10 Best Scary Anime on Netflix

Amazing shows for horror fans!

by Rodrigo Sandoval Lahut
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The scary season is here, and anime fans will not want to miss the scary shows that Netflix has in store for them.

These are the perfect shows to enjoy during the Halloween celebrations, either alone for an extra scary factor, or with friends.

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Netflix has something to offer for everyone, from a compilation of horror stories that will give you nightmares, to beloved classics that you have surely heard of before. Below, you will find a list of the 10 best scary anime you can stream on Netflix.

A List of Netflix’s Best Scary Anime

These shows are available on Netflix for USA fans to stream right away. While not all of them deal exclusively with horror, they all have certain topics or characters that are sure to frighten fans. It is important to remind fans that they will need to have a Netflix membership if they wish to access these shows.

10. Junji Ito Maniac: Japanese Tales of the Macabre

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Based on the works of the world-famous manga author Junti Ito, this anime is a compilation of his most horrific and twisted stories. Fans of Ito’s work will recognize the tales found in this anime, from the terrifying balloons that hunted people, to a kid who could use some therapy.

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This is an amazing show that will scare even the bravest of viewers, as it does not hold back when it comes to gruesome content, psychological, and body horror. Japanese Tales of the Macabre is not for the weak of heart, and fans should be careful if they decide to watch it and stop if they ever feel like the show is too much.  

9. Castlevania

Screenshot: Tiger Animation

If you were an avid gamer in the 80s you probably remember the beloved videogame Castlevania. This show is a Netflix adaptation of the celebrated franchise, following the vampire hunter Trevor Belmont. He is on a mission to kill Dracula, the most powerful vampire who has been terrorizing the world for many years.

He will be accompanied by various powerful warriors, all with the mission to put a stop to Dracula’s reign of terror. The show has four seasons, all of them filled with epic fights, terrifying monsters, and non-stop action.

8. Devilman Crybaby

Screenshot: Science SARU

All of his life, Akira has been a shy and introverted kid. He would never stand up to his bullies, he was bad at sports and spent most of his time at home with his foster family. This all changed when his childhood best friend Ryo comes back and takes him to a mysterious party. During the event, Akira witnesses how many people turn into demons and begin attacking the humans who are still there.

Akira is one of the unfortunate victims and is mortally wounded by one of the malicious creatures. However, before he dies, he absorbs the powers of the demon Amon, turning into a Devilman. With his new increased strength, speed, agility, and reflexes, Akira decides to fight the demons that have been tormenting the world for centuries. This is a fantastic and intriguing Netflix show, but fans must be aware that it contains many topics that may be triggering to some.

7. Death Note

Screenshot: Studio Madhouse

On a regular day, the brilliant and talented Light Yagami watched a black notebook fall from the sky and land near his school. After class, he goes over to pick the strange object up, noticing that the item has the words Death Note written on the cover. Inside the notebook, a set of rules can be found, the most important stating that whoever’s name is written on its pages will die.

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At first, Light believes this to be a sick joke a bored teenager is playing. Nevertheless, he tries the notebook by writing the name of a criminal he saw on a news report. To his surprise, the Death Note works, killing the criminal and opening Light’s eyes. With this new power, Light decides to become the god of the new world, killing all criminals and anyone who stands in his way.

6. Ajin: Demi-Human

Screenshot: Polygon Pictures

17 years ago, a new species named Ajin was discovered in Africa. While they look like human, these beings are immortal and cannot be harmed in any way. As such, whenever one is discovered, they are promptly taken into custody, as the governments of the world fear that they may become a threat to the human race.

Kei, a young boy who never paid attention in class when Ajins were brought up, gets caught in a brutal accident that should have killed him. To his surprise, he comes out unscathed, meaning that has become an Ajin. Alone and running from those who want to incarcerate him, Kei will learn that many Ajin are hiding in plain sight and they might be his only hope.

5. Sirius the Jaeger

Screenshot: P.A. Works

The year is 1930, and Tokyo has been secretly invaded by vampires. These ruthless creatures have been hunting and killing hundreds of victims, leaving the government of Japan desperate to stop them. Without any other option, they hired the Jaeger Corps, a group of warriors whose whole purpose was to hunt vampires.

Yuliy, the most skilled and powerful Jaeger, is a werewolf who has been hunting vampires since his entire village was killed by them. While he is actively working with the police to hunt his mortal enemies, he and the Jaegers are trying to keep the vampires from obtaining the Ark of Sirius. If the vampires obtain this powerful artifact they could change the world to put them in control, and only the Jaegers can stop them.

4. Berserk

Screenshot: OLM Team Iguchi

Throughout the land, word of a powerful swordsman who uses an impressively large weapon. Besides his choice of weaponry, he is famous for taking dangerous jobs that most other mercenaries ignore. This fame interests Griffith, the leader of the prestigious Band of Falcons, who challenges him to a duel. To Guts’ surprise, his opponent defeats him in a single move.

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After two days of recovering, Guts challenges Griffith again, with the condition that he will join the Band of Falcons if he loses. After another defeat, Guts joins the band, rising quickly to the rank of commander and helping his new comrades become the best band of mercenaries in the world. Sadly, the happy days with his friends will soon end, as Guts is about to face something dark and evil.

3. Gantz: 0

Screenshot: Digital Frontier

On his way back home after school, Masaru is attacked by an unhinged criminal and is stabbed to death. Instead of waking up in the afterlife, our hero is transported to a small apartment with several other people and a large black ball in the middle. Before he can process what just happened, Masaru is given a gun and is teleported to Osaka.

Once there, it is explained that the group is part of a game designed by the black ball, known as Gatnz. They are tasked with hunting aliens and eliminating them before the time runs out or they are killed. Along with him are an elderly man called Yoshikazu, an idol named Reika, and a cold man who is already familiar with this game named Nishi. Masaru must quickly learn the rules of the game and win enough points to come back to life.

2. Neon Genesis Evangelion

Screenshot: Gainax / Tatsunoko Production

For years, Shinji has lived alone without any news about his father, who abandoned him after Shinji’s mother died. Out of nowhere, a woman named Misato visits him to inform him that his father wants to speak with him. Shinji is transported to the military base where his father works, hoping to reconnect after many years.

Woefully, he is not there to spend time with his father, as the man only wants him to pilot an EVA, a powerful and advanced robot used to fight Angels. These mysterious creatures are monstrous entities that appear to be designed to kill humans. Shinji refuses to pilot the EVA, but he may not have a choice, as thousands will die if he does not. A classic anime found on Netlifx that will have viewers questioning everything they know about the world after watching it.

1. Trese

Screenshot: BASE Entertainment

Based on the Filipino comic series of the same name, the Netflix adaptation of Trese takes place in an alternate version of Manila where creatures native to Filipino folklore live in hiding among humans. Alexandra Trese is our protagonist, a young woman with supernatural abilities who solves crimes and other mysteries involving these creatures.

Without realizing it, the crimes that she has solved are taking down a dark path, one that will lead straight to the criminal world of the city. Shockingly, the main bosses of these unlawful organizations are all folklore creatures, making it Alexandra’s job to stop them.

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