Attack on Titan: Does Reiner Have a Crush on Historia?

Is the former Armored Titan in love with Paradis’ Queen?

by Areeba Khan
Does Reiner Have a Crush on Historia?
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Attack on Titan may be a show primarily about humanity’s struggle against man-eating titans, but that doesn’t mean it leaves no room for romance. One of the central themes of the series is loving and letting go. 

With that in mind, what’s going on between the former Armored Titan and Queen of the Walls? Does Reiner really have a crush on Historia? Let’s explore this idea in detail below.

Does Reiner Have a Crush on Historia in Attack on Titan?

It can be said with reasonable certainty that Reiner does have a crush on Historia. However, considering how she is already married with children by the end of Attack on Titan: The Final Chapters Special 2, it’s clear this relationship is not going anywhere. Still, some fans may have been caught off guard by Reiner’s feelings for Historia, so we shall explore the two’s relationship a bit more below.

Reiner seems to have had an interest in Historia since Attack on Titan’s first season. The first time he expressed a desire to marry her was after he, Jean, and Armin lost two of their horses following their escape from the Female Titan. Historia came to their rescue with two extra horses and Reiner was shown thinking that she had to be his wife. 

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The second time Reiner expressed an explicit interest in Historia was after he got injured saving Connie from a Titan in the anime’s season 2. Historia tended to his wounds, using a torn-up piece of her skirt as a makeshift bandage. Reiner is once again shown thinking that he’s got to marry her. 

The third notable instance of Reiner’s feelings for Historia can be seen in Attack on Titan’s epilogue when Armin, Reiner, Jean, Connie, Pieck, and Annie are on their way to Paradis to serve as ambassadors of peace negotiations. Taking Historia’s letter from Armin, Reiner comments that he just can’t get over how beautiful Historia’s handwriting is. He then proceeds to sniff the letter, remarking that it even smells nice. Jean tells him off, interjecting that he shouldn’t lust after a married woman and the conversation devolves into friendly bickering.

- This article was updated on November 8th, 2023

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