How to Watch High School DxD in Order

What is the best viewing order for High School DxD?

by Areeba Khan
How to Watch High School DxD in Order
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An Ecchi anime with Shonen elements, High School DxD has been quite popular among fans of the genre since its release in 2012, often being considered one of the best Ecchi anime out there.

Apart from the harem romance and raunchy comedy, the anime also has a well-developed storyline, although its exact watch order can sometimes be confusing thanks to its many parts and OVAs. Keep reading to learn how to watch High School DxD in order.

High School DxD Viewing Order: All Episodes and OVAs

Based on Ichiei Ishibumi’s light novels by the same name, High School DxD follows perverted high school student Issei Hyodo who is killed by the first girl he dates, but is later revived as a demon by high-level demon Rias Gremory to serve as her underling. Aiming to become a harem king, the anime follows Issei’s journey across 48 episodes divided into four seasons.

There are also four OVAs and six Specials that don’t necessarily have a strict watch order but are best enjoyed in between seasons. If you’re just getting into the High School DxD anime, you may be a bit confused about its best watch order including the OVAs and Specials. Check out our recommended order below for help!

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  • High School DxD Season One – Episodes 1 to 12
  • High School DxD Specials 1 to 6
  • High School DxD OVA one “I’m Harvesting Breasts!”
  • High School DxD OVA two “I’m Searching for Breasts!”
  • High School DxD Season Two: New – Episodes 13 to 24
  • High School DxD OVA three “I’m Enveloped in Breasts!”
  • High School DxD Season three: BorN – Episodes 25 to 36
  • High School DxD OVA four “The Unresurrected Phoenix”
  • High School DxD Season Four: Hero – Episodes 36.5 to 48

High School DxD is available for streaming on Crunchyroll

- This article was updated on November 17th, 2023

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