The Eminence in Shadow Season 2 Episode 6 Release Date & Time

What is next in the war between Mitsugoshi and MCA?

by Areeba Khan
The Eminence in Shadow Season 2 Episode 6 Release Date & Time
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The latest episode of The Eminence in Shadow Season 2 saw a disguised Cid put his and Yukime’s plan of circulating counterfeit MCA notes into action with the end goal of shattering public trust in paper money.

This, of course, catches the attention of both Alpha and MCA’s Gettan, and Alpha mobilizes Shadow Garden’s forces to investigate the source. As Soldier 666 laments her defeat to a disguised Cid, prepare for the release date of The Eminence in Shadow Season 2, Episode 6!

The Eminence in Shadow Season 2 Episode 6 Release Date and Time

The Eminence in Shadows season 2, episode 6 is all set for release on Wednesday, November 8, 2023, as a simulcast on Hidive at 7:30 AM PT / 9:30 AM CT / 10:30 AM ET. Both the English sub and dub will become available simultaneously on the same day.

The Eminence in Shadow Season 2 Episode 6 Countdown

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Can’t wait for the new episode? Check out the exact time it drops in your region with our The Eminence in Shadow Season 2, Episode 6 release time zone guide down below!

Time Zone Release Time
Pacific Time (Los Angeles, Vancouver)7:30 AM PST
Mountain Time (Denver, Calgary)8:30 AM MST
Central Time (Chicago, Regina)9:30 AM CST
Eastern Time (New York, Toronto)10:30 AM EST
Atlantic Time (Halifax, Fredericton)11:30 AM AST
Brazil (Brasília Time)2:30 PM BST
UK and Ireland2:30 PM GMT
Europe3:30 PM CEST
Moscow 5:30 PM MSK
India8:00 PM IST
Vietnam and Thailand9:30 PM ICT
Philippines10:30 PM PHT

Episode 5 saw Cid’s plan to circulate fake money put into action, with the fakes immediately catching both Alpha and Gettan’s attention.

RECAP: The Eminence in Shadow Season 2 Episode 5 Spoilers and What to Expect in Episode 6

Episode 5 marked the first time we saw the elegant yet clumsy Gamma in action, and she did not disappoint. With surprisingly high amounts of magic and resistance to physical damage, Gamma killed Clover Leaf One despite her amateur fighting ability when her flying sword impaled him after she tripped and fell.

The scene then shifts to Cid putting his counterfeiting plan into action and as the counterfeit notes make their way to Mitsugoshi and MCA, Gettan reveals he intended to do the same thing after securing funds for the Cult. Meanwhile, Shadow Garden investigators are stopped from discovering the truth behind the counterfeiting by Cid disguised as ‘John Smith’, making Soldier 666 lament another defeat.

Episode 6 will likely see tensions rise between Mitsugoshi and MCA as the counterfeiting operation continues. We may also see some action from the remaining members of Gettan’s Four Clovers, or even Gettan himself as he seeks revenge against a young Cid for blinding him.

- This article was updated on November 4th, 2023

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