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No Xbox 360 Exclusive Character in Mortal Kombat

by Bill Hess on January 10, 2011

Earlier today we couldn’t contain ourselves from wishing publicly that Marcus Fenix would be added to the Mortal Kombat Xbox 360 edition.  It turns out, this is not going to be the case.  The team officially announced via Twitter that  “The Only Exclusive character is Kratos for the PS3″.  So there you have it.  Mortal Kombat hates the Xbox 360.  As if the inclusion of Kratos wasn’t enough for you to buy the PS3 version as is.

With a return to the mature presentation and classic 2D fighting plane, Mortal Kombat is the most accessible and competitive MK game coming to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Mortal Kombat further extends the brutal experience with a visually striking story mode that will rewrite the ancient history of the Mortal Kombat Tournament. After centuries of Mortal Kombat, Emperor Shao Kahn has finally defeated Raiden and his allies. Faced with extinction, Raiden has one last chance. To undo the Emperor’s victory, he must strike Shao Kahn where he is vulnerable…The Past.

Mortal Kombat will return on April 26th, 2011

An update on an exclusive character for Mortal Kombat has been made, for the new info and video of Kratos in action on Ps3 version go HERE

Source: Scrawl

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  • Hahaha

    Mortal Kombat hates Xbox 360? I disagree. The reason for no exclusive character on Xbox 360 is there’s really no character that’s brutal or have a hand-to-hand combat style to fit in the MK universe.
    Kratos = brutal and hand-to-hand combat
    Marcus Fenix = brutal but no hand-to-hand combat
    Master Cheif = not brutal and no hand-to-hand combat

    • Scott

      Good point. I can’t think of a single character that would fit a MK game. Kratos (having a ranged melee weapon) will hopefully fit very well in the universe.

      Anyway, it’s nice to see a level minded 360 fan.

      • ragglefraggle1

        how about serious sam? lol

    • joel

      wtf hand to hand… kratos has duel swords everytime i see him.
      hes not really fighting with his hands like the other mk fighters.
      to say marcus pheonix is not appropriate is bull shit.
      stryker is apparently in the game… and pheonix cant be? give me a break. i wish people would stop talking crap.
      sick of people saying there’s no appropriate person… kratos is a god.. takes out massive mountain women, you could say hes not appropriate because hes too strong.
      hes not appropriate because he always has two swords.
      marcus fits perfect if you say otherwise you lack a brain.
      sonya blade.. military, striker.. military… jax military combat… marcus pheonix.. innapropriate.. shut the f*ck up

      • Hahaha

        You’re sad cus you didn’t get Marcus Fenix? First off: learn how to spell the name. It’s Fenix not “pheonix”. You’re a sad representative for the Gears franchise. Second: C’mon dude he’s in a f*cken shooting game. That’s like saying Scorpion will fit in the Gears universe. So you STFU and stop crying like a b*tch. You wanna play as Marcus that bad? Wait for Gears of War 3

        • joel

          I’m not sad cus I didnt get Marcus Fenix. (thanks for educating me on the spelling) I just pointed out that your argument wasnt very good and I never said I was any kind of rep for the gears franchise.

          You didnt really add anything to back up your original post except to say that Marcus shouldnt be in it because gears is a shooting game.
          Believe it or not there are characters that has crossed over from shooting games before.

          DOA4 had a halo character
          MVC games have resident evil characters
          Even Star Fox made it into SSB and he flies a plane can’t remember him having any hand to hand combat skills at all.

          Anyway you have your opinion and I have mine.

    • Justin

      Banjo KAzooie as the exclusive character? The Animality could be him turning into a photo realistic Bear( Ha take that Gran Turismo 5) and he then eats the other character. And just to be nice Banjo’s level should be Banjo watching a Halo video of Tea bagging and Tea-bagging Kratos in the process.

    • BHE Low Key

      Message!!! Ryu Hyabusa from Ninja Gaiden… Hello remember Dead or Alive game Brutal, and Hand to Hand Combat that should solve that problem.

  • ragglefraggle1

    360s style is repetitive shooters. no awsome gory melee combat whatsoever

    • Jesus

      that’s ok, PS3 has no gory shooters whatsoever

      • ragglefraggle1

        u mean like resident evil, resistance etc lol. research these games b4 making a stupid post

        • jjc2k11

          resident evils not exclusive and resistance was a crap game anyway

          • ragglefraggle1

            i take it then uve never played it, read its high scoring reviews or witnessed its 60 player deathmatches or its 8 player co-op. ahhh to be a typical, lying hypocrite

          • jjc2k11

            Er, i think a games designer with every console may know what is and isn’t a good game

    • joel

      ps3 has gow and heavenly sword? thats 2 i know of. so thats ps3′ style then.
      2 games.

  • Justin

    Playstation always gets exclusive material. They get exclusive games, items, characters, and exclusive technology (bluray, home, music programs). This does not suprise me. Too bad people show favortism over actual intellect. If they do use their brain and buy a 360 because it is what they want then they shouldn’t have a problem with all these exclusive things because they evidently don’t want them anyways. I’m glad people like what they like but for me I want it all so I am Pro-Ps3. I love the dual third party support and 1st party exclusives and the move exclusives (Sorcery, and dead space ressurection coming with dead space 2)

    • Hahaha

      Disagree with that. PS3 is beginning to get exclusive content. Micro$oft started the whole “exclusively” things and Sony didn’t have a choice but to step up.

      Both GTA IV Episodes DLC first released on 360
      CoD 4, MW2, and eventually CoD Black Ops were/are releasing on 360 first
      Couple of arcade games (Castle Crashers, Blacklight Tango Down, etc) were 360 released first
      Bioshock and Lost Planet were released on 360 first
      Netflix was on 360 first

      Not hating, just facts

      • Justin

        Modern warfare 1 and 2 and black ops were released at the identical date because i was atg gamestop midnight for all three. the couple of arcade games can be countered with (noby noby boy, flower, super stardust hd, echocromes, pixeljunk(5 games), fat princess) and now psn has castlecrashers and xbox has none of psns exclusives. Bioshock and lost planet were time released exclusives but lost planet came out 2 months before ps3. The official Playstation3 release date is March of 2008(worldwide) and wasnt supposed to be released early but a few bureaucrats wanted America to get it 6 months ahead so there fore xbox got 18 months of exclusives because ps2 was still the leading console. Bioshock was an exclusive only because 2K studios had issues and were ill equiped to develop on Bluray seeing as how it is state of the art technology. Xbox has led the way because it was released 5 years ago and psn 3.5 years ago so we can do the math here. Playstation has about 10X the exclusitivity that xbox does. Lookm at ps1 and ps2 and their exclusives. It is no doubt why ps3 has the same track record and by the way it is on track with ps2 numbers. 44 million sold in less than 4 years. if it were 10 years at the same rate then it would be 110 million and ps2 had 122 million sold at their 10th year. (of course ps3 is on track to sell 15 million this year).

        Although I take up for playstation on this only because i enjoy right the wrong when it comes to incorrect sells numbers, I would have to say I am pleased with Xbox on a few things. Alan Wake, Gears 1 2 and 3, and call of duty 2(original launch game) were amazing. all of these are top notch Playstation level releases. Halo is like and strong as Mario(that no matter who makes it or what kind of game it is it will sell) look at Halo wars. And there is the best selling item that microsoft makes the most profit on(live membership). I am convinced that even if there were no games people would still get live because its the cool thing to do and that is about the intelligence level of their consumers on average(not saying that it applies to everyone and this wasnt meant to insult hahaha or aqnyone else) I am just stating a factual; trned about xbox blog supporters. If you travel to Seattle people love Zune but cant explain why? maybe its because of all the billboards up around the city avertizing it? who knows? if you go to England, its all about Sony Walkman. Who knows why? I think they are both outdated devices and I plug my droid vortex into my car and have blu tooth and use them both simultaneous. But I guess thats just because I understand technology and how to save money by investing wisely. I refuse to buy another system until 2016 when ps4 becomes big and that is because there will be no need with all of the updates for free from Psn that upgrades my bluray device and apps online. it is a single serving fully functional all doing device, which is why the add for it says, “It only does everything”.

      • Hahaha

        My bad. I meant CoD DLC was on 360 first

    • Frank

      No way dude. Don’t you remember the infamous GTA IV tattoo that Peter Moore got at e3 2006? He announced GTA4 being multiplat, and GTA 4 exclusive dlc. PS3 has more exclusive games because they have fist party developers. Unlike Sony, M$ pays third party developers to make exclusive games, and or content for the 360, thus creating a manopoly with the gaming industry, which is horrible for it.

    • Allen


      So you call getting map packs for 1 game type (COD) exclusive content? So what it’s exclusive for a month?

      I call exclusive content the type of FREE stuff found in Red Dead Redemption, Mafia 2, LA Noire, Batman AA, Assassins Creed Brotherhood, Battlfield Bad Company 2, Medal of Honor and Battlefield 3 exclusive content.

      You know like the free full games and charactors and full episodes missing from Xbots games even though you pay $60/year ($300 every 5 years).

      That’s what I call “exclusive” content. Well actually I call it “Free Exclusive Content”. Seeing as how YOU WILL NEVER HAVE IT.

  • Joe

    Who cares if the 360 doesn’t get any exclusive characters. Its better to leave it the way it is than to mess up something with characters that don’t belong in the game. Maybe they will add scorpion and sub-zero to the next god of war game.

  • Bossem

    When they hack the ps3 to store games on the hard drive and boot them from there I’ll rent mk. Wouldn’t pay £40 for what may possibly be a poor game when compared to street fighter.

    @ justin(e) stop being a fan boy. It’s a pointless exercise and the crap your writing is based on what you think you know or want to believe, both xbox 360 and ps3 get their exclusives in different games, ps3 just had the right character for this game. If ninja gained had been xbox exclusive, then I still don’t think they would have someone like hayabusa kicking ass in mk.

    Like I said, this is defo a rental when ps3 is fully hacked

    • Duke

      If everyone had your pissy little attitude, then the gaming industry would cease to exist. Dont be a cheap bastard, buy the game if you dont like it take it back and get a refund. I hope your PS3 gets shutdown permantly by Sony which could very likely happen. I hate people who are to poor to afford buying a game, get a job or something. Heck hire it out from your nearest Blockbuster or what ever its called. Then if you actually like it buy it or wait until there is a special or its price has gone down. Dont be fkn cheap, piracy is bad. If everybody followed your actions, developers would lose money and they wouldnt be able to make anymore games. JUST BUY THE FKN THING YOUR CHEAP PRIK!!!!

  • Earl

    Sony always wins. Sony is the best. Sony will not get shut down. Sony has been the gaming platform for generations. Asians are smarter than whatever race you belong to. Deal with it please.

  • ChrisSchmo

    Unacceptable. I have no interest in Kratos or the PS3 version. I was just hoping for a cool Xbox specific character like Master Chief, Shephard, Big Daddy, the Artbiter, anyone really.

    • Duke

      MC,Shephard, Big Daddy all pretty much rely on guns to kill their enemies. The Artbiter could work but he isnt much of the fighting type. Kratos doesnt just use his blades, he can tear his opponents in half, beat them to death, throw them away. He is more suitable to MK than pretty much any 360 exclusive character, its just the way it is, 360 is a futuristic shooter console. Sorry but its true just look at all 360’s biggest exclusives, they are all in someway or another pretty much shooting games.

  • makavillian 209

    Fanboys are so annoying. Its all about money. Sonys doing what ever they can to keep up with Microsoft in THIS gen. Ps2 owned, yes, but 360 is winning this next gen. Sony is doing whatever they can. I own both consoles, so I get best of both worlds. Even though I prefer to play my 360.

    • ragglefraggle1

      excuse me but on AVERAGE year on year ps3 sells more. xbox just sells more in USA due 2 blind fanboyism & patriotism combined

      • Frank

        I second that. AND i’m American. Kids want to be “cool” and play Halo. IDC though. I’m more then satisfied with my PS3. Much more satisfied then when I had an XBox 360.

        • Justin

          Plus Playstation 3 may be making money by bringing in new technology but microsoft is making money on outdated technology. It just depends on which you find morally correct. Business is about profits but it the way each company brings themselves about. Microsoft charges for the ability to use the internet after you already pay a provider. Sony charges for bluray, bluetooth, and the cell processor tech. They both make their loss of money on consoles back on Accessories and when the system turn profit they allow third party to develop peripherals as well. They games are what make the systems the best. Exclusive games, content, and technology. The true tell tale heart of a system is at the end of its life(net profit from all areas). This shows how much of a pull they have in all areas.

          • joel

            Nothing more outdated then the ps3 controller when was that made…in the 90’s. Can’t even hold the thing without having teenage flashbacks.

    • Duke

      Hey Hannah Montana, STFU! YOU DONT KNOW SH!T 360 is the preferred console in America but around the world PS3 is the bigger system. 360 is winning, but theres still maybe another 3 or 4 years left in the life of this generation and face it, Sony is really stepping up its game now and they are selling better than ever, they have more exclusives and lots of them are better. They have the better technology which will outlast MS outdated crap. Blu-Ray is the prefered version of disc, over HD DVDs. Face it xbot, why do you think MS is so dedicated on Kinect, because thats the only decent thing they have and it only appeals to casual gamers in truth.

  • Bossem

    Don’t call me cheap I buy enough games, I have bought mk3 across three different formats! So screw you. If I choose to do something then I’ll do it whether you like it or not. Tbh I wouldn’t get if my ps3 got banned seeing as I online game via xbox and pc mate. The ps3 was bought cos it was the first bow ray player I saw.
    As far as piracy goes I’m not the only one thinking it, I’m just not bothered to say I’ll back up games on the ps3. It’s only used for single player games so it’ll save me money to get more for my other systems.

    Look back at the industry, piracy has been rife in every playstation model, it would be nothing new. And heck hiring the game out is what I’d intend to do to back it up
    Go do one duke

    • Duke

      Hey lipdik, yeh piracy has been bad in the past but in todays times security measures are really stepping up, your PSN will get banned, but Sony can also shut down the system permantely and they can do it because of Terms of Service. I will call you cheap, i dont care if you bought a game for 3 different formats, thats your way of wasting money. Buy it for one and then you could buy 2 other games. If you bought it for a Blu-Ray player than use it as a BR player and dont hack, thats how you ruin sh!t for everyone else. Yeh your not the only one thinking it, but if you didnt do it, that would be 1 less person that didnt do it which is better than 1 more person that does. How bought you do the world a favour and kill yourself, you cheap bastard.

  • joel

    wtf hand to hand… kratos has duel swords everytime i see him.
    hes not really fighting with his hands like the other mk fighters.
    to say marcus pheonix is not appropriate is bull shit.
    stryker is apparently in the game… and pheonix cant be? give me a break. i wish people would stop talking crap.
    sick of people saying there’s no appropriate person… kratos is a god.. takes out massive mountain women, you could say hes not appropriate because hes too strong.
    hes not appropriate because he always has two swords.

    marcus fits perfect if you say otherwise you lack a brain.
    sonya blade.. military, striker.. military… jax military combat… marcus pheonix.. innapropriate.. shut the f*ck up

    • ragglefraggle1

      isnt MK hand 2 hand & weapons lol

      • Justin

        The reason MArcus isn’t appropriate is because he is Epic games brands character. Microsoft has nothing to do with the rights to Gears of war. 360 brand owns its exsclusivity until a new xbox comes out then it can be transfered to other systems. I’ll bet Gear 1,2, and 3 will eventually come to Ps3 when the new 720 comes out. It would make sense to make profit off of something already created.

        • joel

          Well that’s a lot better argument then saying he’s not appropriate combat wise. If he can’t be in the game due to legal rights etc I accept that.

      • joel

        It’s usually hand to hand combat and some special or unique moves involve weapons.
        Except for mk 4 where you can pull them out and use them as a primary till they’re knocked off you. Some of the newer games have a similar system to this too I think.

        But mk 9 is a reboot to the old games it’s based on hand to hand with weapon use being in specials and unique moves. It’s not soul caliber.

  • Marco

    In my opinion I think the xbox 360 exclusive character should b Master Chief(Halo), Isaac Clarke(Dead Space),Ryu Habibusa(Ninja Gaiden),Turok(Turok Evolution),or Frank West or Chuck Greene(Dead Rising).

    • ragglefraggle1

      chief is a cheesy kids hero (his cheesy name says it all) & doent fit in & most of the others u sed arnt exclusive

  • HoY

    no gory melee on 360?? lol ryu hayabusa, idiots… the only version where blood splattered all over the place with decapitations and de-limbing of ninja gaiden was the 360 version…

  • HoY

    sub zero, scorpion, reptile, rain, katana, mileena, their all ninjas, ryu hayabusa? ninja..nuff said

    • Justin

      360 could have Banjo KAzooie! The finishing move could consist of him actually turning into a real Bear with Photo real Graphics(Ha take that Gran Turismo 5!!) and the Bear eats the characters.

  • HoY

    ragglefraggle1 you say that but its the same shit in Japan, blind fanboy-ism of Japanese themed games in Japan. obviously Americans will like American games. Im Canadian and I happen to have more American games than JP games

  • TheFortman


    Both the Xbox360 and the PS3 have things that make each one better than the other. It’s just a matter of preference. Shut up dudes. It’s not worth arguing over. If you like 360 better, good for freaking you. If you like PS3 better, good for freaking you. Nobody gives a crap. I prefer the Xbox personally. Normally, the Playstation doesn’t have anything on it that I really wanna play anyway. The only reason so far that i’m gonna get a PS3 is because Kingdom Hearts 3 will be on it. That’s the only good reason I have so far. If I have an extra load of money, I will buy one too. The blu-ray is useless unless you got an HD television too, which I don’t because I’m an average person with average money.

    Get the [frick] over it and stop arguing like a bunch of fat behind nerds.

    BTW, I would love to see Turok for Xbox exclusive. Nice tribute to an overlooked series.
    Master Chief or Issac Clarke would be sick as hell, fangasm, but it’s just not gonna happen sadly.

  • sinn1

    @Justin he was not talking about the game genius, he was referring to timed dlc, and is it payable on the PS3 yet. You also included Home as exclusive content, if I was Ps3 fanbot I would distance myself from that disaster all together. 2k did not have issues with Blue Ray, it is just a storage device. They had problems with the Cell and It’s unusual architecture.

  • BlackBear

    Man 360 is just getting jipped on everything. First ME2 on PS3 getting all free DLC that 360 owners already paid for and now MK on PS3 having the only exclusive character. So much for MK becoming a competitive game.

  • thedestroyer

    @HOY Ryu Hayabusa isn’t exclusive to the 360, idiot.

    there’s a better version of Ninja Gaiden 2 on PS3 and it’s called Ninja Gaiden: Sigma 2, complete with extra bosses, online mutiplayer, extras levels, and countless other features that wasn’t in the beta version of Sigma called Ninja Gaiden 2.

    instead of bitching about meaningless guest characters, why don’t you worry about getting a great reboot and not a shit game with a bunch of useless guest fighters that have nothing to do with the story line. what good will they do if the game is shit?

    the ones who are bitching over this are obviously not true MK fans.

    you want to get exclusives for MK, get a Ps3 or shut the fuck up.

  • sinn1

    @ragglefraggle I am sorry for all the butt hurt but the last time I checked there hasn’t been any great Japanese releases this gen. I am also sorry that Japanese games have become stagnant rehashes of yesteryear. Western games have innovated far passed their Eastern counterparts this gen and that is a fact. The number one titles on the PS3 are from America or Europe. FF verses Mass Effect please don’t get me started. I also expect to get down voted by your little fanboys on both of my posts.

    • ragglefraggle1

      so ur saying final fantasy, blazeblue & SE’s xbox projects are all bad? jp games are mostly innotive, whereas u try 2 find an american game that isn’t copied or cheesy

    • Duke

      Uhhh so your saying Metal Gear Solid 4 is crap? Considering IGN gave it a perfect 10 review and same goes for many other gaming websites. Yakuza games have been great. Both Eastern and Western games are great ok, it just about your preferences and you obviously dont like Eastern games. BTW theres a certain Eastern game called The Last Guardian coming out this year, made by Team Ico (Ico and Shadow of the Collosus) and it will be a fantastic game. FF and ME are different. JRPGs arent the same as traditional RPGs, they are very different.

  • JAke

    what about Ryu from ninja gaiden that would work =/

  • sinn1

    No we aren’t getting jipped on anything. This happens every year, and every year around Christmas time they announce really cool stuff for the 360. Just buy both that way you do not miss out on any cool exclusive. I own ME2 for instance already but I am picking it up on the Ps3 as well. I am interested in seeing how much of a difference it is between the two. This title deserves to be played by all. I will say one thing for you though the Ps3 only crowd gets a comic where as you got to experience the whole first game in all if its splendor. We also got to have the character we created from the ground up, and use so don’t fret. Plus if digital foundry and the demo are indicative of anything then it is a nice upgrade, but they scaled back in other places. Namely, now mind you only going by the demo so grain of salt. The lighting is not even close it is as if you have a flashlight above your head at all times. It’s very strange, it was also like that on Mafia 2 as well. I will concede that the textures are amazing on the new engine and that is a huge stand out for the PS3 version. The screen tearing had better be fixed though as well as the frame dips.

  • sinn1

    @Earl you are ignorant beyond belief. Your racist post should be moderated and I hope you do not breed. You will contaminate our gene pool.

  • Slayer

    IF the 360 does get a exclusive character I think it should either be Master Chief(Halo), Isaac Clark(Dead Space),Turok(Turok Evolution),Ryu Habibusa(Ninja Gaiden), or Predator.

    Its CONFIRMED that there might be a exclusive character for 360 but they can’t decide on who should it be.

    These guys are my personel picks

  • sinn1

    @slayer I agree totally, although Marcus Phoenix would rule as well. Don’t forget the 360 gets Tourchlight exclusive. Maybe there is a character in that game but I don’t know I have never played it. I know it is supposed to be a dungeon crawler like Diablo.



  • sinn1

    Stop posting in all caps.


      WOW NERDS ARE SO sorry is this better????????????? NOT APPROPRIATE!!! appropriate….NOT APPROPRIATE!!!!! appropriate…. It was in all caps cuz I was yelling at you dum dums…DERP DERP

  • sinn1

    Does posting in all caps make you cool? Or dies it make you a tool?

  • sinn1

    Trolls are trolls, if you didn’t care then why come in here troll? The site is attack of the fanboy, so am I to assume you have difficulty reading or comprehending? Derp a derp


      Lol i came in here to read opinions…Just because I said something that offended you doesn;t mean it was directed at you..You are really proving what a dork you are right now by reposting over and over again specifically to me…You could have left it alone with the first 2 retarded replies but you insist on schooling me apparently..Oh no,I been served…Go play wit ya little ding a ling in ya moms basement and quit drooling on your keyboard retard.

  • sinn1

    If you bothered to read most of the posts, you would know that the majority of the posts were not fanboy rants. But again no one is accusing you of being able to comprehend. Troll


      TROLL????? WTF is that?

  • sinn1

    @Justin that would be hilarious Banjo for the win.
    @justadude Wow a momma joke you are a child aren’t you. How about don’t start something there won’t be anything. You are showing how ignorant you are.

  • sinn1

    @Justin calling the 360 outdated and the Ps3 is not entirely accurate. The PS3 is outdated in fact depends on what you are talking about. For instance the gpu is completely outdated in fact it is older and weaker that the 360. This is the reason why games on both look close and will continue to look close until next gen. The 360 and Ps3 are equal in terms of power, because of this.

    • ragglefraggle1

      more cores, more RAM & blu-rays says otherwise

  • sinn1

    Damn sometimes it is difficult to type on the Droid ego. When I get home I will switch. I should have brought my laptop.

  • sinn1


  • Ultimategamer1

    WWWWTTTTFFF!!!!!!! What about Ryu hayabusa he’s great at hand-too-hand combat! He’s also from Xbox

  • Ultimategamer1

    Or we could put skorge in he’s badass with the chainsaw and all and i think i saw him using his hands instead of his weapon.

  • sinn1

    Hell for that matter any of the DOA crew would work although none as ironic as Hyabusa. From the same Ninja Garden ilk. But to be honest even though I prefer the 360 not for fighting games, because of the control pad. My god it is an affront to man and all that is holy. Now if I use my Street Fighter pad then its ok. Generally though I play my fighters on the PS3.

  • sinn1

    Iconic sorry still not able to jump on pc or laptop.

  • sinn1

    @Joel you are absolutely correct. If it is legal issues so be it, but none of this he dose not belong because of combat prowess. Imagine finish him and he chainsaws Sub-Zero in half and then sticks a grenade to the corpse booom. Or shotguns the knee caps and then curb stops Raiden. Marcus Phoenix wins flawless victory fatality. Oh well we can only hope for dlc, maybe.

  • sinn1

    Fragile you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about.
    1. The Ps3 does not have more RAM it has 256 megs of gddr3 and 256 megs of XDR RAM, which is Rambus. The 360 has 512 megs of unified Gddr3 ram+ 10 megs of on dye RAM.
    2. The Ps3 does not have true cores they are called spe’s, they are virtual. The 360 however does have 3 3.2 ghz processors that are true dual core. The Gpu in the Ps3 is woefully equipped its really sad basically an off the shelf 7800 gt. where as the 360 innovated the way we make Gpu’s today. So nice try little fanboy your facts are wrong minus the blue ray.

    • ragglefraggle1

      ps3 has 550 MHz NVIDIA/SCEI RSX ‘Reality Synthesizer, 3.2 GHz Cell Broadband Engine with 1 PPE & 7 SPEs compared to xboxs 3.2 GHz PowerPC Tri-Core Xenon. ps3 Bandwidth:- Main RAM 25.6GB per second- VRAM 22.4GB per second- RSX 20GB per second (write) +15GB per second (read) – SB< 2.5GB per second (write) + 2.5GB per second (read) xbox 22.4 GB per seconds memory interface bus bandwidth- 256 GB per seconds memory bandwidth to EDRAM- 21.6 GB per seconds front-side bus. ps3 – 256MB XDR Main RAM @ 3.2GHz- 256MB GDDR3 VRAM @ 700MHz, 360, – 512 MB of GDDR3 RAM- 700 MHz of DDR. i did do my research thank u very much. if u actually read the facts ps3 is a more powerful machine. but indeed it is complicated. but thx to the ps3 tools sony gives to 1st partys, all ps3 exclusives exceed 360s. read it n weep

  • sinn1

    I actually like all games including the games from the East. When I see people making ignorant comments about western games I have to let them know how wrong they are.

  • sinn1

    I also understand that jrpgs are very different than western rpgs. I happen to live them all. We need a new FF Tactics, and I hope versus comes out. When you are talking to someone like Fraggle who has 0 clue and refuses to see that many Western games are great, you have to tell him like it is. Which is why I pulled Me out. FF 13 was an absolute disappointment. Sure it was pretty but we needed more and it could have delivered. FF 14 is an absolute disaster that I will stay away from until it us hopefully fixed.

  • sinn1

    Yea that was my droid, I never argued the Fenix should be in the game. I said it would be cool. Second I said that I do not buy my fighting games on the 360. Now go and learn to comprehend what others post before making an as* out of yourself again. I love your proclamation I was there at launch. Are you really that stupid, Haha yea your bad. See there us that comprehension again.

  • sinn1


  • sinn1

    No Fraggle nice but let’s see how that really breaks down shall we.

  • sinn1

    Finally on my laptop, now where were we? Ok instead of punching in a stream of stats in one line I will type them clearly and concisely. I will concede that the Ps3 has the better processor, but you are kidding yourself if you think the RSX is something special.

  • sinn1

    Xbox 360
    500 MHz
    10 MB embedded DRAM
    48-way parallel floating-point dynamically-scheduled shader pipelines
    Unified shader architecture
    Polygon Performance 500 million triangles per second
    Pixel Fill Rate 16 gigasamples per second fillrate using 4X MSAA
    Shader Performance 48 billion shader operations per second
    Memory 512 MB GDDR3 RAM
    700 MHz DDR
    Unified memory architecture
    22.4 GB/s memory interface bus bandwidth
    256 GB/s memory bandwidth to EDRAM
    21.6 GB/s front-side bus

    550 MHz
    24 Pixel Shader Pipelines
    8 Vertex Shader Pipelines
    8 Pixel Rendering Pipelines (Raster Units)
    1.1 Billion Vertices per Second
    250 Million Triangles per Second
    12 Gigatexels per Second
    8 Gigasamples per Second Fill Rate (2x MSAA)
    256MB XDR Main RAM @ 3.2GHz
    256MB GDDR3 VRAM @ 700MHz

    The 360 gpu has more than 24 pixel pipes and 8 vertex pipes, the 360 has 48 pixel and vertex pipelines. The 360 is running unified shader architecture technology. Not only that the 360 can perform 2 shader ops per pipe, per cyle. Just this fact alone makes the 360 gpu better than the Ps3 gpu period. You can try to spin all you want. Which is why 90 percent of cross platform titles run and look better on the 360. Let us not forget that the 360 also has 10mb of on dye ram which gives it free AA.

  • tommy

    i think they should use death stroke from mk vs dc hes dark and he has hand to hand kombat and some nice weapons

  • sinn1

    I could see that Tommy it would work.

  • joel

    I can’t imagine any xbox 360 owner being against getting an exclusive character.
    Seeing all the negatives in here makes me think that a lot of people in this thread own playstations.

    If you ps owners are so happy with your exclusive Kratos you should go rejoice in a ps related thread somewhere. you are happy about him being in the game?… so what are you doing in here. I dont get it.

    I dont know why youre so paranoid about what we might be getting.

    It sucks I have to filter through the ps fanboy spam to get to anything worth reading.

  • evin

    i mean i have both systems but aleast they could have gave xbox a new character or what the hell gave us like some one from star wars like dark vader that would have been cool!

  • Confucius Says:

    Why exactly does it matter which is better or which has exclusive content? If your a fan of the series than you’ll probably end up buying it anyway, if your not than stop complaining about it. If you won’t buy the game because you don’t like one or two things about it, no one wants to hear you bitch about why you dont want to spend your money.

    • p

      says the guy who owns an xbox

    • Nightshayde

      I just believe the game devolpers played God of War and thought Kratos is a bada$$, I would love to see him kick the crap out Goro. I agree who wouldn’t! The God of War another immortal to fight makes sence to me. But, guess what sony won’t let us put him the Xbox version. So, should we just not include him at all or atleast let some of the people enjoy him? Huh, the game stands alone with or without Kratos, he is just icing for some. Kinda like those concerts I never get to see because they never come to my town (damn music industry, I will never listen to music again).

    • pantyboy

      leaked today xbox360 hs an exclusive charater

      JUSTIN freaking BIEBER

  • YellowKitana

    I agree, very well said.

  • Chad

    indeed! well said!
    to be honest… i don’t know why they threw ANY random characters into the MK universe! This game looks like a GREAT game for MK fans as is… why screw with it?! whatever, either way it’s not that big of a deal! Besides, the only XBOX (exclusive) characters microsoft has to offer is Master Chief or… or… Alan Wake?! So… yeah, if you have an XBOX, don’t bother complaining! There’s no one out there to fit the bill anyways! Besides… Microsoft isn’t known for its epic single players like God of War, it’s much more social and family oriented! FTR: i own an XBOX360… not a PS3!

    • Pat

      Microsoft has no one to offer?! No one fits the bill?! Dude Ryu Hayabusa would make the PERFECT character for a Mortal Kombat game !!!!! Like seriously think about what you are saying, he’s an epic ninja with epic fighting moves.

  • Shamrock

    Ed Boon, once again, sold out. Kratos’s inclusion in the first place is NRS effectively saying that they don’t think that this game can stand on its own two feet. If you don’t think the game stands up on its own, why bother making it? I pre-ordered the PS3 version because its controller is far better for fighters, but now with the 360 version being purely MK without any guest characters ruining the MK universe, I might make the switch. At the very least, I’ll pick up both copies. The PS3 so I can play online, and the 360 so that I can have my perfect little piece of MK with no guest BS.

  • abg05

    Mortal Kombat will be better on Xbox 360 without guest character. Nobody cares about Kratos and he has nothing to do with Mk, so keep this game pure MK on Xbox 360 please!

    • The Future of Sega

      No it will be better on PS3 because PS3 does not have a shitty d-pad like the Xbox 360.

  • Matt

    Hmm does that actualy mean that there is no exlclusive Xbox360 character though? Hardly.

    As you all know Twitter isn’t exactly generous with the amount of characters you are allowed to Tweet with anyway… Isit it possible that Kratos is the exclusive character FOR THE PS3. In otherwords meaning that Kratos is going to be the only exclusive on that console. Poor language skills much? Don’t count out the 360 yet. Firstly what was the initial question asked to them to prompt such a statement> (Perhaps a fan asking is the PS3 getting any other exclusive content, that would tie with the answer). Besides, don’t take everything on Twitter as gospel.

  • Chad

    it looks like PS3 gets Kratos, while 360 gets Avatar Costumes (for sure it is at least the one Kung Lao costume seen in the pics)… imo, 360 ALL THE WAY!!! if they came out with a group of Street Fighter costumes for the release of Street Fighter IV then idk why they wouldn’t have Costumes for MORTAL EFFING KOMBAT!!!!!!!!!! Can’t Wait! :)

  • Mike

    Actually, Chad PSN gets their costumes for their avatar on playstation home as well.. just wanted to clarify that

  • terry

    i have a xbox 360 an ps3 so xbox fan stop hating on ps3 yall get exclusion characterall the time

  • Garett

    Ugh. I game both systems hard. And theyre both sick systems. you play xbox for balls to the wall shooter action and ps3 for racing and balls to the wall action games. they both have awesome exclusives. I.E. Halo, Gears of War, and Modnation and god of war for ps3. I personally find that ps3 lags a bit more but it is free so oh well. xbox has a lot more timed exclusives and the reason being is they are fiscally making more money on those downloads on the xbox, cause xbox fans are all hard shooter fans at heart. i love both the systems ( twisted metal = the sex, along with gears) if some of you ppl who are ripping on a specific system actual gamer fans, youd accept that theyre both damn fine systems with sick games.

  • BHE Low Key

    Sorry guys I have been playing Mortal kombat since you had to put the blood code on for the sega genesis, but back to the exclusive character story. It’s great PS 3 is getting kratos, and I for one don’t believe that xbox will not get one. Ed Boon has too much talent and a wicked staff not to include an exclusive character for 360, and in my opinion what character fits better than Ryu Hyabusa from Ninja Gaiden. Fuck Masterchief from Halo, and any other person you guys threw up. Ed Boon if you are reading my message talk to Team Ninja, and get Ryu Hyabusa from Ninja Gaiden to be an Exclusive Character for Miortal Kombat for the 360 Period!!!!!!

    • steph

      actually he is from dead or alive, but he is a badass… and he would fit about the same as Kratos would.

    • Bdubs

      Actually Ryu Hayabusa is from ninja gaiden for the nes in 1988, 8 years before he appeared in dead or alive. Kuz knowledge is power.

  • banjo

    banjo kazooie,,,yes

  • Garett

    Im feelin He-man makes it on the xbox Nbd.

  • The Future of Sega

    The 360 version of Mortal kombat 9 is getting an exclusive character…Perez Hilton.

  • Garett

    Perez hilton = greater then kratos

  • dave

    screw this ps3 suck my left nut xbox should have a exclusive character

    • Frank

      Um, who are they going to put in the game? Most 360 exclusives are FPS, or just shooters in general. They’d get destroyed! Alan Wake, Master Chief, and even Marcus Fenix would get destroyed. So keep hating!

  • dave

    what about alex mercer from prototype?

  • Shang

    Who cares? Marcus Fenix, Dom, Master Chief (or a random Spartan), a Locust…they don’t belong in MK anyway. I’m not one for out-of-universe characters, they’re always overpowered and dumb the game down. Case in point? When Lucas got his Star Wars in my Soul Calibur.

    I don’t think the inclusion of Kratos in the PS3 version is going to entice sales of PS3 over the 360 version. People are very specific about their consoles. I own both, but my PS3 sees usage maybe once a month, whereas my XBox is going every day. I only utilize my PS3 for the exclusives.

    However, I am breaking that rule with Mortal Kombat. It doesn’t really have anything to do with Kratos (again, I am fiercely opposed to out-of-universe characters), so much as it will undoubtedly have better control. The 360 controller for fighting games is atrocious, and I am not blowing money on the arcade stick in the TE. The only selling point of Kratos exclusivity is that its extra content out of the box, plus he gets his own arena that Ed Boon claims is “The most elaborate stage fatality in the history of MK”.

    But in all honesty, despite my very rare decision to go with PS3 over 360, know how much I’ll use Kratos? ONCE. To bring him through arcade mode and see his story/ending and the ridiculous excuse he has for being in MK. Otherwise, I will never use him again.

    • Jonny

      Lol you complain about Star Wars in SC, but what about SC2? Honestly, I had the GC one and Link was my favorite character lol (Hardcore LoZ fan.) Anyway, as I’ve seen in this forum, I think Ryu would be good. He’d fit right in. Besides the fact that he comes from a long line of violent games, he’s also a ninja, like alot of MK characters =)

    • Joe

      Kratos doesn’t have a story. he is only in Vs Mode.

  • Garett

    What if his reason is jesus mode?

  • Chris

    I think that Kratos is a perfect fit for the world of Mortal Kombat. What exclusive Xbox 360 character could fit into the world of Mortal Kombat ? None that I can think of. So that’s why there won’t be an Xbox 360 exclusive character. I’m sure if there was a worthy Xbox 360 character that fit into the world of Mortal Kombat, then Boon would’ve put him/her in. So I don’t take it as Mortal Kombat hating the Xbox 360. It’s not the Mortal Kombat developer’s fault that the Xbox 360 has no worthy exclusive characters that can fit into the world of Mortal Kombat.

    Besides, most people who only have an Xbox 360 are more likely to not be fans of Sony, so I’m sure they wouldn’t miss not playing as Kratos. There will be plenty of other content in both versions for fans to enjoy.

    And another thing, is perhaps Boon has a particular surprise only for Xbox 360 users that hasn’t been announced yet. You never know.

  • xboxisbetter

    Mortal Kombat will feature guest appearances from Marcus Fenix on the Xbox 360 and God of War anti-hero Kratos on the PS3.
    Marcus Fenix gets way more pussy than Kratos. Therefore, 360 > PS3.

  • zero

    Here’s again for you xboxisbetter:

    ” The team officially announced via Twitter that “The Only Exclusive character is Kratos for the PS3″.

    can u read?

  • Chad

    @pat -> If Ryu Hyabusa is put in this game as Microsoft’s exclusive character then i’m canceling my preorder and never buying another Mortal Kombat as long as i live… That queer is as anti-Mortal Kombat as Alan Wake and i was going to mention it in my first post but thought it was universally assumed that Ryu as XBOX’s exclusive was too far-fetched to even joke about!

  • steph

    Well im probably just being optimistic, but when they say the only exclusive character is kratos that could just mean at the moment, the game has a while till it releases so who knows. Also i agree with those who dont want a non Mk character because they are usually dumb. Dead or Alive 4 had a spartan in it and i never use her she sucks and doesnt fit in. I hate Master Chief and i dont want him in the Xbox MK… Also for fits there are alot who could get into MK… i mean Kratos doesnt really fit, they just put him in cuz they are probably fans… Devil Jin from Tekken would fit he can fly, he can shoot lasers, and he is a badass. Ryu Hayabusa from doa4 and ninja gaiden would also fit (more the ninja gaiden part). BTW!! im happy for PS3 fans who are happy with Kratos, honestly i dont want an exclusive for xbox. ( I WILL NOT BUY MK IF THE PUT IN MASTER CHIEF, I HATE HIM AND HE DOESNT DESERVE TO BE IN MK) sorry for the long comment

  • steph

    eh as ive read through comments ive noticed alot of people only having opinions about their console… does it matter? you like ps3 and you like xbox, that means u have to hate each other? thats stupid… ps3 version of MK got Kratos, Xbox gets nothing end of story no big deal… Really the only difference between PS3 and Xbox is preference… i wanted xbox 360 because my friends had it and it was cheaper, which is probably why they got it too. they both have fantastic games and stuff so… if ur gonna bitch about what the other gets then go out and buy the other console and stop fighting over which one is best…
    (btw i have ps3 at dads and xbox at moms, i play my xbox more cuz im only one with ps3)

  • mojoko

    thats a load of fuzzy compresion bull shit marcus is bad ass as kratos i mean come on man not cool if ps3 get some all mighty god and we xbox owner get shit that so not fair

  • buck

    Ed Boon did say that there might be a 360 exlusive character but they don’t have one in mind.and if they do have a character i would love to see master chief from halo,isaac clark from dead space or ryu habibusa from ninja gaiden.

  • Staples

    You guys can have your Kratos, Ill kick your ass none the less.

  • xxxhitman20xxx

    i really dont care im a big mk fan so im probly geting the 360 virsion first so i can get my avitar costum the the ps3 verson when theremake the game with all the dlc i just cant stand ps3 ppl rubing it in cause they finaly got somthing better or before xbox grow up the hottest games are still on xbox cause the online is better

  • mr mofo

    i do like the idea of having chars from the other universe and all but the xbox should get at least master cheif imo. but having kratos is a very unfair he fucked up all the greek gods by himself so i dont really see anyone in the mk universe having a chance. if you really think other wise then your stupid.
    the xbox 360 not having anyone extra is just wrong why ed boon wanted it this way is beyond me. i would buy it just to use kratos cause mk died along time ago when they started the babyalitys and mk3 ukm3 and the rainbow ninjas, if i wanted that many colors for ninjas ill find power rangers and play it. same story line same fruity ninjas new look same fail.

  • Pain9889

    you xbox 360 ppl are such sad little ppl u seriosly think MK is good on teh xbox prob MK say that 360 is fuckn hay and ps3 rules u bitches are just jealous so just admit that u wish u had ps3

  • Pizzah

    I don’t really like this whole out of character universe thing, so I’m pretty glad the xbox 360 doesn’t have any exclusive characters, I mean, look at how bad DC Universe vs MK was, MK shouldn’t mix with other fighting games, it just ruins the whole essence that makes MK so goddamn great. But I am extremely excited for this game, had it preordered for a few months now, :D :D :D

  • MKlover

    I just wanna point out that if you really care about Mk than you shouldn’t care about that preordered cr@p, heck I have a ps3 and I’m not gonna use kratos cause him and his games suck ass..big time

  • lothaer

    OK yes PS3 gets a exclusive character Kratos but that’s not the only exclusive, if you have a PS3 and a 3D TV then you can play MK9 in 3D (when will microsoft give you guys a bluray player…).

    Also Shang your comments regarding playing Kratos once just to see his story/ending HE DOSNT HAVE ANY.. he will ONLY be available in versus mode and thus does NOT affect the Mortal Kombat story at all.

    as to some of the comments about PS3 vs 360 and what they are best for, in my opinion 360 best for online play as microsoft own the internets :D

    PS3 best for offline solo/multiplayer games and games that require alot of GFX (you guys have to admit it that games look better on the PS3) Oh and the XBOX controllers are big bulky annoying contraptions that look horrible as well the PS3 ones are tried and true.

    so rapping it up

    XBOX 360
    Mortal Kombat (+ any additional stuff form Kollectors/Tournament Edition)
    normal display mode
    no exclusive character (so far)

    Mortal Kombat (+ any additional stuff form Kollectors/Tournament Edition)
    Normal and 3D (if you have a 3D TV) modes
    Exclusive Kratos character

    and once again the story modes on both platforms is EXACTLY the same.

  • lothaer

    sorry for the double post here, ive gone through and thumbed up/down a bunch of posts.

    Some of the comments that are basically “if X character is included then i wont get it” you really need to grow up and DLC exclusive (not appart of the MK universe) character wont feature in story mode they will only be a optional choice in versus mode.

    also you people are say that microsoft dosnt have anyone kick ass enough to be in MK9 or they have very limited selection…. last i heard the company known as RARE, you know creators of KILLER INSTINCT were a subsidary of Microsoft so any of those characters would be a ASWESOME fit as a 360 exclusive, personally id like to see fulgore or cinder (maybe Orchid for more eye candy) added to MK9 but then id have to go out and get a 360.

    but then again Midway (now NetherRealm studios) co-deveolped it so they could not be exclusive??? idk thats even IF they decide to give the 360 a exclusive character.

    • Dravend

      This is the BEST comment on this blog….. Fulgore or ANYONE from Killer Instinct saga. heck. makes MK vd KI for the 360. BRING KILLER INSTINCT BACK!

  • the nemisisx

    i will some down this post.

    the 360 guest character should be skorge because-

    A) he is a martial artist and a kantos monke leader

    B) he actually know un armed kombat, i dont think RAAM does seeing as hes just a general of an army

    C) gears of war 2 is a brutal game with lots of blood and gore and its exclusive to the 360

  • l2p goodgames

    ps3 sux

  • richie

    wait, their is suppose to be 26 playable characters and they only have about 25 five right now, and honestly i don’t really care who they add because I have both ps3 and xbox, but its very possible for the ninja gaiden to fit in with mk because a lot of the new characters costumes are leather or have some kind of leather in them.

  • Nate

    @ loather

    I definetely think you are right about Skorge. I mean, he could have a sick fatality with his chainsaw staff. Plus for everyone who says PS3 or Xbox is better, I’ve played Ps3 and Xbox 360. I owned a Ps2, It got old so I sold it, had good times with it. Xbox 360: I’ve gotten 2 RRoD and still play. xbox may cost money but it doesnt lag AS MUCH. Ps3 is a great console that has free online. Both consoles are great. I even still play Sega Genesis. My friend has a Ps3 every other of my friends has an Xbox. One of my friends even had a Wii. Every console on the market is good. Everyone is entitled to their opinions.

  • adam

    Way to go netherrealm,You put kratos in mortal kombat as a ps3 exclusive and now youve got a bunch of guys with only xbox 360s complaining

    But if the 360 had a character i would say master chief and his armor from the first halo could be his alternate outfit

  • Kent

    You know there is gonna be downloadable content for MK9 so who knows maybe the 360 will have a character and Ed Boon said this himself

  • Required: Name

    please no halo or gears people in mortal kombat. ryu would be sweet but I doubt it would happen. if xbox got an exclusive player I say kenshiro would work perfect or raoh from fist of the north star it doesn’ t get much bloodier or gory than these two guys. there fatalities would be sick

  • mk9

    i had every mortal kombat since the first one came out and i own a 360 kratos fits perfectly im mk9 and im half jealous that ps3 gets and exclusive but at the end of the day i like mk for its original characters not the exlusive ones so if you really like mk9 you shouldn’t complain about ps3 gettings kratos both systems get the important and much cooler characters.

  • NeCrom-X

    They put Kratos in the PS3 one because a lot of the team that did god of war used to work at Midway….

    Also those of you that mentioned Ryu Hayabusa he isn’t exclusive to XBOX and never was so why would they use him if they were doing a 360 exclusive character? All XBOX exclusive games main character would be destroyed by MK characters.

  • LOL

    Hell, they should’ve just thrown in Ethan Thomas from Condemned in both games LOL. He knows how to take a beating. Kratos will be my fatality trainer dummy. That is all.

  • The_Saint

    first of all im not gonna lie i only have the ps3 system since ps was the one that i grew up with and imo ps3 has kinda better exclusived and potential performance (that doesnt mean that i dont want to try out alan wake or halo reach online) even though xbx 360 has better online systme with not that much of lags and clearer microphone sound etc.But i dont think that there are xbox exclusive characters that ll fit on MK.Master chief .no.alan wake .no.maybe a badass guy from gears of war.but anyway none is brutal as kratos.either on ps3 nathan drake?? ofc no.etc
    that actually reminds me the SC thing with yoda and darth ninja gaiden nor ezio nor this guy from prototype is xbox 360 exclusives chars so i dont think that would be a good case i forgot a xbox 360 exclusive char excuse me fans but i dont a lot about them

  • m3g4l337h3r0

    wow this is funny… the one time PS3 gets something over Xbox, the xbox owners act like this is the end of the world or go into denial. Master cheif wouldn’t work cause he has no actually fighting moves… marcus Fenix would look out of place (since Gears 3 is coming out) and Xbox doesn’t have any character that would fit in. at least if kratos had a story ( in which he doesn’t) we could say he has some spastic urge to become the god of Mortal Kombat. No need to hate… it’ll end up like soul calibur and have him as DLC.

  • Darnell

    Ok for those who keep sayin that Fenix, Master Chief and Skorge should be in mk9 should just stop. They are all shooting games, MK is a fighting game. Hayabusa is a nice choice as is Todd Mcfarlene,s Spawn. Now me personally, I don’t think that Kratos fits in the mk trilogy as well as others might disagree. If you all have seen the mk9 trailer, which im sure you have, you see Kratos draggin Sub Zero in the lava after his fight with Scorpion. He appeared out of nowhere. Now if my eyesight isn’t good enough, let me know because I could of sworn that they were fighting in hell. Of course Scorpion belongs there. He’s the spectre of hell. Ain’t Kratos a god? Whats he doing in hell? The storyline makes no sense. Let me guess whats gonna happen next, Thor big ass gon show up and beat up Raiden. I already know that mk9 is not finna have a exclusive character for the 360, but it should have. The point im tryin to make is if ps3 have a exclusive character, 360 should too.

  • Darnell

    If you think Kratos is better than Spawn (Agree)

    If you think Spawn is better than Kratos (Disagree)

  • m3g4l337h3r0

    Spawn would be a cool add in.

  • Will kill mankind

    I just want to know why there will be no exclusive character I think its stupid to include one in one version and not another.

    • The Future of Sega

      It’s because Xbox 360 had advantages over PS3 in the past. Now the tides have turn. 360 fanboys will feel the pain of PS3 fanboys. :-)

    • TWizzle09

      Xbox most likely wont get a exclusive character because there just aren’t any exclusive characters on Xbox that can be used in Mortal Kombat like Kratos. Who do you guys have? Masterchief? funny.

  • t

    thats fucked up to all the xbox 360 users including me so put a exclusive for the xbox 360 version damnit.

  • Austin

    Um… comes out April 19, 2011.

  • Ethan

    Seriously, no 360 exclusive character. God, between this and the PS3 only (so far) demo they clearly have it in for 360 owners.

    • The Future of Sega

      Good. I hope every 360 fanboy feels the buuuuuuuurn. :-)

  • Bob Dole

    fuck the 360!!!!!

  • Ben MK Fever

    The only reason xbox is not getting a character is because ps shelled out a lot of money to get exclusive rights to MK, which is why the get the demo early and character. Im actually very happy us 360 owners are not getting a character though. This is Mortal F**CKIN Kombat, not something stupid like soul caliber, I only want the characters i grew up with. We’ll see who’s laughing when we get a ton of downloadable content. Also, a little side note, Ed Boon actually said in an interview that he liked playing it on the 360 better ;)

    • Sub-Zero

      First of all it’s a fighting game who gives a shit about the story its usually rubbish, secondly Kratos is a badass, I dont care if it was fucking Halo I’d still agree to put kratos in it just for the hell of it. And finally who cares about what console Ed Boon likes to play it on? I like to play Final Fantasy XIII on PS3 does anyone give a shit? your comment was a pathetic attempt to try and backup your senseless fanboyism. Xbox 360 got the shit end of the stick for once is that so much of a problem?

  • Xero

    Agree just cant boon make an agreement with microsoft i dont even care if i have to end up with marcus or cole ground-pounding scorpion but this will just F all future cooperation with the Xbox and the PS is going to be raking in money from DLC

  • person

    i think its f***** up that 360 didnt get an exclusive character but console owners sometimes you win some and sometimes you lose some and we 360 owners just lost

  • Tim

    Good News for PS3 owners!!! HAHAHA!! Let Xbox 360 owners feel the pain!!! Just like this article said “Mortal Kombat hates the Xbox 360″ Mortal Kombat should perform a fatality on the Xbox 360.LOL.Click the agree button to agree and if you click disagree obviously you are a 360 owner and you think that I’m right and you are jealous of the PS3’s heavy advantages.In other words click disagree to agree MOR

    • Tim Drake

      I don’t see a “disagree” button. Only a “dislike” one.

  • Ben MK Fever

    @ Sub-Zero
    It doesn’t matter what console you play your games on because you are a useless piece of sh*t that no one cares about. On the other hand, Ed Boon is only what, the creator of Mortal Kombat? Considering the person who actaully makes the game and has made them for a long time prefers xbox ,says something. I don’t know why im even trying to argue though because at the end of the day, I will still never like ps and you will still never like xbox, so why don’t we just all hate on the wii haha.
    One game in like 20 years does not give ps heavy advantages hahahah.

    And on a side note, no matter what system MK is played on it’s still one of the greatest games ever. I say we all just enjoy this incredible game for what it is.

    • loketar

      It actually says very that Ed Boon prefers playing it on xbox, all it says it that he prefers the controller layout because at the end of the day that’s the only real difference between the two consoles. Hell if you wanna get really techy and geeky the PS3 has more power than the xbox and the discs hold alot more information on them so it’s actually slightly easier for producers to make ‘high powered’ games on PS3 than it is for xbox. (I will add that I’m an xbox user it’s just that I am not biased to hell like all the fanboys, I like my xbox doesn’t stop the PS3 being “better”)

      For those who wonder the PS3 has one more theoretical extra core with xbox 360 using 3 cores capable of running 2 threads each (so 6 theoretical) PS3 has 7 getting used with 1 that is kept back for redundancy purposes, PS3 also has higher speed RAM in it and the blu-ray to HD disc comparison is that blu-ray hold twice as much information per layer than HD. Again I’ll state that I am a 360 user, just not a biased one (as rare as that may be)

  • marco

    okay if you want kratos just buy a PS3 thats wha i did,right now I have both of them and I don’t feel bad……………………………….

    • Iliketurtles

      You bought a console to get one stinking character in MK???
      I am a PS3 owner and I don’t give two sh!ts about Kratos.
      Also I don’t see why you Xbox owners are crying about, you get so many things over us PS3 users to name one, map packs on CoD one month before (not that I give a damn).
      I enjoy that you are whining about this Xbox users.

  • ck

    good….about time playstation stepped up and bought into some exclusives for ps3 owners. ps owners were crapped on in the call of duty series. they should have something exclusive for themselves for a change.

    • Jacob

      Why should they have something, you get your gaming for free. Xbox 360 users have to pay to get live and that is why we get exclusives and PS3 doesn’t.

  • Ryan

    I love the idea of skorge, and I don’t quite understand why people wouldn’t buy this game if it had an exclusive character. I mean, if you don’t like him… Don’t play as him, hopefully they aren’t overpowered ( they never are,) but either way, Ed boon has hinted at some secrets for xbox that won’t be announced until release… Which makes the wait fun

  • Fuck You Sony !!!

    Its just simple the exclusive in the 360 version of Mk 2011 is the grafics, exclusives 360’s thecnology :D and the betther gameplay controls, THATS IS FUCKERS !!!

  • Unknown

    The future of sega you are gay, Xbox 360 had no advantage over the PS3 in the past, Xbox 360 just owned PS3 and sony a thousand times
    Microsoft did the right thing one time while Sony just made the same crap 2 times and now ps3 is just a little better, but ridiculous it seems a Grill

    Im not telling that PS3 sucks (yeah PS3 SUCKS) but you guys have no right to say that Xbox don’t deserves a Exclusive character

  • Alex

    This is simply not true…David Boon HIMSELF announced today that the XBOX will have an exclusive character…but they are not revealing him until the game comes out…dont jump to conclusions dumbass…

  • Ryan

    Microsoft’s main thing is paying people off to make it “better” for the 360 or exclusive for the 360. They’ve been paying people off since the Xbox started, and now I see people crying it’s not on Xbox? Fuck about time someone stuck it to their greedy asses. The only reason why I back up the PS3 is because buying people out to make shit exclusive and all that is just rubbish. And fuck paying 15 bucks for internet that I already pay for, that’s bullshit and 360 owners just help perpetuate that shit.

  • Ryan

    About time

    • Unknown

      think you animal, the only one reason for the Xbox has better things its because the Xbox is better than the PS3 and come on, almost every exclusive character that have in a game is in the two consoles, and and payment for the live is justified by the quality of service

      But if in this site have just g@y Sony/PS3 fan this will stay in this sh!t all the remain days for the launch

      thumbs up for Xbox

  • Ja420

    They Just Lost themselves a customer

  • Darnell

    Do anybody know when the demo is coming out for xbox 360?

  • Shunk

    Well.. the xbox just feels better as far as gameplay goes. The PS3 analog sticks just feel really awkward. So… sorry.

  • this guy

    This site seems like a place mainly for ps3 fanboys

  • Rockstar Peppe

    Xbox 360 is better than PS3, hands down. I own both systems and I rarely play my PS3. I only play if for a few of the exclusives (Killzone, Uncharted, LBP). Every multi-platform game is better on the 360. No doubt. PS Network has nothing on Xbox Live.

  • Alex

    Oh well, i dont really care i dont have an exclusive character, cause if i get bored with any of the characters (obviously wont) ill just GO PLAY SOME FUCKING GEARS OF WAR 3 BETA MOFUCKERSSSS. PS3 CAN BIEBER MY FUCKIN BAWLSSS

  • Goku6330

    Why are you all such massive faggots?

    • Alex

      look up to you

  • Tay

    Sony paid MK alot to get exclusive on the demo so everybody is always paying some extra to get over. I own both consoles and only use my ps3 for blurry. I was debating on which console to get MK on but I came to my senses and preordered for 360. I didn’t see the point in getting it for ps3 when all the fun is on my 360, live is on a whole different level than psn. I love Kratos but he isn’t worth it. And Ed did say xbox 360 owners will be happy so we have something coming

  • Trevor

    Dont get me wrong, im kinda sad they dont have an xbox exclusive considering i pre ordered it for xbox but im not heartbroken over one character that probably doesnt hav the best moveset since they sorta rushed the person into the game. Alright, having said that, i’m getting tired of these ps3 fanboys that apparently want eternal suffering for the xbox 360. “That’ll teach em for getting Black Ops maps that are almost the same as the regular maps before us! mwahahahaha!” Dude just stop… you’re embarrassing yourself :)

  • Sa7el1te

    Can the Ps3 fanboys please stop bringing up master chief? seriously he hasn’t been featured in a game for years, broaden your horizons there are a lot of 360 exclusives that could work.

  • Grant

    They could have any character as an exclusive for the xbox. It doesnt have to be from an xbox game. They could easily have a character from mk 4 or something. Think outside the box.

  • Nick

    Lol imagine a Locust from Gears or an Elite from Halo as the 360 DLC

  • Donovan

    I am a PS3 guy myself.. But I still find it unfair for you 360 guys… They’re both great systems Xbox has Halo and Gears which I’m really mad about… And PS3 has Killzone and shit so yeaa. Just unfair in my opinion

  • DoucheAllMighty

    I say we just throw in a character from the “Fable” series..Lmaooo #TeamXbox

  • DoucheAllMighty

    I Say we just throw in a character from the “Fable” series…Lmfaooo #TeamXbox

  • long john

    I own a 360 and my room mate owns a PS3… Both systems are great, personally i feel the 360 is better, it has better frames per second on many games and each system has good graphic respectfully. Though Kratos is on PS3 i must agree with a post above… Who cares? i’m a little upset that 360 may or may not have an exclusive character… Will i loose sleep over this? no… MK has been around for years and is the only fighting game i have ever liked, there are plenty of characters to choose from and come on… Who really ever uses the exclusive characters on a regular basis, other to get achievments associated with that individual character?

    PS3 truely gets the shitty end of the stick with most games, For once its nice to see PS3 get the better half in a single character… But how many people with the PS3 really plan on using Kratos? i know i might after using one of the other ACTUAL MK characters… My favorite personally is scorpion, always has been…

    But as far as this indifference between consoles go, who the fuck cares? its going to be a great game enjoyed whether you have extra characters or not… Congrats PS3, and i guess we’ll see what the deal is with the 360 when it comes out… either way i’m pumped for MK whether i get an extra character… I personally do not give a shit… Happy gaming!

  • Raider

    If you want to know if the 360 gets a character the answer is just going to be a dlc Ed Boon really said this.

  • Victor

    Okay guys. Please stop the fight and arguement. Its POINTLESS like it has always been. Sometimes I wish there was only one Console out there instead of 2 but hey whatever… If some people are just going to say that “Only reason is because Mortal Kombat hates Xbox 360″ or “Xbox 360 Sucks I hope they suffer while we play our awesome PS3 version” Thats pathetic! It makes me real upset to see people being total dicks about videogames. It was Ed’s choice to do that, and also guys if you haven’t noticed, the PS3 gets extra content for alot of games, such as Batman: Arkham Asylum with the Joker, Red Dead Redemption with the extra costume, (I actually like this game) Toy Story 3 with Zerg. PS3 gets exclusive content but believe or not Xbox 360 also gets exclusive DLC, or they get DLC first than the PS3. Sure, let the developers compete to see which system is better by paying the developers of games to release content earlier or exclusively, but that doesn’t mean you have too. And also, its Mortal Kombat! So what if Kratos is in there, yay a brand new little story for Kratos in Mortal Kombat, the real fun is playing with all the old characters that made peoples childhood. For the last damn time! BOTH XBOX 360 AND THE PS#3 ARE GREAT CONSOLES. If your going to rage or get mad or argue about exclusives sure, but thats not what real gamers do. Gamers just play the game and have fun, they play games because they are fun. Heres an example of how things should be: Xbox Player: “Hey PS3 gets Kratos, were getting nothing, oh well. You guys are so lucky :)” HOW THINGS SHOULDN’t BE: Xbox Player: “What the fuck!? PS3 gets Kratos and we get nothing? Man fuck PS3! I’m going to rage and rage and argue!” Simply Pathetic!

  • Cesar

    I personally think that PS3 is better and i honestly hate the Xbox but i still know that just because we get a special character doesn’t mean that you guys should get one just for crying that you don’t get one. Think about it IT IS MORTAL KOMBAT who give a crap for one simple character that is not even going to be in the story mode? And besides lets be honest do you really think that Master Chief from Halo or Marcus Fenix from Gears of War would look good in this game I mean like they have like super techy weapons that not even exist in the Mortal Kombat timeline
    Ok maybe Alex Mercer would make an awesome fighter but he has a super virus that HE created with what TECHNOLOGY THAT DOSE NOT EXIST IN MORTAL KOMBAT! Even the cyborgs guys look like primitive in Technology . In Boon’s words “I just felt that Kratos fit perfectly in Mortal Kombat ” because the guy is a fucking blood hungry warrior who kills monsters with mini-fatalities (that are actually pressing the correct button in the right time) and he live in a timeline similar to that of Mortal Kombat but a little bit more advanced in technology. And i only mentioned those protagonists because I only know those games not because there are the most popular ones (maybe not that much with Prototype)

  • eddie

    thanks ed boon! Can you also make a mortal kombat vs dc universe in 2d and the same gameplay lik this mortal kombat 9 style that would be awesome

  • Alex

    While I had both systems at one time, I only have the 360 now, but I prefer the PS3. Thats not really the debate. Its not because of games or content I prefer the PS3 for. It just seems more accessible to me. Anyway, the PS3 gets exclusives like this because Sony is willing to pay for them. Its that simple. Microsoft could go the extra mile for its supporters as well, but they tend not to. Its a product of the corporation, not the studio making the game. I like that Kratos is in the game, but I’m not buying Mortal Kombat for him, I’m buying it for the people that actually belong.

  • Ganja4Life

    sony probably paid a shit load of money for this… personally i dont really like the PS3 compared to xbox 360… i used to have both but i sold my PS3 when i bought my xbox

  • Ninja7

    I think that at least in the 360 version, we could have some char “exclusive” to replace Kratos that PS3 users will have. I think it could be someone from the roster of MK, maybe Rain or Tremor. I could accept Shinnok too, but i hate this thing that PS3 will have one more char than 360 version. Ok, Kratos could fit well in the serie, maybe Nariko from the PS3 could be too, but on xbox we could have other chars to replace. I really would like to see Ryu Hayabusa from Ninja Gaiden (ok, i know that he isn’t exclusive), War from Darksiders (ok again), Dante from Devil May Cry and the one from Dante’s Inferno, and maybe Bayonneta. But, anyway… This is Mortal Kombat, that are the thinks that could be in the game, but if we will or not have anything else extra, doesn’t matter. I will buy it!

  • Samaritan

    Wow people surprise me

  • Samaritan

    Ok, people seriously are annoying me. I’ve read forum through forum with everyone giving two bits of useless opinion. first off their shouldnt be a console war. Both systems have their strong points. Now exclusive games have to come out because they game is money and something has to make people buy the console. Second, “Kratos fit in MK because of gore!!!”? Ok, calm down. Gore and blood? Is that it? That is all it takes to fit into MK? Yes he kills like crazy, but alot of characters do so. I say awesome to ps3 owners for getting Kratos, but I think xbox should get a character as well. It doesn’t matter who got what in the past, it should just be fair. Each console should be happy for each other for getting the own character. And Kratos isn’t in the same timeline. He is in a time of mythology without cyborgs and metallic arms. And as for gameplay he is the only fighter using solely weapons. But it is still cool, it doesn’t have to make sense but “he fits in MK” shouldn’t be an argument for why he’s in it. Third, “no xbox character fits”? People just can’t be a little open minded. There are freaking cyborgs in MK, why couldn’t marcus fenix with a gun fit. Maybe Master Chief can’t because I dont think Microsoft would let such an iconic character to be brutalized. I think Marcus Fenix could fit as Kratos opposite. Gears is bloody and does Marcua Fenix look like he would hold back fing scorpion or sub-zero up? Now bear with me with the opposite of Kratos comment. Kratos=past, MK=present(kinda), and Marcus=future. MK is presnt day with a touch of fantasy(Kratos) and technology(Marcus), so why not. And lastly to end with a note we all can agree with. We get to play MK!!! ps3 and xbox360 are lucky they get to carry the game on there console. Wii however does not, along with alot of other games we love like Mass Effect, Red Dead Redemption, Crysis 2, Portal 2 and many others.

  • Kino

    I’m a PS3 owner, i don’t give a f*ck about Kratos, but i find it kinda cool that we get some extras that 360 don’t. I used to have some Xbox, but soooo many of them crash due to RROD and other freaking stupid bug, but my PS3 never let me down. I don’t think Xbox got anything superior to the PS3, since playing a fighter on Xbox is so damn crappy, specialy with the f*cking D-Pad. I really like MK, Street Fighter and Tekken, and i would never imagine me playing those game with the Xbox controller. Sure, you can play with a fighter stick, but when wou want to play with friends, you need to get another one, wich suck.

  • B

    Personally, having both consoles, i preordered the xbox version just because kratos was in the ps3 version. i absolutelky despised god of war. nor does kratos fit in mortal kombat at all, and his ending is absolutely horrible. 360 will be the more pure MK game of the two versions. and Ed Boon confirmed this long ago. he has said that he prefers the xbox version to the ps3 version, and has commented that the 360 version may not get an exclusive character, but will get many other exclusives that the ps3 wont. the whole rumours of the pit 3 and puzzle kombat and whatever else, was confirmed to NOT be included by Hector Sanchez, who is part of netherrealm studios.

  • Pixel Justice

    I know many of you don’t think the 360 has an exclusive character that could fit into the mortal kombat mix.. but!

    What about the marine from DOOM 3? or any demon from doom 3 really? with a huge variety of weapons I think he could be a contender. Clearly they didnt try to think of one, it wasnt in the plan.. which sucks because im a 360 player but I’m still going to get this game even if it doesn’t have kratos. Because let’s face it, i never played mortal kombat in the past for kratos i’m not going to now

  • rick

    please make a wii version i wanna rip mario’s spine out :)

    • Henry

      Why don’t everyone here just are awesome like this guy?

  • demon2005

    I’m sort of a purist, I think mortal kombat 360 version does need an exclusive character, but it should be another mortal kombat character. I am not going to cancel my pre-order just because we don’t have one announced yet, and I am happy to see the ps3 getting something. I just feel that kratos is no reason to run out and buy a new ps3 for the game. I sold my ps3 after a year simply because sony was pulling out backwards compatibility and I ended up with a ps3 that didn’t have it. I do plan on buying another one that has the ps2 support. I still prefer the online experience with 360, simply because the community is at least more respectful. free online play leads people to be ***es since they can just set up a new account if they get banned which is why sony doesn’t ban many people while you have to pay again if you get banned making it more of an incentive to be nice and play fair on 360.

  • GnrlBudman

    I’m just stoked that The Mortal Kombat looks great, the violence is back in full force, you don’t have 4 different fighting styles to choose from and your characters take some wicked looking damage through out the match and keep it till the end. The fact that Sony gets Kratos just means that Sony knows they haven’t got a snowballs chance with Scorpion against the Xbox and are trying to sell Consoles. Where as 360 has the consoles sold and the fans will just buy the game cause it’s going to be Flippin Awesome. Plus some one up this list said something about games being easier to be made for the PS3. Well your not entirely true about that since most game dev comps have publicly announced that it’s actually harder. Oh and the PS3 code got hacked so it’s just rip for the pickings for cheaters to really mess it up and the tournaments for it now. Where as Xbox keeps theirs updated and changed regularly. “Toasty” love that line can’t wait to hear it again. So in the end Love The Mortal Kombat cause it’s flippin Amazing on any system and can’t wait to introduce my younger brothers to this amazing franchise and for all you Xbox fanboys like me out their, I will quote from the crazy as hell Charlie Sheen “WINNING!!!”

  • KiinG

    Well I’m glad to know they wont be putting an exclusive character in the 360 version … becuz I know not to buy it idc how great the game looks if ps3 gets an exclusive character so should we, we have the guy from dead to rights, dead rising, crackdown and you mean to tell me you couldnt find a way to put them in but u can put in a guy that has nothing to do with the mortalkombat realm at all … F MortalKombat

  • edster

    i have to say that i am a bit jealous that ps3 gets kratos but on the other hand the 360 has possibilities of getting exclusive dlcs which i am happy for and another thing might be that the character they were going to put in the 360 version might have been too late in the production so its still a possibility of a exclusive downloadable character and well thats all we can hope for… i would hope it would be isaac clarke from dead space :D

  • c0de999

    I blame Warner Bros. Interactive. they are the ones that did not want a demo for the xbox so im sure they said no to the character also. so all i have to say is i hope WB goes bankrupted one day soon. i hate them. WB is pro SONY.(Blu-ray) WB helped kill the cheaper better of HD. HD-DVD

  • c0de999

    also… if its DLC for xbox.. most likely it will not be free.(which it should be because ps3 had it since day one) im not going to download it if its not free. should have come with the game. xbox will not see a character anyway.

  • njb, I tell it like it is

    lol, I thought we explained y the PS3 got 1 exclusive character
    Seriously can u name 1 Xbox exclusive character who fight with their hands or purely weapons (No Guns).

    You cant, Ninja Gaiden is not exclusive & and its a spinoff of the character from Dead or Alive
    Master Chief would never be ib the MK universe, same with marcus from Gears, Think it through

    Kratos Was the God of War, He is a beast with blades and his fists, He is dark & twisted and even Ed Boon said he fits perfectly in, so dont blame Sony or PS3 owners blame the Developer

    And the thing about controllers is rubbish, any fighting game before the xbox was out works perfectly with traditional controllers, the 360 controller only benefits FPS or 3rd person shooters. The controller is too big and the D pad is no good.

    The Dual Shock controller is better for fighting games. Or the Arcade Machines Stick & buttons.

    Stop moaning, u did not get 1 exclusive & its like ur having a period, calm down
    Mortal Kombat has been around for time, 10 year on the Playstation. The 360 is the youngest console to have MK

    Stop moaning and play Mortal Kombat, It is such a relief that is it nothing like DC Vs MK, that game was shockingly bad

  • Frank

    Anyone who wants a 360 exclusive character should read this.I have seriously bad news.I just read an article on why the 3600 isn’t getting a character.Netherealm wants to put an exclusive character in mortal kombat 9 but they CAN’t.Why?It’s because somebody cancelled the idea.BUT THEY DON’T KNOW WHO IT IS!But i’m telling you they really wanted to put an exclusive character in the 360 version.

  • madmax

    Yes, I play xbox live because I am a human sheep, I couldn’t possibly actually enjoy the games that are on the 360, or prefer the xbox controller. Please don’t be so dumb, people in America don’t buy the 360 out of fanboyism any more than people who purchase the playstation, and as for being patriotic about xbox, why don’t you take a look at japan, they only buy ps3 over blind patriotism, and this whole comment section only goes to show how childish some of you ps3 players are, so what kratos is in mortal kombat, I don’t mind that we don’t get one, but I do mind if you are so rude as to insult 360 players for playing that system and then wiping our noses in the fact we don’t get an exclusive character. I really don’t care, but please be a tad more civil, or have you not learned that nobody truly wins with exclusives

  • ben

    They should have just brought back another classic MK character for the Xbox or at least used a Grunt cause everyone loves Grunts.

  • Talyn

    Maybe not an Xbox exclusive; but I think Dante from Dante’s Inferno would be a brilliant character for MK! The dark character design and ‘travelling to Hell’ storyline fits the MK universe perfectly. He already has some cool long and short range combos – and Death’s Scythe as a weapon would kick ass!

  • Louis

    HEY RETARDS, Ezio from Assassin’s Creed, kiss my fuckin grits MK team

  • Nuro

    the guy from Darksiders 0.0…. ninety nine nights 2 has brutal chars 0.0…. dynasty warriors XD .. xbox needed to have one to=.= it’s quite unfair for xbox xD but still we can go online 0.0 ps3 still of?

  • Allen

    You know what charactor xbox should have gotton.


    Then the 360 fanboys could get a taste of something they can never have.

    Sorry 360 fanboys….I can play your games…you can’t play mine.

    I personally own Halo, Gears of War, Mass Effect 1, Left 4 Dead and Battlestations on PC.


    Plus I laugh at 360 fanboys expense for thinking shooters on a console are cool. PC is the only way to play a shooter…well that was until the Move came out.

    If any of you 360 fanboys tried Killzone 3 with the move you would probably jizz in your pants.

  • Nuro

    lol xD
    ps3 got hacked 0.0…
    2 weeks offline xD
    + you got halo 1-2 and gears of war 1 xD can’t come any further?

  • Cesar

    hahahaha take that you xbox players you fuckers didn’t got a secret character

    • Nuro

      Still offline nerd xD

  • Hovo Kondradzhyan

    Guys i am only guessing that the xbox 360 disc couldn’t fit an extra
    character since its only a dvd format and the playstation 3 is blu-ray but thats just my opinion.

  • Chunkajay

    This has gotten way off-topic. They could’ve splashed any of the mentioned characters into the xbox version, but chose that latter. If that Altair guy from assassin’s creed wasn’t so basic: heck even he could be considered a good candidate.

  • Chunkajay

    I also think that kratos will eventually become DLC for the 360, just as they did with soul calibur

  • Bill

    So the face of PS3(Kratos) is in MK9 as a PS3 exclusive,so they should put the face of Xbox 360(Master Chief) should be the Xbox 360 exclusive chaacter.

  • Jokesman

    How about for 360…. (DLC wise) Sarah Michelle Gellar (Call of Duty : Black Ops – Call of the dead) Exclusive to X-box 360 first. Maybe even see Robert Englund making an appearance to kick some ass!

  • Jasper

    I only own a Xbox 360 and I haven’t played gears of war and I heard people say it sucks, but now when the 360 dosen’t get a exclusive character people are saying Marcus Fenix is a great guy and would fit perfectly, so what up?

    But personally I want Master Chief.I can already imagine his X-ray move, His fatalities,His stage,and his Stage Fatality.

  • SKIN503

    Microsoft had the chance to work with the Boon’s brothers on an exclusive for MK9 and Microsoft scrapped the idea. (There will not be an exclusive character for 360 cus Microsoft did’nt want 1, and you will be lucky to see one DLC) Not to mention Microsoft had a chance to upgrade to Blu Ray Disc’s for the next gen XBOX and guess what…..scrapped that too to avoid putting cash in SONY’s pockets (BIASED OBVIOUSLY) and informed the gaming community they want to go (all digital pay to play next Gen) “XBOX owners under Bills thumb” Thats why anything good for 360 I will purchase for my PC and play online for FREE the PC way and just so you know though, Kratos fits the atmosphere of MK like no other and all the tools Kratos gained from defeating the gods GOW 1-3 he carries with him and they have been utilised better then anyone thought and his strength is BEAST! Thank you for Kratos SONY! lol and Im seeing all this “PSN is down nah na nah na nah nah…..please its free its better just cause its free and will always be better cause its free just like PC and Im sure the new Nintendo 2012 online will be free maybe even with blu ray as well and where does that leave the 360? OVER RATED & POINTLESS! Game on…

  • Josh

    can someone please EMAIL me ( and tell me how to go online to download the sub zero classic costume so i can get the third fatility. I can not access the x-box live section though the MK options on the game (xbox 360) IT IS VERY ANNOYING. says my profile does not support it or some crap

  • Unknown

    PS3 fans are massive gay

  • Axl Slash

    Well, we can stop to create problems with it, if they don’t want to put or can’t put an exclusive character for Xbox 360 we can’t do anything, at least it released for Xbox 360, you should be happy for this. Ed certainly is going to put an exclusive character, I’d like it was Marcus Fenix, well don’t care if he’s from a shooting game, he knows how to punch or kick, huh? A good point is he is meele to, his chainsaw owns.

  • Anon

    That could have been Marcus Fenix or Master Chief on the 360 version of MK9.

  • lalo

    hey, I think we should put alex mercer, may not be exclusive to Xbox 360, but when I played at 360 prototype, I liked it more than ps3, but only an opinion …

  • RJ

    Obviously there were some unknown problems with Marcus or MC the rest of you can talk about them.

    While Neither Microsoft or Netherrealm would go for it because of different fan bases and the age of the ip I think Kameo would have been a great choice. I think the transformations would have been fun for both the developers and the players. Think of the possiblities! :-)

    An Agent from Crackdown? Moveset might be too much like Jax but Still should be on the table and I haven’t read anyone talking about him.

    Given these Reasons the only logical choice left… The Arbiter. Microsoft should be itching to release the gold mine that is “Halo:’Trials of the Arbiter'” A game that follows all the stories of the various Abiters through history with a what really happened approach. I see no better character with his Energy Sword moves and Plasma Grenade fatalies to be an xbox exclusive character.

  • Neurtal

    I love both Xbox and Playstation they are both really great systems. I love a lot of games on Xbox like COD 4,5,6,7 and Halo 1,2,3 also there are games on Playstation i like too like Metal Gear Solid 1,2,3,4 Mortal Kombat (yes i know this isn’t only for Playstation but it is usually better on Playstation systems) and Demon souls are just a few but personally i am a Nintendo person and i hate the Wii so I am stuck playing the Gamecube until they announce the Wii 2 Next month and then I have to wait for a release date but that is just me i think that people should just stop the pointless and overused argument “PS3 is better than Xbox 360″ or “Xbox 360 is better than PS3″ Because the majority of people don’t give a **** about which you prefer it all depends on the games if you like one thing then good for you if you like the other than good for you no one gives a crap so stop arguing about it.

  • This Guy

    Have you all forgotton about Frank West? Dead Rising is a 360 exsclusive. Don’t you all remember what that reporter could do? He was ripping off heads and pulling the guts out of the undead. The weapons were also very creative. Shower head threw the skull, face melting frying pan, pneumatic drill… Yeah all of thoughs were bloody as can be. I have a brutal fatality thought out with the the baseball bat and lawn mower. I hope Capcom and NW reach an agreement.

  • Thebest

    It’s funny how this ‘hahaha’ person gets his mouth shut and doesn’t replay anymore. Instead he seeks other peoples comments so that he can try to shut them. What a nerd.

  • Devilsiege

    I say they should have used Riddick for the xbox ver. I mean whos more bad ass and mor mk ish than Riddick, and escape from butcher bay was great on the xbox

  • celts fan

    how bought they could have brought tai back from the dead i mean marcus was the main character but tai was just a beast they could make kombos and melees for tai and it prob could have been pretty exciting but mk 9 is perfectly fine without an exclusive character its still and amazing game on an amazing console for Xbox 360

  • luy

    what a bunch of envy ppl.They just have put “the tank” from left 4 dead series and they get the job done ehhe

  • BoykaBoykov

    PS3 has the best Exklusiv Games:

    [ God of War, Resistance,Infamous,
    Uncharted, Last Of Us, Killzone,
    Metal Gear Solid, Ninja Gaiden,
    Twisted Metal, Yakuza, Heavy Rain ]

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