Who is Ginny in One Piece? Explained

A new character has been introduced to the world of One Piece.

by Rodrigo Sandoval Lahut
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One Piece Chapter 1095 has caused havoc among members of the fandom due to the intense and heart-wrenching flashback that its author, Eiichiro Oda, depicted in its pages. Many followers of the series are fascinated by the appearance of new and old characters in this new entry to the manga.

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Yet, none of them has caused as much hype as the mysterious youngster that made its entry at the end of the chapter, Ginny. Fans cannot stop talking about them, wondering who they are and what will their role be in the story. Below, you can find all the information available about who Ginny is in One Piece and the theories that fans have created around them.

Beware of spoilers for One Piece.

The Identity of Ginny In One Piece

Ginny is a young slave girl who was introduced in One Piece chapter 1095. She called Emporio Ivankon her older brother, which could signify that the two are siblings. However, this could also be a reference to how Japanese children tend to address older children they respect as older siblings.

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Despite her status as a slave, Ginny seems to be a cheerful girl who shares her smile with anyone she comes across. Sadly, nothing more was revealed about her, as she was simply depicted once, which left fans to speculate who she may be and what role she played in Kuma and Ivankov’s lives.

Theories About Ginny’s Identity

Screenshot: Toei Animation

During Chapter 1095, Ginny is depicted eating a piece of meat similar to the ones Luffy likes to consume. This caused many fans to begin theorizing that Ginny could be the mother of the Straw Hat Captain. This would make sense, as she is seemingly close to Ivankov, who grows up to become a member of the Revolutionary Army with Dragon, Luffy’s father.

Nonetheless, another theory that has acquired a large amount of support from the community considers Ginny to be the mother of Bonney. It was recently revealed that Kuma is the father of the pink-haired pirate, and this flashback could be hinting at Ginny being the one who married Kuma. As the backstory of Kuma is revealed in the upcoming chapters, we will likely know more about Ginny’s real identity.

- This article was updated on October 16th, 2023

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