All Attack on Titan Filler List – All AoT Filler Episodes to Skip

See the best way to watch Attack on Titan.

by Gabriel Rodrigues
Attack on Titan - Eren and Colossal Titan
Image: Crunchyroll

Even if you don’t watch anime, you probably have already heard of Attack on Titan. It’s simply a phenomenon; it’s one of the most-watched anime series, and it makes sense. The tense and dark atmosphere surrounded by mysteries perfectly contrasts with the characters’ desires to fight and stay strong, or as they say to “dedicate your hearts.” If you haven’t started it yet, let’s check out the Attack on Titan filler list with all AoT filler episodes to skip so that you get the best experience possible.

All Attack on Titan Filler Episodes

Attack on Titan doesn’t have any fillers, although it’s not entirely canon. Six episodes are mixed canon/filler, meaning they have both anime-only scenes and moments directly taken out of the manga. There are very few scenes exclusive to the anime, and the other parts are essential to the narrative, so don’t skip those too.

Let’s check out which episodes have these mixed scenes in Attack on Titan:

  • Attack on Titan: Episode 22
  • Attack on Titan: Episode 33
  • Attack on Titan: Episodes 38-41

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Nowadays, anime rarely have filler episodes, as most of them are released in seasons, like Attack on Titan. Fillers are usually used to not letting the anime catch up to the manga; with the gaps between releases, it’s hard that it’ll happen. It’s more common with series like One Piece, which airs weekly without being divided into different seasons.

With anime like Attack on Titan, the anime-only scenes are more used to create a better adaptation or to depict an element that doesn’t “translate” so well to anime (or to use the advantages anime have, like sounds and animation). If you are worried about watching irrelevant plots or scenes that could be easily skipped, know that’s way less common with seasonal anime.

- This article was updated on March 10th, 2023