Does Levi Die in Attack on Titan? Answered

Is Levi dead in Attack on Titan?

by Areeba Khan
Does Levi Die in Attack on Titan? Answered
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Levi has been a fan-favorite throughout Attack on Titan’s decade-long run, so it only makes sense fans would be concerned about what happens to him in the series’s ending.

The Final Chapters Special 1 saw Levi with stitches over his face, a bandage over one eye, and missing two fingers. Despite his condition, the Survey Corps Captain went to face Eren and stop the rumbling. So, does Levi die in Attack on Titan? Let’s answer this question below!

Beware of major spoilers for Attack on Titan anime and manga

Is Levi Dead in Attack on Titan? [SPOILERS]

Fortunately for fans of this badass character, Levi does not die in Attack on Titan’s ending. The Final Chapters Special 2 saw Levi suffer a Titan bite to his leg when saving Connie from the same Titan.

This injured state forced him to retreat to Falco’s flying Titan’s back, although that’s not the last we see of him. He’s later seen helping Gabi land her shot on the Okapi Titan that kidnapped Armin. And when Zeke reveals himself after his conversation with Armin, Levi is the one to cut his head off, killing him and effectively stopping the Rumbling.

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Of course, stopping the Rumbling still leaves the threat of Eren, who shifts into a new Colossal-like Titan form. Levi’s Ackerman blood protects him against the shiny centipede’s Titan-shifting gas and he goes on to blow a hole into Eren’s Titan form’s teeth, allowing Mikasa to enter the mouth and behead Eren’s main body. After the fighting ends, Levi is seen sitting against a rock, crying and saluting to a vision of his fallen comrades.

Levi’s Fate in Attack on Titan’s Epilogue 

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The last few panels of the Attack on Titan manga see a wheelchair-bound Levi touring the streets of Marley with Onyankopon, Gabi, and Falco. In the anime, this scene is changed to Levi distributing sweets among refugee children in a wheelchair.

Either way, it’s clear that Levi not only survives the “The Battle of Heaven and Earth,” but manages to find a place for himself in the world other than his role as a soldier. Although blind in one eye and wheelchair-bound, the former Survey Corps Captain likely lived a full life before dying of natural causes.

- This article was updated on November 6th, 2023

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