Pokemon Go Plus: How to Fix ‘Failed to Connect to the Device’ Error

by Kyle Hanson


Have you just gotten your shiny new Pokemon Go Plus, but keep having issues connecting it to your phone? You are definitely not alone, with the device having major issues on both Android and iPhone. If this is your first time setting up the device then check out our original how to guide, but if you keep getting the “failed to connect to the device” error then this guide is for you. We don’t have the magic bullet, but this method has fixed it for me a couple of times. So here’s a quick guide on how to fix “failed to connect to the device” errors for Pokemon Go Plus.

The key is to start completely fresh. Sure, you can just keep spamming the connect button, and sometimes it will get you through. However, if you want a slightly more permanent solution, you need to totally disconnect the Pokemon Go Plus from your phone, and start over.

This is called “unpairing” the Pokemon Go Plus, and it can be done using the device itself. To unpair your Pokemon Go Plus just hold the button down for five seconds. It will light up a continuous blue at this point. Let go of the button for a half second or so, then press it down again, holding for five more seconds. The Pokemon Go Plus should vibrate, indicating it has been unpaired. You can tap the button and make sure it lights up white to show it is not connected to anything now.

Now just start the connection process over using our original guide. If you don’t want to click through, the basic gist is to pair it using the phone, rather than the Pokemon Go app. Go into Bluetooth settings and find your Pokemon Go Plus on the available devices list, then tap it to pair. Afterward you can go into the game and join them in the settings there.

Hopefully this helps. Again, this isn’t a magic bullet that fixes all “failed to connect to the device” errors on Pokemon Go Plus. There seems to be some underlying problems with the game and device that cause these to re-occur, even when you’ve went through this process. However, this give the whole thing a good kick that has helped me immensely.

- This article was updated on March 8th, 2018

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