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Did GTA V sink Agent on the PS3?

by Bill Hess on August 3, 2012

Back in 2009 Jack Tretton took the stage to announce “the next big Rockstar Game” for the PlayStation 3. Alleged to be in development since 2007, Agent hasn’t seen the light of day since that fateful Sony press conference. Despite investors consistently asking about the game in quarterly company briefings, Take Two Interactive has dodged any culpability for the lack of intel on Agent. With both sides pointing fingers at one another, this week another round of questions hit Take Two. Again, the company didn’t have much to say when it comes to Agent.

“We haven’t announced anything about that title,” said the company executive in response to investors. Unwilling to shut the door on Agent completely, it doesn’t appear to be in the forefront of Rockstar development at this point. With other big fish like Grand Theft Auto V in the pipeline, it’s likely that Agent is nothing but a good idea at this point. If development did start in 2007, alot has changed in the gaming world since then.

Rockstar saw huge success with their Red Dead Redemption franchise, and third party exclusives just don’t make sense for big publishers to do any more. Rockstar has been busy in the meantime. Massive undertakings like Max Payne 3 and the quasi-recently announced GTA V have likely shifted resources away from a project like Agent. Whether any money ever switched hands before this announcement was made is unclear. Sony has pointed the finger at Rockstar in the past, and obviously from Take Two’s recent comments, they have nothing to say on the matter.

You can’t blame fans for wanting an answer to this question however. Introducing such an interesting premise and unique setting was sure to create a stir in the gaming community. Unfortunately, no one is willing to step up and give fans closure or hope at this point.

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  • Brevs

    Yea….. Probably…. -_-


    I hate it when studios announce games and then you don’t hear about it and they pretend its not there. At least tell us if its been delayed. Im looking at you prey 2 :(

  • Frank

    Another rare moment that I agree with hipster. It’s pretty damn annoying. Pics were released for this last year before GTA V was even announced. I don’t mind this being a PS4 launch title though. We don’t want what happened with PS3 to happen with the ps4(lack of exclusives/games overall).


    Hey brevs we are all gamers in the end :)


    This does piss me off. Not because it was a PS3 exclusive or anything; but because this title really intrigues me.

    The date it’s set, the style of gameplay (I suppose I imagined) and that it’s rockstar. It just sounds awesome, if they do cancel this it will piss me off as much as not having Battlefront 3; fuc&ing lucas arts.

  • J

    Speaking of announcing then not confirming, am I the only one that remembers the Mechwarrior announcement for Xbox about 2 or 3 years ago? Would LOVE to hear something on that!

  • Joe

    I could care about PS3 exclusivity at this point. After the brief the description, that one R* art photo of the guy holding the pistol, and just the fact it’s Rockstar, I would do anything for this game to be released. It sounds like such a cool and fresh idea I would not care if it was delayed to a next gen release, but the fact that it gets released at all! It would be much appreciated if R* would shed some light on it a month or two after the release of Grand Theft Auto 5.

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