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PS4 hits snag at launch with PSN errors

by Al McCarthy on November 15, 2013


The Playstation 4 has been available to the public for only around an hour and half, and the PlayStation 4 launch has seen its first hiccup. While the update process appears to be going smoothly for most PS4 buyers, logging into the PlayStation Network is proving to be problematic.

Staff members on Attack of the Fanboy have been having issues, getting a variety of error messages when trying to log-in to the network. But the problem isn’t limited to just us. Users on Twitter, Facebook, and other Social Networks are experiencing the same issues.

As of the time of this post, the PlayStation Network is inaccessible for either new account creation or logging in with existing accounts. It appears that this problem is only happening on the PlayStation 4, as the network is accessible via the PS Vita.

Sony is likely working on the issue at the moment.

Update – Sony has since commented on the status of these problems, telling players to sit tight.

“If you’re getting an network error on the PS4, please sit tight,” reads a tweet from the Ask PlayStation Twitter account. “As you can imagine, we’re seeing heavy traffic tonight.”

Sony has also started an official thread about the problem on the Official PlayStation Community Forums, where more information will be released.

Currently, a variety of different errors are plauging the network.  Reports of

Error E-80E80034, Error NW-31453-6, and Error E-82F001F8 among others are being reported both on the forums and across social media as users get anxious about hopping online to play.  Apparently, the errors aren’t keeping everyone from playing on the PSN.  There are reports that after a slow login process, users are able to access the network.


Update 2 – In our last login attempt, it looks like Sony has taken the network down for maintenance.

Update 3 – As of 3 A.M CST, members of our site have confirmed that they are able to login to the network with only a few minor hiccups.  Certain areas of the PSN are still throwing error messages, and it doesn’t appear to be accessible for everyone.  Reports are still coming in that players are still unable to connect at all, via Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks.

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  • Ian Williams


  • roozbeh, again

    The first of many…

  • logik893

    Lol, they’re calling it the PlayStation Bricked… I know the 360 had it’s RROD problem. But people were still able to play the console for a few days, weeks, months, years before it gave you the problem. Dont want to point it out, but I guess the shoe is on the other foot now. It’s only been a few hours since launch and the reported numbers are growing.

    • Mark Danger Hopps

      How is this remotely like RROD?

      RROD bricked the console, this is sign in errors due to heavy traffic that will be sorted in the near future

      • logik893

        I am speaking about the issues it’s having overall. It’s not just the network, nor the HDMI issue… There’s actually units that are just not working. I happened to post here instead of the other article because AOTFB is killing me by sending me to myphone’s app store at times.

        I wonder if Sony will comment on all the rumors?Oh wait…”Sony doesnt comment on rumors”. LMAO

        • Mark Danger Hopps

          I can’t wait until the xbox launch. I’ll come back to this post when all the issues from the ps4 have been resolved, the failure rate is shown to be low and the netwrok is running fine and then i’ll gloat.

          we’ll see fanboy, we’ll see

          • Mattress

            I wouldn’t count your chickens before they hatch though…

          • logik893

            All good… I am expecting failed consoles for the XB1. The funny thing is how bad of a hypocrite you are. You make excuses and try to justify anything that is not in your favor, yet you are still quick to jump the gun when there is something wrong with the Xbox. Denial fits you well.

          • Mark Danger Hopps

            Here’s a comment i made ysterday on this site, how is this trying to justify what is not in my favor?

            “On one hand you have to take into account thousands of systems have already hit the hands of reviewers and dev’s and the likes so 2 being faulty isn’t a huge worry.

            However the fact even 2 systems are faulty isn’t really good enough in my opinion. Don’t get me wrong I have faith in Sony and it can never be as bad as the failure rate of the 360 BUT i’d be disappointed if we seen a relatively high failure rate though.

            Not disappointed enough to switch though, IF i end up getting an xbox one it’s due to phenomenal games I can’t miss of which there were none last gen and none so far this gen.”

            My issue was with you comparing it to RROD and that comparison is ridiculous, RROD was responsible for the biggest fail rate in the history of consoles, actual fail rates will not be none for some time and are estimated at only 4%

          • logik893

            RROD reports didn’t happen st launch. It was a problem that eventually became.the problem as more and more consoles kept over heating over time. It’s people got their 360 at launch and experienced he RROD right theEre and then. It took weeks for.the RROD to surface out there. AMD i honestly dont care what you posted yesterday or some other days. I have learned to ignore whatever you and roadshow post. Although, I’d rather talk to you.since you don’t have temper tantrums like Allen does.

          • Boz

            That’s funny the RROD happened for me on launch day. Within five hours of playing mine bit the dust, I waited for an hour for tech support and then he ran through all the steps for trouble shooting and to no avail he finally said we will send a box out to you to send it to us. Lucky for me being a GameStop employee at the time one co worker of mine had 3 systems on hold to sell on eBay and did a swap out for me. Well needless to say I later found out that setting the system on a carpeted floor was not a good ideal.

          • Billy

            Sure, it RROD right out of the box and then after 10 RRODs that year you switched to PS3 and everything has been perfect. RROD was a big problem, but these kind of exagerations get kind of ridiculous.

          • Allen

            RROD 55% failure for 5 years. So far the ps4 launch is far better than 5 freaking years of Xbox 360.

            Look at your BS posts. You are a dumbass Xbot that is acting like this is some huge deal when it doesn’t even remotely look like any big deal all. A couple hours hiccup

            And I’ve been so no nice

          • Billy

            I did say RROD was a big deal, but all of a sudden playstation fans have stories of RROD issues right out of the box, come on

          • Allen

            Boz is a big Xbox gamer but recently went playstation. I believe him…he’s no ps fanboy

          • jaskdavis

            Get em

          • logik893

            no tantrum I see… Looks like you’re improving. The RROD was bad, I admit it. But it took many weeks for it to really a problem. With the exception of a few people like Boz who said it happened to him on launch day.

          • BuDS

            Why are you such a dumbass pony?

          • Seth

            Just stop. Don’t be that guy.

          • retard hater

            yes he’s probably the biggest hypocrite in the fanboy community! #1 loser (MarkDangerHopps)

          • Allen

            WTFE. I’m so sick of the fking xbots. I thought u guys were lame in the 360/PS3 era. But now that things have changed you’ve turned into a bunch of bad sport cry babies.

          • retard hater

            listen to you cry boo hoo! Im a ps fan and markdangerhopps does nothing but make playstation fans look like complete fools so retards like him need to be called out once in a while! quit crying for him and smarten up!

          • logik893

            And the tantrums are back. Must be that one time of the month? According to you, you win every discussion. Heck you’re worse than a female

          • Mark Danger Hopps

            you enjoying those install times? it’s just the tip of the ice berg, i’m calling it now

          • logik893

            I dont get my console till later on tonight… I am planning to go fully digital, so I will see how that goes.

            And yes it seems like there are units reporting with broken disc drives and slow disc reading, but at least the console turn on and are not DOA ;). Now all I have to hope for is that my console has no problems.

      • CatDog

        This more like a GTA Online Issue.

    • Tyler Whitley

      It’s DAY ONE of the release. Do you not realize that Xbox will have these SAME problems next week too? There WILL by systems that don’t work, and there will be glitches.

      • logik893

        and hats my point… Wait a few more days as more reports come out.

        Obviously you haven’t kept up with the point of the discussion. It’s aimed at the imbeciles who claim Sony doesn’t anD never had problems with their products.

    • Wizard of Peace

      One day of use and mine was absolutely fine, except that it kept going under maintenance. For an hour it would be fine then act up and will keep acting up for awhile. Other than this I had no problems.

      • logik893

        Thats good to hear. I am sure you’re probably just having the network problem, which is totally understandable, and I’m sure Sony will have it fixed in no time.

        Now, if the 2-3 Sony stans on AOTFB can get a damaged HDMI port, or a bricked unit that just doesnt work, that would be great. Some people are just way too stubborn, and need a hard reality check. Ofcourse youre not one of these people. I know you’re young but at least you can have a decent convo with others.

        • Wizard of Peace

          Ya, i was really worried about the HDMI port, and i don’t think the bricking is that big, hopefully.

  • Mattress

    I’d have thought this was just overloaded servers…everyone trying to do the same thing at once. Time will tell though.

    • Mark Danger Hopps



        Anther balls up by sony

        Sad really ™

    • Wizard of Peace

      exactly why i didn’t get up at 12am to get my console… Well that and sleep

  • William

    It’s working just fine for me. A little glitchy, but working.

  • Boz

    Have you tried turning it off and on?

  • Wizard of Peace

    So is all good now? Won’t be able to pick up my PS4 till around 8-9ish.


      Yes you will.

      • Wizard of Peace


        • James

          Don’t listen to Hipster, he is an idiot.

  • Balla

    When trying to log in with my old Psn it just keeps loading. No error messages

  • RafaelX

    Silly Fanboys ;) Happy gaming PS4 Day! Someone please tell me how awesome this console is!

    • William

      I’ve got to say that I’m impressed by a lot of things by this console at launch. Despite their being a very small window where the PSN was inaccessible, everything is pretty damn smooth for a console that launched to millions of people. The sharing features work and they are fast, the updated worked immediately, the store downloaded games quickly and installed them quickly as well. The interface is magic, Sony nailed this one.

      The one thing I was a little disappointed in was the PS Vita remote play. It works like it says it works, but it’s just not very good for shooters. There’s a little bit of lag, and after playing on the Wii U GamePad with virtually zero lag, I’m not sure that I’ll use the feature as much as I anticipated. Still gonna try it out some more, but it was the only thing that I may have expected too much from.

      All around this is far and away a better console than the PS3. We’ll have a review up over the weekend. Spoiler *Loved

    • jaskdavis


  • Facts First

    I caved and bought a PS4 but it won’t connect to the internets. Then it started blinking blue lights. OH NOES!

    • Shannon Novosel

      English do you speak it? Also we know you can’t afford a PS4 so quit pretending.

  • Wizard of Peace

    To anyone wanting to add me its WizardofPeace1 (someone took WizardofPeace :()

  • Cool dude

    Too many people bought PS4s…..

  • house

    My COD Ghosts is giving me an error message saying that the file is corrupted. I can’t get on to play. Arrrrgh!

    • joey b

      I was having that problem with my ps3 copy, made me format the drive

  • Deion230

    Add me on ps4 if you wanna play 2k14 Deion230

  • Gremst37

    Can’t logon to PSN as of 2:30 MST, but not worried. It’ll still be up and working faster than the healthcare site…

  • matthew yeakle

    Ive been trying to log in simce 1am eastern standard time how much longer till i can access n e thing at all it just keeps saying undergoimg maitenance and loadimg forever and doing nothing r tjey gonna get this fixed soom or what thanks

  • matthew yeakle

    Fuckin feels like. Def jumped the gun buying this pos been 15 hours and havent been able to do one gd thing wtf if i wanted to buy something to just watch it load and load and load and do nothing but error messages i wlda just went ahead and bought a phone from 5 or 6 yrs ago and sat and stared at it instead of paying 400 dollars this is a fuckin botched joke for real shit sux

  • psn wow

    Glad I waited in line for this bull****. Network problems at launch u would think by now Sony could figure out everyone would try to sign online as soon as they get it. Someone needs to lose their job

  • rhinitis

    I am getting the e-82f001f8 code also but it will let me get on with my ps3

  • Aviditie

    I simple can’t log in. Period. No trouble downloading and installing patch, but can’t log in.

  • Aaron20

    Mine is still giving me an error code when attempting to log in.

    • Caleb89

      I downloaded the patch perfectly fine, but now it just keeps saying the network is down for maintenance…

  • Avi

    I cannot login from 6pm est til now (ongoing) but it seems anyone who has already logged in once can

  • Joseph Graniczny

    Got the PS4 and it was down. Thus far I am able to log in after forever ad a day and also updated the system. But the store or anything online aside from Facebook is not working. I synced my Facebook account to the PS4 but thats it.

  • NathGamer

    Kind of glad the USA get to quality test the console before it’s release in Europe. Hopefully all the little problems are ironed out for us before we get our consoles over here in a couple of weeks.

  • Caleb89

    Why hasn’t sony released a timetable or any info about when they think the network will be back up?

  • VP of kicking yo ass

    Honostely when I bought the PS4 everything is just fine. It runs smoothly and all the issues that I am hearing that happens is not happening whatsoever. The only problems I came across is like battlefield 4 would crash all of sudden and I would send a report then the network is currently “undergoing maintence” but im still logged in and battlefield 4 multiplayer is still up. Then I jump back to a game that don’t want to go, that rarely happens; however, everything else is just fine.

    • raine204

      I hear you, no problems on my machine for downloading the 300+MB patch and installing it.
      Was able to play a Blu-ray no problem as well as download some free games with no issues.
      Was able to sign in with my ps3 account and browse with no issues.
      Only thing I couldn’t do was the playroom cuz I don’t have the camera….(not happening $ony, don’t care how cute those bots are).
      Haven’t bought a game yet..due to it being a Christmas present for my kids and my self…so now that I know my systems good, it’s going to be a long wait til I can play it Christmas day night. /sigh.
      Oh well…have about 5 games by then.
      Good gaming to all….cus that’s what its all about.

  • Rocco-117

    Trying to redeem a code with no success. : (

    • Juan

      Is it the one for music unlimited? Cuz mine doesn’t work neither :(

      • Rocco-117


  • Michael Neece

    Cant get into damn store says undergoing maintenance been trying since yesterday im pissed

  • Brian

    Sit tight. I pay $400 for the system then I have to pay for a plus membership. I can’t enter my code to redeem my plus member because I’m getting E-82000002 service is currently undergoing maintenance. It is 11 Saturday morning and I have gotten this message since 8 Friday night. Really making me wonder about this PS4.

  • Justin

    while everyone is having software errors my ps4 wont even turn on. It just sits there and blinks a pretty blue light. and sony is telling me it will take about a month until I get another console from the time I send it in. well at least I have my ps3. oh wait… that died on me a couple of weeks ago only having it for a year. I guess ill put my pre order in for the ps5.

  • Toysoldier

    I am having issues with my psn. says: This product cannot be purchase at this time. someone helppp pleaseeeee.

  • Kazuya Mishima That Nigga

    Thank god I didn’t buy it early like some of you people.

  • booka

    Wtf does it mean

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