All Characters Who Died in Attack on Titan

A complete list of all the named dead in Attack on Titan!

by Areeba Khan
All Characters Who Die in Attack on Titan
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Attack on Titan has a reputation as an anime with a lot of death and with the show primarily being about man-eating titans, it certainly isn’t unwarranted.

The anime brutally kills off a lot of named characters, with the vast majority of these dead being Survey Corps soldiers. 

Whether you want to pay respect to the fallen or just want to know if a beloved character lives or dies, keep reading for a complete list of all the named characters who die in Attack on Titan!

Beware spoilers for Attack on Titan manga.

The Most Significant Deaths in Attack on Titan

Kenny Ackermann 

Kenny dies in episode 47 of the Attack on Titan anime when he’s fatally injured following Rod Reiss’ transformation. While acting as an antagonist at this time, his death serves to tie up loose ends for Levi, as the Survey Corps captain finally learns of Kenny’s status as his maternal uncle.  

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Erwin Smith

Commander Erwin Smith met his end in Attack on Titan’s episode 55 after getting injured in a sacrificial charge against the Beast Titan. As one of the first important characters to die, his death had far-reaching consequences for both the Survey Corps and the anime’s plot.

Sasha Blouse

Sasha was shot to death by Gabi in the anime’s episode 67. As the first person from the main characters’ close-knit circle to die, Sasha’s death has a strong emotional impact on both her fellow characters and the audience. 

Hange Zoe

Seeming to follow Erwin’s example, Commander Hange Zoe sacrificed herself in the anime’s Final Chapters Special 1 to slow the Rumbling down and buy the others some time. Her cloak caught fire from coming too close to the Wall Titans and she burned to death.

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Zeke Yeager

In a moment of redemption, Zeke willingly dies at Levi’s hand after revealing himself and getting his attention. As Levi beheads him, he is both able to keep his promise to Erwin and end the Rumbling. This death is yet to be animated but will most likely be a part of Final Chapters Special 2.

Eren Yeager

Attack on Titan ends with the death of its protagonist, Eren Yeager. Eren dies at the hands of his childhood friend and romantic interest, Mikasa Ackerman, who beheads him to kill him and stop the Rumbling for good. Fans are most likely to see this death in Final Chapters Special 2.

All Named Character Deaths

DeathAnime Episode
MosesEpisode 1
Carla JaegerEpisode 1
Thomas WagnerEpisode 5
Nack TierceEpisode 5
Milieus ZeremskiEpisode 5
Mīna CarolinaEpisode 5
Franz KefkaEpisode 6
TomEpisode 7
Mitabi JarnachEpisode 13
Ian DietrichEpisode 13
Marco BodtEpisode 13
Ruth D. KlineEpisode 13
Luke Cis Episode 17
Dieter NessEpisode 17
Darius Baer WalbrunnEpisode 18
Gunther SchultzEpisode 20
Eld GinEpisode 21
Petra RallEpisode 21
Oruo BozadEpisode 21
IvanEpisode 22
JurgenEpisode 22
Miche ZachariusEpisode 26
Marcel GalliardEpisode 29
LynneEpisode 29
HenningEpisode 29
GelgarEpisode 29
NanabaEpisode 29
BeirerEpisode 37
PeerEpisode 37
Captain HannesEpisode 37
Dina FritzEpisode 37
Sunny SpringerEpisode 37
Martin SpringerEpisode 37
Pastor NickEpisode 38
NifaEpisode 38
AbelEpisode 38
KeijiEpisode 39
DuranEpisode 39
Dimo ReevesEpisode 39
AlmaEpisode 40
Grisha JaegerEpisode 43
Frieda ReissEpisode 43
Dirk ReissEpisode 43
Abel ReissEpisode 43
Florian ReissEpisode 43
Ulklin ReissEpisode 43
Uri ReissEpisode 44
King Karl FritzEpisode 44
Lord Rod ReissEpisode 46
Kuchel Ackermann Episode 47
Kenny AckermannEpisode 47
Moblit BernerEpisode 52
HaroldEpisode 52
DirkEpisode 53
KlausEpisode 53
MarleneEpisode 53
DieterEpisode 53
Marlo FreudenbergEpisode 54
Sandra Episode 54
GordonEpisode 54
Bertholdt HooverEpisode 55
Commander Erwin SmithEpisode 55
LaudaEpisode 56
RashadEpisode 56
TomasEpisode 56
Fay JaegerEpisode 57
GriceEpisode 57
Sergeant Major GrossEpisode 57
Eren KrugerEpisode 58
YmirEpisode 61
Willy TyburEpisode 64
General CalviEpisode 65
ZofiaEpisode 65
UdoEpisode 65
CarloEpisode 66
Lara TyburEpisode 66
Commander LobovEpisode 67
Sasha Braus Episode 67
Premier Dhalis ZacharyEpisode 71
VarisEpisode 73
Tom XaverEpisode 74
GreizEpisode 75
Colt GriceEpisode 78
KoslowEpisode 78
Porco GalliardEpisode 78
Ymir FritzEpisode 80
King FritzEpisode 80
Maria FritzEpisode 80
Rose FritzEpisode 80
Sina FritzEpisode 80
Nile DawkEpisode 81
RoegEpisode 81
Commander Dot PyxisEpisode 81
OliverEpisode 83
DazEpisode 85
Samuel Linke-JacksonEpisode 85
Commandant Keith SadiesEpisode 86
General Theo MagathEpisode 86
HalilFinal Chapters Special 1 
RamziFinal Chapters Special 1 
JaegerFinal Chapters Special 1 
Floch ForsterFinal Chapters Special 1 
Commander Hange ZoëFinal Chapters Special 1 
Zeke Yeager TBA
Eren YeagerTBA

- This article was updated on November 1st, 2023

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