Will Edens Zero Season 2 Have an Episode 14?

Are we going to see Episode 14 in Season 2 of Edens Zero? Get all the latest updates and information about what's in store for this popular sci-fi anime series.

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell
Image: Crunchyroll

Are you wondering if Edens Zero Season 2 will have Episode 14? The second season of the popular anime series delves into the thrilling Belial Gore arc. This story follows the Edens crew gathering the Four Shining Stars, unlocking access to the Sakura Cosmos. Unfortunately, their journey is cut short by the Belial Gore, Drakken Joe’s formidable space fortress, who relentlessly pursues them. Fans eagerly anticipate the next arc, wondering if we’ll get more episodes now or must wait until Season 3. Here’s what we currently know.

Edens Zero Season 2: Will There Be an Episode 14?

Image: Hiro Mashima

First, it is crucial to know that Season 2 will have 25 episodes, but it will be split into two different cours, with cour one having 13 episodes and cour two having 12 episodes. This means that Edens Zero Season 2 will have episode 14, but it will happen in the second cour. This means there will be months between the end of the first cour (episode 13) and the start of the second cour (episode 14). There is no official announcement on when the second cour of season 2 will start, but we will update you as soon as it does!

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The first cour of season two covered both the Bilial Gore and Edens One arcs. The Belial Gore arc is chapters 69-99 and the Edens One Arc is chapters 100-104 of the manga. This means the second cour of season 2 will begin with the Red Cave arc and most likely end with the Forest arc. The Red Cave arc is chapters 105-111 and the Forest arc is chapters 112-133 of the manga.

When is the Edens Zero Season 2 English Dub Release Date?

Image: Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll took over the licensing for Edens Zero from Netflix for Season 2, which means different people will handle the dubbing. Edens Zero Season 1 dub were handled by Bang Zoom, but Crunchyroll usually uses an in-house team for their licensed anime. Unfortunately, we will need to wait for an official announcement from Crunchyroll now that the first cour of season 2 has ended to know if and when we will get a dub for Season 2.

- This article was updated on September 7th, 2023

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