Who does Sung Jin-woo End Up With in Solo Leveling?

Want to know who the "World's Weakest Hunter" ends up with by the end of Solo Leveling?

by Drew Kopp
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One of Solo Leveling‘s greatest strengths is the sheer likeability of its main character, Sung Jin-woo. Unlike most other power-fantasy protagonists, Sung Jin-woo doesn’t let his rapid ascension from loser to legend go to his head and always helps others before helping himself.

Sung Jin-woo’s journey is a classic, relatable underdog story, and one of the questions every underdog should answer by the end is who ends up in our scrappy hero’s arms. Here’s who Sung Jin-woo ends up with in Solo Leveling.

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Does Sung Jin-woo End up with Anyone in Solo Leveling?

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Sung’s love life takes a backseat throughout most of Solo Leveling‘s story since his main goal is earning enough money to support his splintered family. However, the “World’s Weakest Hunter” does find himself caught up in a few romantic entanglements as he works with the mysterious, video game HUD-like System to become stronger.

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One of the first characters to express romantic interest in Sung is his long-time friend Lee Joo-hee. A B-Rank Hunter and expert healer, Lee is one of the few Hunters who sees Sung as more than a burden when the series begins. Unfortunately, the traumatic ordeal she and Sung go through during the disastrous expedition that gives Sung his signature ability causes her to retire and distance herself from all things Hunter-related.

Of course, anyone in a relationship knows that your first is rarely your last, and Sung gets a second shot at love when he meets Cha Hae-In. An S-Rank Huntress with the unique ability to “smell” other Hunters’ souls, Cha befriends Sung after she realizes he isn’t as greedy or arrogant as the rest of her peers. After fighting alongside Sung against several powerful foes, Cha realizes that her feelings for him have taken a turn for the romantic.

While Sun and Cha’s relationship isn’t given much focus during Solo Leveling, later chapters of the series confirm that the two eventually get married and have a son, Sung Suho. Since the first episode of Solo Leveling introduces Cha much earlier than the original webcomic does, her relationship with Sung may end up getting more attention in the anime.

- This article was updated on January 8th, 2024

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