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Sony Suing Hackers Responsible For PS3 Security Breach

by Bill Hess on January 11, 2011


George Hotz, among others recently circumvented the PlayStation 3 code to run unauthorized programs, enabling users to use custom firmware on the device that allows many modifications to be made to the system.  A very public face in the hacking community, George Hotz is now being sued by Sony for numerous allegations.  The Sony legal team has drafted up a Motion for a temporary Restraining Order, Order to Show Cause, and Order of Impoundment for George Hotz, Hector Martin, and Sven Peter the three men responsible for the PS3 hacking scene.

The twenty three page law suit can be found here requests that the Court grant the relief to impound computers and software compiled to allegedly defraud the company, by circumventing Sony’s security measures.  Motion for TRO

It’s a long read, but it is a step in cutting off the major minds behind the PlayStation hacking scene.

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  • blazin

    Man this is crazy, honestly if anything they should be paying Geohot…Why you ask, well since the beginning he knew the vulnerabilities and weaknesses of the ps3 for example with the Other Os option. After he made it known and had a youtube video you bet your ass sony was ready with a new update to eliminate the other OS option and also didn’t include it in the new consoles…Wow all that work into getting into it they take what he did then tried to kill it with an update….

    Another thing that bothers me about Big Companies is in the end we fork the court cost and bills for thier lawsuits, unlike when you have a dispute and you go to small claims and private courts the loser forks the bill..If sony does intend to sue we get stuck with the bill win or loose, Mzoft has been doing it for years so they don’t mind taking them “Hackers” to court because it doesnt cost them much at all because most of their lawyers are on retainers and court cost is on the american people.

    I wish Geohot all the best and I really hope that this doesn’t weaken his drive not just for the ps3 but pretty much for anything because this kid has a lot of talent. Thanks!

  • GreenRIngs

    I think he should keep hacking the Poostation 3

    • Duke

      Seriously, why arent i suprised to see your ass on another PS3 story. GTFO and stay in your own section you lonely piece of sh!t

    • ragglefraggle1

      what? has som1 hacked ur bowls? how very nice

  • John

    He’s fucking up my modern warfare 2 you dumb shit!!!! Sue his ass sony so I can play the game again. Fuck geohot!!! way to fuck things up for the rest of us

    • Nick

      Just another fanboy who’ll gladly take it up the ar$e from a corporation. Sony took away OtherOS, they got payback. Serves them right.

  • jsgh

    its the god damn scialists fault

  • Alejandro

    Sorry Sony. You can’t copyright a number.

  • nyeguitarist

    I was on Sony’s side until they took my otherOS feature from me. All the idiots who only play call of duty and the maddens games ps3 may not have cared about the removal of that feature, but I, and many other innocent users were greatly angered by this move. So because Sony decided to be a fool, taking a feature which I payed for, expecting to be able to use it forever, let them be hacked.

    • Duke

      They didnt it because thats how hackers were starting to hack the PS3 and now that it can be brought back, suprise suprise people have started hacking games.

      • Nick

        But the hackers have the moral high ground (at least they can claim it). Sorny took away OtherOS from everybody. So what that Geohot found a weakness, b& him not everyone else.

        • ragglefraggle1

          if they didnt take it frm everyone, people wud rebuy & hack again! i dont know if anyone’s realised, but only a small minority want other OS. these arguments are ludicrse

  • Duke

    Good work Sony, im glad you are doing whats right. Let it be like the Limewire case, Anybody that hacks should have their system shutdown permantely. They should be sued for any damages to the game industry (from the PS3 side that is). They should be made to put up a download that causes your PS3 to shutdown and not work again.

    GO SONY!

  • Nick

    Yeah, THE SORNY BUSINESS MODEL: Sue your customer! Fanboy loser…

  • Hahaha

    Do you know what actually happened? Sony’s the one to blame. All GeoHot wanted was to add apps to the PS3 until greedy ass Sony removed the OS option with the update. Plus, did you know the Sony was dumb enough to give them an equation to solve the security code? Their security staff f*cked up big. Then GeoHot and other hackers helped each other find the code and now Sony is more screwed due to the fact that they’ll eventually use this for piracy. GeoHot has stated that he’s against piracy from the start, but other hackers will find a way to pirate games.

    I’m not with game piracy at all, but it serves stupid ass Sony right for hiring stupid people for their security staff and for removing the OS option

  • Nyeguitarist

    I don’t think all you sony fanboys get the point. It’s wrong for sony to take away a feature from a user who is not using it to hack. If someone is using their car to rob a bank, does that mean everyone in the world should have their cars taken away?

    • evergreen

      poor analogy

  • lilBush

    I can care less about the Pirate Games, I really want to use Homebrew application which is why GeoHotz opened it for in the first place, taking out a featured a pay for wtf sony?

    • evergreen

      why does anyone even care about the other OS i dont get it, you buy a playstation for the games. Anyways you can have your OS if you want, its just dumb. I would care more about the starving kids in africa then sony taking away the OS that you “paid for”.

  • listen to me

    so if your disc drive broke and you still had your other OS would all of you pirate hackers quit?

  • Scott

    I disagree with the majority of people here I fear. I DO believe what GeoHotz did was wrong. If he put more care into how he approached enabling Homebrew piracy would probably have had trouble getting its foot in the door. However he didn’t and simply opened the gates. Now people have access to files, data, and features that they should really not have. Piracy is a terrible thing for the gaming industry because selling games is the only flow of cash a developing studio gets.

    Even if you don’t pirate other areas of your gaming experience (particularly online) are being attacked whether you jailbroke your PS3 or not. It’s just not a good move on GeoHotz’s part as clearly there has been no positives thus far.

    Oh wait, you run on Linux again. Hurray…

  • TWizzle09

    So if I was to buy a dvd player, and I couldn’t put Linux on it, I should hack it? Or any other electronic for that matter?

    People are crazy now days. Just because you buy a product doesn’t mean you can do ANYTHING you want. If you want to use Sony’s online service, you have to follow their rules, plain and simple.

    If you want Linux, get a COMPUTER!

  • blabla

    Modded warfail 2 is so fun nowadays…

  • rick

    From what i’ve seen this guy is either a fcking retard or playing dum, what the hell did he think was going to happen when he released the ability to hack the console. Of course all the other loosers who can’t afford to pay for stuff but will happily pirate it will rush in. The way I see it this is like him cracking open a safe and advertising free money, then claiming its not his fault the bank got robbed. For all of you who are going on about the other os feature being taken away as good cause for this, just remember its idiots like this guy that led to that feature being taken away in the first place.

  • Spartan-2402

    PC = Personal Computer – it means it’s yours you can do with it what ever you want (within the boundaries of legal that is)
    It’s purpose is to be used for almost everything : programming, multimedia, internet etc.

    GC = Gaming Console – sole purpose for entertainment or should I say GAMING!!
    PS3 is meant for users who want to play games, NOT for the developers of C++, NOT for Photoshop, NOT for programming!!!!!

    PS3 is for the people who wants to play games and make friends during that gameplay!!

    Personally: I don’t like GeoHotz work.
    I’m Modern Warfare 2 huge fan, I paid for that game and for the expansion packs and now because of some ***** I can’t play it anymore online.

    Shoul I ask HIM for a refund?!

    • R3d3mpti0n

      What you fail to realize is that the PS3 is not a gaming console. “It only does everything”.

      At one point in time the PS3 would do everything(albeit poorly). Geohotz and company were trying to improve the quality of several features that were neglected during their development, and sony decided to remove them all together rather than allow an outsider write code for the PS3. This was there doing through and through.

      The PS3 is for much more than gaming, it has(had and will have again) so many more uses. Just because only a minority of people use a feature, does that mean the feature can be removed? Only a small amount of people make it to tenth prestige on modern warfare two, and an even fewer number of people make it there legit. Why don’t we remove prestige altogether. Hey, why don’t we even take out ranks to stop the abuse that they get!!

      And if the PS3 wasn’t for programming, you wouldn’t have modern warfare 2 at all. Where do you think it comes from? Programmers, that’s where.

    • Spartan-2402

      R3d3mption wrote:
      “And if the PS3 wasn’t for programming, you wouldn’t have modern warfare 2 at all. Where do you think it comes from? Programmers, that’s where.”

      @ R3d3mpti0n

      Modern Warfare 2 wasn’t made ON the PS3, it’s made FOR the PS3!

      Programmers wrote that game on PC!!

      You are totally ignorant…

      Some people are better at MW2 some are not.
      After all it’s just a game…
      You play the game to have a good time and to compete a bit.

      You totally missed a point of playing the games and use of a GC!!

  • Good for Sony

    If these hackers are so great then why don’t they develop their own game console? Stop using Sony or Microsoft as a crutch to exploit their operating systems and develop something better without breaking the law. Saying that Sony should pay them is just plain dumb. If you’re so great, use your own material.

  • random commenter


    lets see how many thumbs down I get. this is a test of decency people

  • franticwrath

    this OS feature is completely stupid1 if you want a computer than buy a PC! PS3 was the greatest gaming system until this EGO filled piece opf shit GEOHOT used this to obtain attention for personal gain at the expense of all LEGIT gamers.I hope i see EGOHOT in the upcoming season of DEXTER! Then people will see the true meening of hack!

  • franticwrath

    geohot is a worthless piece of shit!F##k OS if you want a computer than go to your desk u retards who doesnt own 1 today PS3 was an awsome gaming console that allowed you to do some other stuff!Such as watch blu-ray movies without having to spend a bundle on a blu-ray player when it first come out! Anyone who doesnt realize geogoof only used this jailbreak garbage to gain attention for personal gain (ex…a job at microsoft)is a blind fool!we the purchasers of ps3 bought it for what it offered in gaming mainly and to all that dont like it simply fuck off and go elsewhere!why ruin something 10s of millions of others are enjoying.these gearboxes on the side selling bullshit homebrew garbage are only destroying what was the best game ever made MW2.all these kids and cheaters who shouldnt even be on here because it is rated 17 and up need to be permabanned period.Its quite obvious the good honest people outweigh the bad.Geohot come visit me buddy,Ive got a few ideas I want to discuss.

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