Top 10 Strongest My Hero Academia Characters, Ranked

The top dogs of My Hero Academia.

by Areeba Khan
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My Hero Academia is a show with plenty of strong characters, both heroes and villains. There isn’t one type of strength, either. Some characters top the charts with their superhuman physical strength, while others have nifty abilities capable of mass destruction. Whatever the case may be, you’ll find a list of the strongest characters in My Hero Academia below.

Beware spoilers for My Hero Academia.

A Ranking of the Strongest Characters in My Hero Academia

10. Shoto (Shoto Todoroki)

Image: Toho animation

The youngest son of Pro Hero Endeavor, Shoto has a perfect mixture of his parents’ fire and ice Quirks. Named Half-Cold Half-Hot, his Quirk lets him create ice from the right side of his body and fire from his left. Unlike Endeavor who can overheat if he uses too much of his fire, Shoto can use his ice to regulate his body temperature, eliminating his father’s biggest weakness.

It’s clear that Shoto is a formidable opponent, although some fans may wonder why he isn’t higher on this list. My reasoning is that despite having an extremely powerful Quirk, Shoto is nowhere near mastering it. This is likely to change as he gains more experience.

9. Dynamight (Katsuki Bakugo)

Image: Toho animation

Deku’s childhood friend and rival, Katsuki Bakugo’s hero name, Great Explosion Murder God Dynamight, makes his Quirk and its strength pretty obvious. Thanks to the ability to sweat a nitroglycerin-like substance, Dynamight can create explosions from his hands at will. These range from small explosions used to propel himself through the air to massive attacks that can destroy entire buildings. 

Other than his Quirk’s highly offensive nature, Dynamight is also a keen tactician, which further adds to his strength. His only weakness is that since his Quirk relies on sweat, it takes him slightly longer to detonate in cold weather. 

8. Dabi (Toya Todoroki)

Image: Toho animation

Now revealed to be Endeavor’s oldest son Toya Todoroki, the villain Dabi’s Blueflame produces ultra-hot flames that incinerate everything in their path. When he was just a child, Endeavor called his flames hotter than his own. As an adult, he was easily able to overpower his younger brother Shoto’s flames.

However, despite his Quirk’s strength, Dabi’s got one fatal weakness. He inherited his mother’s ice resistance instead of his father’s fire resistance. As a result, his own fire burns him, and he cannot sustain it for long periods of time. 

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7. Lemillion (Mirio Togata)

Image: Toho animation

Going by the hero name Lemillion, Mirio Togata of UA’s “Big Three” boasts a very powerful, but difficult to master Quirk. Called Permeation, his unique Quirk lets him become intangible and phase through objects. This allows him to dodge bullets, walk through walls, and even teleport by phasing through the ground and re-emerging at a different spot.

The original top candidate for inheriting One For All, Lemillion’s Quirk has just one major weakness. Since being intangible means light and air also pass through him, he can only stay in that state for as long as he can hold his breath and loses all five senses.

6. Deku (Izuku Midoriya)

Image: Toho animation

As the ninth user of One For All, Deku has access to all the previous users’ Quirks. These include Blackwhip that lets him produce whip-like tendrils from any part of his body, Float which lets him levitate, Danger Sense which alerts him of nearby potential threats, Smokescreen that lets him produce thick purple smoke, and Fa Jin that builds up kinetic energy via repetitive movements.

Add in the superhuman strength granted by One For All, and it’s clear that Deku has the potential to become Number One on the hero charts. He just has a long way to go before he can use that strength to the fullest.

5. Gigantomachia 

Image: Toho animation

A former bodyguard of All For One, not much is known about Gigantomachia’s real name or past. With six extra Quirks alongside his original one, Machia is an absolute beast on the battlefield. His original Quirk, Endurance, converts his morale into physical energy and stamina.

His extra Quirks grant him the ability to change his size, dig like a mole, and function on very small amounts of food and water. He also has immunity to pain, hardened muscles, and increased smell and hearing. But despite all his strength, he is merely a loyal servant who acts on All For One’s orders.

4. Endeavor (Enji Todoroki)

Image: Toho animation

Number One on the Hero Billboard Chart after All Might’s retirement, Endeavor boasts an impressive fire Quirk called Hellflame which lets him create and control fire. His ultimate move, Flashfire Fist: Prominence Burn, is powerful enough to completely char even Shigiraki’s highly-enhanced body. He is also very physically strong, successfully knocking Gigantomachia over with one fire enhanced tackle. 

Additionally, Endeavor’s so durable the High-End Nomu Hood thought he could regenerate. And All For One himself was impressed with his speed when taking down several mid-level Nomus. His only weakness is that while his skin is heat-resistant, his organs aren’t and can overheat if he uses too much of his Quirk.

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3. All Might (Toshinori Yagi)

Image: Toho animation

The Symbol of Peace who brought crime rate down to less than 6%, All Might was the eighth user of One For All. The Quirk granted him immense physical strength, with a single punch being enough to make it rain. 

He’s also extremely fast, being able to punch a bioengineered Nomu 300 times in just a few seconds to overcome its shock absorption. His strongest smash attack, United States of Smash, concentrates all his power into one fist. He used this to win against One For All following Dynamight’s kidnapping.

2. Tomura Shigaraki (Tenko Shimura)

Image: Toho animation

One of the main antagonists of the series and All For One’s successor, Tomura Shigaraki’s Quirk Decay lets him destroy anything he touches. With Dr. Ujiko’s assistance, this Quirk becomes even more powerful, easily disintegrating a large part of the city and everyone in it. 

Shigaraki also gains a bunch of new Quirks once he inherits All For One. These include Hyper-Regeneration, Forced Quirk Activation, Search, Air Cannon, and Radio Waves. Air Cannon fires blasts of pressurized air from his palms, while Radio Waves causes communicators to malfunction. Search was originally Ragdoll’s Quirk and lets Shigaraki monitor as many as 100 people at a time.

1. All For One (Shigaraki)

Image: Toho animation

The anime’s central antagonist, All For One, has been around since Quirks first emerged. With the ability to steal and transfer Quirks, he has stockpiled a large collection of useful Quirks to always have at his disposal. 

He has Ragdoll’s Search Quirk, an Anti-Aging Quirk, a teleportation Quirk, an Impact Reversal Quirk, the ability to combine all physical Quirks into a single arm, and many more. He was responsible for the injury that eventually ended All Might’s career, and has no known weaknesses.

- This article was updated on October 3rd, 2023

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