Who Does Mikasa Marry in Attack on Titan?

Does Mikasa marry Eren at the end of the story?

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Attack on Titan is one of the most popular anime of all time. Its popularity surpasses many series that have existed for a longer time, and its fandom is very diverse, even attracting many people who don’t usually watch anime.

Now that the series is finally reaching its conclusion, fans want to know: who does Mikasa marry in Attack on Titan? Be warned, there are massive spoilers ahead!

Who Does Mikasa End Up With in Attack on Titan?

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It’s common knowledge since the start of Attack on Titan that Mikasa loves Eren and Jean wants to be with Mikasa, so these were the most probable ships to happen. However, Hajime Isayama, the story’s creator, doesn’t always confirm the best ships fans are crazy about. To everyone’s surprise, we actually don’t know who Mikasa marries in Attack on Titan.

In chapter 139, the last issue, Eren tells Armin that he likes Mikasa and wants to be with her; but the protagonist still needs to complete his mission, dying to succeed. Mikasa decides to come back to their island alone, carrying Eren’s remains. In the end, she is alone by Eren’s grave, remembering their childhood while waiting for Armin, Jean, and the others. Thus, if we go by confirmed information, Mikasa doesn’t marry anyone.

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Why Do Some Fans Think Mikasa Marries Jean?

In Attack on Titan chapter 139.5, the epilogue, we see a black-haired woman and someone who looks like Jean visiting Eren’s grave with their son. A few fans believe the woman is Mikasa and that the panel confirms she ends up with Jean. However, again, there’s nothing confirmed by dialogue or Isayama himself.

There even are fans theorizing the man is actually Armin, while others say the woman isn’t Mikasa. Until Isaya doesn’t confirm anything, there’s no way to know if Mikasa married Jean, Armin, or some complete stranger. The most accepted theory, which is practically confirmed, is that she ends up alone.

Is Mikasa’s Fate Different in Attack on Titan’s Anime?

Attack on Titan’s the Final Chapters Special 1 made it clear that Mikasa still holds feelings for Eren, insisting to Anne that she will not kill him but bring him back. Final Chapters Special 2 followed the manga pretty closely, leading to the same tragic ending.

But there was one major difference. The epilogue scenes suspected to be Mikasa with her future husband and child were only shown briefly after the credits. This leaves the whole thing much more open to interpretation, letting fans use their imagination for whatever outcome they might desire.

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