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PS4 2.0 Update’s Share Play Only Lasts For One Hour

by Damian Seeto on August 14, 2014


As you may have heard, PS4 update 2.0 is coming with a cool feature called Share Play. It’s worth noting though that Share Play only lasts for 60 minutes.

Share Play is a cool feature that allows you to virtually pass a controller to a fellow PSN friend. Your friend can either join in or even take over playing a PS4 game you have. The best part about this is that they don’t even need to own the game you are playing.

Sony Europe’s Jim Ryan has clarified to French website Gameblog that Share Play only lasts for 60 minutes:

“There is a limit, which is incredibly generous in my opinion: it is 60 minutes. Also, if I am a PS + member and not you, I invite you to play even if you’re not a member. PS +.

However, if you want to play against me, competitive, you have to be PS + member.”

All he mentioned is that there is a 60 minute time limit to Share Play and didn’t specify any further. Gameblog asked him if they could use Share Play for more 60 minute sessions, but Jim Ryan said “that’s all I can say for now”.

Share Play on PS4 sounds like a really cool feature, although the 60 minute time limit thing still needs to be explained in more detail. There’s probably a limit such as you can only use Share Play four times per month or something like that. I doubt Sony will allow you to use the feature for an infinite amount of time or else your friends will never buy games of their own.

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  • Tga215

    A hour in game time is like 5 mins in real time c’mon sony so if I’m in thd moment of enjoying the game and my hour ran up I’ll be pissed

  • fred

    stil awesome.


    Typical lies from $ony

    • demfax

      They did not lie. Stop spreading fanboy lies, FUD, and hatred and get help.

      • bardock5151

        No but they weren’t upfront in the beginning either. Id call it a lie of omission.

        • Lacerz

          I’d call it a crap ton of games. PS4 = More games. Everything else is gravy.

          • bardock5151

            If you want indies go for PC, if you want AAA exclusives go for xbox. The only game that seems to have any substance is tlou, the rest of ps4 exclusives are tech demo’s and one interactive movie.

          • bardunk

            Xbox has no games, let alone AAA ones.

          • Lacerz

            You do realize the the only AAA game that wasn’t a multiplat released for the X1 in the last 5 months was Titanfall, and it will be over 6 months before a new one is released (Forza Horizon 2). In that same time, the PS4 got Infamous, Dynasty Warriors 8, Final Fantasy XIV, MLB 14: The Show, Bound by Flame, MotoGP 14, and The Last of Us.

            So 1 AAA game in five months, as opposed to 7 in the same time span. Yeah, you sound legit.

          • bardock5151

            You missed my point, infamous is a tech demo with great graphics but crap ai and very little of them. Driveclub very nice looking but again no substance just 50 cars or so and a hand full of tracks. Tlou as I said is a good story. Dynasty warriors is a milked franchise like final fantasy which the latter fell from my radar after 8, I came back at 12 and I’m finished with them for good its just continually the same everytime. Bound by flame is a true multiplat and seeing as how I run my 360 through my one your point is technically shot. Moto gp and the show I couldn’t care less about, what I want is another rugby league game and another V8 supercar game. Titanfall is a game that has given me more hours on it than all other games except mass effect(completed the first 6 times and followed through each character in the next 2 games), for the rest of the year I get an open world driving/racing game with full dynamic weather, good physics(not as good as forza 5) 200+ cars and customization. SSOD has customisable characters, awesome looking weapons, fun gameplay, shit tons of enemies at the same time as being openworld and looking very good graphics wise oh and 8 player co-op. The MCC has four games loved by millions of gamers with 100 maps, a customisable campaign play list, halo nightfall, halo 5 beta AND the best of all Cortana. The indies don’t mean crap to me on either console and only one indie has kept me entertained for more than an hour and that state of decay, some pretty good gameplay on that one.

          • Lacerz

            I love how you discount every game on the PS4 because they’re on the PS4, but every game for the Xbox One, even the ones not out yet, are God’s gift to gamers. Fanboys and their logic.

            PS4 has more games. PS4 has better games.

          • bardock5151

            I didn’t discount them because they’re ps4 games only because the lack the requirement I need to justify paying money for them, in this case gameplay. You have a problem with my opinion and call me a fanboy ignoring your own fanboy behaviour. I don’t care for gears of war or halo Spartan assault along with a few others just no need to list them as I got attacked by a fanboy after I made a valid statement in my original post. So you see eye for an eye and all that.

          • demfax

            That’s a lot of desperate, blind fanboy hate.

            Too bad it won’t result in jack squat.

          • bardock5151

            Oh you. If it results in less bullcrap from people like you who are oblivious to what’s happening this gen then good.

          • demfax

            I’m explaining REALITY to you. Aka the REASONS PS4 is outselling Xbox 2:1.

            You’re the one in delusion and denial over reality, grasping for any reasons to fuel your fanboy hate.

          • bardock5151

            I wouldn’t if they were more than tech demoes. There is only one game for instance from the ps3 I don’t like and that’s GT most of the others all had good to very well done stories and gameplay. Stop pretending to be so impartial and fair when you are a blind fan boy.

          • demfax

            PS4 has many great games that gamers love. That’s why it’s 10+ million in sales and growing. Sony’s large number of well funded 1st parties will ensure PS4 has a ton of great AAA exclusives, as many or more than PS3.

            PS4/Sony exclusives Jun-Dec: The Last of Us Remastered, Driveclub, LittleBigPlanet 3, Infamous: First Light, Samurai Warriors 4, Natural Doctrine, Guilty Gear Xrd, Singstar, and lots of indies (Resogun DLC, Counterspy, Hohokum, Velocity 2X, etc.).

            PS4/Sony exclusives 2015 (announced): Bloodborne, The Order, Ratchet & Clank Remastered, Uncharted 4, Let It Die, Deep Down, and lots of indies (Rime, Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, etc.)

            PS4 has 35+ AAA games from July to December 2014. Most of those are multiplatform but there’s no shortage of AAA games for PS4 owners.

            PS4 games rated 73+ on Metacritic not on XB1: Final Fantasy XIV, Resogun, Transistor, MLB 14, Injustice, Trine 2: Complete Story, TowerFall Ascension, Infamous 2nd Son, Don’t Starve, flower, War Thunder, DC Universe Online, Dead Nation, Dynasty Warriors 8, MotoGP 14, Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee, TLOU Remastered, The Swapper, Stick It To The Man, ZEN Pinball 2, Star Wars Pinball, The Pinball Arcade, Pure Pool, Fez, Rogue Legacy, Sound Shapes, Sportsfriends, PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate, SteamWorld Dig, Awesomenauts Assemble, Titan Attacks, Killzone: Shadow Fall, Escape Plan, Outlast: Whistleblower.

            1st/2nd party studios include Japan Studio, Polyphony Digital, Naughty Dog, SCE Bend, SCE San Diego, SCE Santa Monica, Sucker Punch, Pixel Opus, Evolution Studios, Guerrilla Games, Guerrilla Cambridge, SCE London, Media Molecule, Ready at Dawn, Quantic Dream, etc.

            Sony’s largest 1st party studios like Naughty Dog, Guerilla Games, and Santa Monica are working on unrevealed AAA games. Expect big 1st party AAA reveals in the future. Sony’s 1st parties are well funded and the games division is making a profit.

            Sony showed the following games at Gamescom 2014:

            Sony exclusives: The Tomorrow Children, Until Dawn, Tearaway Unfolded, Alienation, WiLD, Rime, DriveClub, The Order: 1886, Bloodborne, LittleBigPlanet 3

            Timed console exclusives: Dreamfall Chapters, HellBlade, The Vanishing Of Ethan Carter, Volume, HollowPoint, Runemaster, Nom Nom Galaxy, Pix the Cat, Papers Please, In Space We Brawl, Ether One, Qube 2, Snow, DayZ

            Multiplatform games: Silent Hills (P.T.), FarCry 4, Destiny, Shadow Of Mordor

          • bardock5151

            Wow what a pointless and irrelevant wall of text. I might read it later lol nah just joking I wont.

          • demfax

            I’m explaining REALITY to you. Aka the REASONS PS4 is outselling Xbox 2:1.

            You’re the one in delusion and denial over reality, grasping for any reasons to fuel your fanboy hate.

            Me: All 3 consoles have good games and have their pluses and minuses. It’s only fanboys mindlessly trashing one or the other. It’s not healthy to hate pieces of plastic and people who like playing video games on them.

            You: Writes a tortured wall of fanboy text trying to hate every major Sony exclusive game.

        • demfax


          • bardock5151

            Lie of omission: Also known as a continuing misrepresentation, a lie by omission occurs when an important fact is left out in order to foster a misconception. Lying by omission includes failures to correct pre-existing misconceptions. How is that not exactly what Sony is doing here and more occasions as well. Id consider a time limit an important fact, and being that it was left out and allowed a misconception to form, its the definitive meaning of “lie of omission”. I’ll list other references if you like.

      • Mike C

        “With this first-of-its-kind feature, you’ll be able to play games with a friend just as if you were together in the same room,” yeah that’s not a lie because my friends in the same room are forced to stop playing after 60 minutes .

  • Allen

    It’s still an amazing feature and let’s.wait for more details

  • hoppsy80

    Hmmm I’m interested to hear the details on this, it is an awesome feature but is it 60 minutes a day? 60 minutes a week?

    • 111AlaN111

      The article says that it’s four 60 min sessions a MONTH.

      • hoppsy80

        Read it again dumb fuck. . . .

        • 111AlaN111

          Oh, well, I was mistaken.

          • hoppsy80

            As per usual

          • 111AlaN111


  • Jerry Lane

    What a joke. As usual, it’s too good to be true.

    • demfax

      Because they were really going to let you play a full game for free if your friend owned it. Of course.

  • The Glorious PC Master Race

    Meanwhile the time limit on Steam Family sharing is “As long as the main account holder isn’t playing the game”.

    PC wins again.

    • Lacerz

      What are you talking about? My son and I can play the same game at the same time. We can even play online coop. He plays on my main console, and I play via my account.

      You can only play “As long as the main account holder isn’t playing the game”? How limiting. I guess you like having less freedom.

  • Spartanking300x

    I mainly hope you can still spectate your friends per say I’m bored and I connect to my friends ps4 to watch him if he needs help in a mission or quest I will leave that up to him if he wants me to take control for a little.

  • njb

    just have to reinvite for another 60minute session. not difficult.

  • You are flat out wrong

    60 minute time limits but unlimited sessions.

    Another backfire for the Xbots.

    • bardock5151

      Do you really believe Sony will let people play a game they don’t own and never have to. There will be a catch another important fact left out. What happens if you want to play the game your friend owns but he’s not at home maybe on a holiday? Damn you’ll have to buy it anyway. Xbox has an unofficial similar version of this with no restrictions.

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