My Hero Academia Chapter 405 Leaks and Raw Scans Show the Return of a Fan-Favorite Character

This character will help Deku win the war!

by Rodrigo Sandoval Lahut
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The Final War arc will only continue to get better according to the leaks about My Hero Academia Chapter 405. After many chapters without contributing to the plot, a fan-favorite character is ready to join the fight once more.

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Everything would be lost if All for One reaches Shigaraki and gives his pupil the Quirks that he stole while piloting his cloned body. But the Heroes have a new hope, as a powerful fighter has rejoined the battle and is ready to stop the Symbol of Evil no matter what. Keep reading to learn more about the leaks and raw scans of My Hero Academia Chapter 405.

Beware spoilers for My Hero Academia.

My Hero Academia Chapter 405 Leaks and Rumors

According to trusted leakers like @RukasuMHA, the chapter will begin with a flashback of All Might speaking with Sir Nighteye. The latter reveals that the battle with All for One’s clone was the one he was destined to die in. Thankfully, the will of his students and the ardent desires of people around the world changed the fate of the former number-one Hero.

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Bakugo and All Might ask if the other is okay, with the former coughing some blood. From that blood, a weakened Edgeshot will emerge, revealing to Bakugo that he has repaired some of the damage his body has taken. However, he will still be in excruciating pain, so he should not strain himself. Before the blonde boy can return to the fight, All Might will give him a gauntlet.

Bakugo smiles at the hero, a real and heartfelt smile. All for One, who is witnessing all this, wants to leave and reach Shigaraki, but a sudden rage inside of him prevents him from leaving. Bakugo will use this hesitation to create a massive explosion in front of the villain. The boy proclaims that he is there to step up when Deku cannot handle everything on his own.

Chapter 405 Raw Scans

The raw scans for the upcoming chapter show that we will see Sir Nighteye once again, during his conversation with All Might. The two look much younger, as this conversation took place several years in the past. In the present, All Might will look genuinely happy to see Bakugo and is extremely grateful to the boy for having saved him.

Bakugo’s smile is one of the most shocking moments of the chapter, as this is the first genuine smile we have seen from him. Edgeshot, while still alive, barely has a body left, looking more like a small piece of paper. Lastly, All for One still looks like a little kid, although his appearance might change next chapter, as he is still in the process of de-aging himself.

- This article was updated on October 25th, 2023

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