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GTA Online does not require an online pass, code, or separate purchase

by Bill Hess on August 15, 2013


GTA Online was revealed to the world earlier today. The ambitious new online mode for GTA V will not arrive on launch day for the game, but will release nearly two weeks later as an update to the game on October 1st.

But just because this portion of the game is arriving at a later date, don’t expect for Rockstar to sell the online part of the game separately. Rockstar recently clarified the staggered release in a statement to Polygon.

“We don’t have any plans to sell GTA Online separately,” said a Rockstar representative. “It will come free with every copy of GTA V and doesn’t require a code, online pass, or anything like that.”

Confirmed by another recent interview with Computer and Video Games, the GTA Online mode will be accessible through the character wheel of the main game.

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  • XBOXsucks

    I don’t know why anyone would expect you to have to pay more or rebuy the game or anything. This isn’t Xbox you know.

    • James

      I agree. ofc if it was some other company they would have probably charged a seperate fee. Having said that I think it’ll be tough to keep it running in years to come if everything is free. I think there will be parts like content that you’ll need to buy.

      I’m paying about 50€ for this game I think its worth more than 100€ considering what some of the other games cost. I just hope this game turns out be this generation’s top seller.

      • Allen

        I’m looking forward to some kick ass DLC for sure

    • Gabe920

      Pretty quick at forgetting the old PSN Pass policy..

      • RoadShow

        PSN pass is no big deal. I’d much rather pay $10 for a pass than be force fed $60/year xbox live with absolutely no benefits + having to pay for online passes with EA/Ubisoft and not getting free exclusive content all on overpriced, outdated hardware who’s exclusives are on PC with free online play the PC way.

        • DenyingErrors

          Xbox has cross-game chat and it never got hacked like psn did and your credit card details did not get stolen. When you pay,you obviously get added secuirity. You said paying had no benefits.

          • RoadShow

            Xbox live was down for 2 weeks back in 2007 and their compensation was 1 low ranked game. PSN was down for 3 weeks and Sony gave 2 high ranked games (from a list of your choosing), weekend of HD movies & 1 month of PS+.

            Xbox live also suffered 3 separate accidental bannings in 2011 alone. Thousands of people wrongfully banned 3 different times. Also if you look up PSN hack VS XBL hacks you will see the thousands of customers complaining about their xbox live account hacked, microsoft points stolen, credit cards charged for more points which were also stolen. Has to do with Fifa or Forza if I remember correctly.

            PS+ has pissed on XBL ever since it’s launch. Huge free titles then any free to play PS gamer gets free exclusive content in the best AAA multi plats. Xbox 360 has been dry of exclusives for 3 years in a row despite making 2.75 billion per year on XBL + revenue from ads on your home page and overpriced accessories.

            Xbox sucks in every measurable way. In every single way a gamer enjoys a console it sucks. Games, exclusives, exclusive content, subscription service, entertainment, hardware & quality.

  • Sideways_1M

    Good guy Rockstar: Releases new version of most famous game series in the world. Doesn’t give you the hassle of using a code, so you can go online on used games.

  • sd

    so i dont need to pay gold memberchip yyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeesssss

  • PS3

    Why don’t u make a single house online not a flats please make a single house please

  • carlin

    im on gta 5 and when ever i try to get online it just says “your profile does not have the correct permissions to access Xbox live functionality. return to grand theft auto v” what do i dooooo

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