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PS Vita sales in Japan take a turn for the worse

Vita sales continue post-launch decline in Japan.


PS Vita sales in Japan take a turn for the worse

by William Schwartz on January 18, 2012

According to the most recent sales data out of Japan, Sony’s PS Vita has seen another week over week drop. The latest report from Media Create has the handheld seeing a 57% drop in sales, down to 18,361 units. This number would put the PS Vita at around 500,000 units lifetime since its December launch.

While something is clearly troubling the recent launch of the handheld, Sony maintains that the device is selling to the company forecasts.
The data as reported by Andria Sang shows a significant drop-off in all handhelds as the holiday season gets further away in the rear view.

Sony’s PSP is still outselling the device by a slim margin. More significantly, Nintendo’s 3DS is outselling the Vita by around 5-1.

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