My Hero Academia Chapter 404 Leaks Prove Nighteye’s “Cruel Death” Foresight Wrong

by Areeba Khan
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My Hero Academia Chapter 403 saw All Might’s last resort of blowing up both himself and All For One swiftly crushed. As All For One prepared to publicly finish a paralyzed Symbol of Peace off, fans desperately wished for someone to intervene. Luckily, leaks and raw scans for My Hero Academia Chapter 404 have revealed that this wish will come true as Bakugo re-enters the fray following his fatal injury at the hands of Tomura Shigaraki. 

My Hero Academia Chapter 404 Leaks: Bakugo Makes Everyone’s Wishes Come True

Bakugo may have been missing from the recent chapters of My Hero Academia, but leaks for Chapter 404 quickly prove why he’s such a fan favorite. Titled, “We love you! All Might!,” the chapter opens with a flashback to Nighteye’s “cruel death” foresight as All For One prepares to kill All Might. The next few panels cover the reactions of those watching this fateful battle, with lots of people cheering for All Might and the Heroes. 

As Bakugo stands atop a floating U.A., he makes eye contact with Midoriya and the two realize what they must do. Holding hands and spinning, Midoriya uses Gearshift on Bakugo to throw him, despite the second user’s warning. Shigaraki smiles, certain the explosive hero won’t make it in time. But something unexpected happens. 

A narration talks about all the people praying and cheering for All Might, with a flashback of Nighteye revealing how “wishing energy” can change the future. Bakugo remembers his guilt at ending All Might as he soars through the air and, in a full circle moment, saves All Might by exploding All For One’s arms.

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What Happens Next with All For One and the Other Heroes? 

Based on the scans, All For One is far from dead. Looking at an image from the leaked panels, it looks like Bakugo’s explosions managed to take off both of All For One’s arms above the elbow. But with All For One possessing regenerative abilities reminiscent of Eri’s Rewind, such an injury is unlikely to keep him down.

Of course, if the damage is extensive enough, All For One’s regenerative abilities could end up working against him. He may rewind into the body of a child, which would considerably weaken him and may even result in him losing all the Quirks he’s collected throughout his lifetime. With My Hero Academia’s next chapter dropping on Monday, October 22, 2023 fans won’t have to wait long to find out what happens next.

- This article was updated on October 19th, 2023

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