Attack on Titan: Do Annie and Armin End Up Together?

Does the AruAni ship sail or sink?

by Areeba Khan
Attack on Titan: Do Annie and Armin End Up Together?
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It was a good day for all the AruAni shippers out there when Attack on Titan’s Armin Arlert and Annie Leonhart were confirmed to hold romantic feelings for each other.

But feelings don’t always mean the couple ends up together. So are Annie and Armin together in Attack on Titan’s epilogue? That’s the question we’re looking to answer in this article.

Beware of spoilers for Attack on Titan manga and anime. 

Are Annie and Armin Together by the End of Attack on Titan?

While it’s been confirmed that both Annie and Armin hold romantic feelings for each other, the end of the world didn’t really leave them much time to confess and get together.

Fans did get a heart-touching scene in The Final Chapters Special 2 where Annie thanked Armin for coming to talk to her all the years she was crystallized and he indirectly confessed by telling her it was because he wanted to see her. Annie seems to get an idea of his meaning, as she is seen blushing after Armin lets slip that Hitch used to tease him about it.

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But things can never be so easy for the Female Titan and 15th commander of the Survey Corps. Annie still tries to deny that Armin could hold any feelings for her, trying to convince herself that he’s just a good person before Armin insists that he’s as much of a monster as she is.

The two share many more sweet moments in the last two parts of season 4, most notably when Annie re-enters the battlefield to save Armin after insisting she wants nothing to do with it. 

Still, the two don’t really get a chance for a proper love confession and while they are seen together as part of the group sent to negotiate peace between Paradis and the Allied Nations at the end of Attack on Titan The Final Chapters Special 2, whether they are a couple at this point or not is completely left up to speculation. Personally, I would like to believe that the two confess and get together, but without official confirmation, it is difficult to make any claims about the two’s relationship status.

- This article was updated on November 8th, 2023

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