very short and brief trailer was revealed announcing Dead or Alive 5 Last Round. The tagline of the game suggests this will be the last time they re-release the game. They already upset fans by mimicking Capcom releasing Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate just a year after the original game came out…

Only a teaser for the game was shown. It will be out in Spring 2015 in Japan. Dead or Alive 5 Last Round joins several other re-releases that will be making its way to the PS4 and Xbox One consoles. Deep Silver already announced at PAX that Saints Row IV is coming to the PS4 and Xbox One as well.

Are you excited to play Dead or Alive 5 Last Round for the newer consoles?

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  • The Glorious PC Master Race

    Silky smooth 30FPS for everyone

    • Commander Jim

      As a PC player I make a request on behalf of myself and all other PC players with a life for you “master race” fanboy dickheads to stop embarrassing the rest of us. Thanks.

      • David

        My wii is more powerful than my PC so yeah. PC ain’t master race

        • Divine Providence

          PC “master race” relates to “gaming PCs” which typically are custom built by users, and surpass whatever top-of-the-line console is on the market. If you didn’t build your PC rig for gaming, then it’s not part of the “master race”

          I only recently upgraded my rig for gaming, I’ve been using consoles for years, but I’m making the jump now. :)

          • Zenzuu100 .

            Why not have the best of both worlds? :)
            I also have a decent PC gaming setup, but still do game on consoles at the same time for the exclusives.

            They are pros & cons for both, so I’m not really bias towards ether, even though I do have a slight preference to a specific platform, but I digress.

          • Divine Providence

            That’s essentially how I do gaming as well. I chase games to whatever platform they land on LOL. I never understood “console wars” because I play games on all of them (I don’t own all of them, my friends have games and consoles that I don’t have, together we have everything)
            But fiances usually dictate how many platforms I can play on at once (I wish XBL wasn’t a subscription) :/

    • Zenzuu100 .

      Wrong, DOA games have always been 60fps on every console since it debuted back in the PSone era.

      Once again, you’re an embarrassment to the PC community with that constant childish demeanor.

    • Ritsujun

      Gotta try harder than that, Beeburr.

    • tarbis

      How’s GTAV? :D

    • d0x360

      If being a part of this master race requires me to act like a ****ing idiot and proclaim how awesome hardware I stuck in a case is then I want no part. I’ll toss my $3000 PC out the window and surely on its way down it will smash into your $800 wanna be master race box.

      I had a falcon northwest that cost more than some cars. You know what its worth today? NOTHING. It can’t even run gta4. Anything part of a master race wouldn’t become obselete every 6 months.

  • David Bogle

    PC GAMER = WINDOWS 8 = XBOX ONE in the end it’s all just LOWLEVELDRAMA and besides Good games never come to PC like this game
    PC GAMER = MMO and shooters everything else will be on console Kingdom hearts 3 GGs.

  • Steven

    As a huge DoA fan, I have been hopping for this. So i will gladly buy it again as long as my dlc transfers. Thank you Team ninja for doing exactly what i wanted:)

  • Linh Nguyën

    Wait… did I just see Virtua Fighter characters in the teaser?

    • Vexx

      They’ve been in every Doa5 yet.

      • Linh Nguyën

        That explains it. I have yet to play a DOA since DOA2 on the PS2 ;P

  • Hazell

    YES! Too bad I have to wait almost a year to play it.

  • d0x360

    Team Ninja needs to disband. Without itagaki at the helm they have no vision. They have been fruitlessly attempting to emulate his ideals and its just not working. Ninja gaiden 3 was such an immense fall from grace its damn near unbelievable the same team minus 1 guy made it. The last DOA wasn’t any good either.

    Its a shame really because they were such a good studio.

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