All Pokemon Build-a-Bear Plushies in Release Order

Gotta build 'em all!

by Thomas Cunliffe
Pokémon Build a Bear plushies including Eevee, Charmander, and Snorlax
Image: Attack of the Fanboy / Build-A-Bear Workshop / The Pokémon Company

In 2015, Pokémon fans and plushie collectors worldwide rejoiced at Build-A-Bear Workshop’s partnership with The Pokémon Company. What started as a simple release of a Pikachu plush and a few clothing items has evolved into a colossal collection with over thirty of the cuddly creatures to collect.

In this article, we’ve listed every single Pokémon Build-A-Bear “bear” in the order of their release and included some interesting facts and information on their exclusive online accessories.

All Pokemon Build-a-Bear Bears in Release Order

All regular Pokémon plushies at Build-A-Bear Workshop have been released alongside online-exclusive bundles typically containing two pieces of clothing and a sound box with variations of the Pokémon’s cry. Prior to late 2019, both in-store and online purchases also included an exclusive trading card.


Image: Build-A-Bear Workshop / The Pokémon Company

The first Pokémon Build-A-Bear released was the franchise’s iconic mascot, Pikachu, in December 2015. Pikachu’s online bundle included an online-exclusive Charizard hoodie and a Poké Ball hoodie that was also sold separately in-store.


Image: Build-A-Bear Workshop / The Pokémon Company

Eevee was released in September 2016 and remains one of the most popular Pokémon Build-a-Bears. Its online bundle included an exclusive cape and a sleeper explicitly designed to fit Eevee’s body.

Interestingly, a new design for Eevee was implemented a few years after its initial release, making minor changes and completely replacing the original model. The most notable difference is its eye color, with its brown irises removed in the current design.


Image: Build-A-Bear Workshop / The Pokémon Company

Charmander was also released in September 2016, along with an online-exclusive bundle containing a Lucario and Great Ball hoodie. The Lucario hoodie has since been replaced with a Charmander-themed sleeper.



Squirtle joined Build-a-Bear Workshop in June 2017 with an online-exclusive bundle including a Poké Ball raincoat and Ultra Ball hoodie.



Team Rocket’s iconic companion, Meowth, became available in September 2017. Its online bundle included a Team Rocket and Quick Ball hoodie.



Vulpix was released in October 2017, with its online bundle garbing everyone’s favorite six-tailed fox in a cozy Poké Ball sleeper and Vulpix cape.



With Charmander and Squirtle already available, it was inevitable that Bulbasaur eventually completed the iconic trio. Bulbasaur was released in November 2017 and was the first Pokémon Build-A-Bear plush to have accessories included in its online bundle — a Bulbasaur-themed hat and scarf — rather than clothing. A giant, protruding bulb on your back makes wearing clothes difficult.

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Jigglypuff became available to purchase in May 2019. Its online bundle included a Jigglypuff cape and a microphone inspired by the one that regularly appeared in the Pokémon anime.

Alolan Vulpix


In an unexpected announcement, Alolan Vulpix was released in September 2017, marking the first regional form Pokémon Build-A-Bear and opening the floodgates for Pokémon outside of Generation 1 to receive plushies. Alolan Vulpix’s online bundle contained a cape and sleeper similar in design to regular Vulpix, albeit with a white and blue theme.



Piplup was released the following month, in October 2017, and broke the boundaries of all Pokémon species in Build-A-Bear Workshop being picked from the original 151. Its online bundle included a Dive Ball hoodie and a blue Poké Ball parka.



To coincide with the release of Detective Pikachu in movie theatres, Psyduck was launched in May 2019, four days before the movie’s release date in the United States. Its online bundle included a Luxury Ball Hoodie and Psyduck raincoat.



Snubbull became available to buy on the same day as Psyduck in May 2019, capitalizing on its appearance in Detective Pikachu. Its online bundle was comprised of two pink bows and a shirt-vest combo.



Snorlax is unique in the fact that it has two size variations. A regular 16-inch Snorlax hit stores in August 2019, with a 24-inch “Jumbo” version sold exclusively online three months later in November 2019. Being the sleepy fellow that it is, Snorlax’s online bundle included a robe and sleeping cap.



Pichu was released in October 2019. Since Pichu had no recent trading card releases at the time, a different Pikachu trading card was included with purchases instead. Its online bundle came with a blue Poké Ball cape and a Poké Ball hoodie that somehow had holes to fit its outrageously large ears. Pichu was also the last Pokémon Build-A-Bear plush to include a trading card.



2020 is considered the beginning of the second phase of Pokémon Build-a-Bear plushes and started strong in January 2020 with the release of Flareon. Its online bundle included a Flareon Poké Ball sleeper and a Fire-type cape.

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Jolteon and Vaporeon were announced alongside Flareon but had staggered releases to allow time for wallets of Pokémon fans to recover. Jolteon became available in May 2020, with its online bundle including a Jolteon Poké Ball sleeper and Electric-type cape.



Vaporeon completed the Kanto Eeveelution trio in August 2020. Its online bundle came with a Vaporeon Poké Ball sleeper and a Water-type cape to match its fellow evolutions.



Dragonite launched in December 2020, just in time for the holidays. Like Bulbasaur, Dragonite struggled to fit in clothes, meaning its online bundle included accessories: a Dragon-type hat and scarf and a purple Poké Ball cape that fit snugly around its shoulders.



The first and only Mythical Pokémon Build-A-Bear plush, Mew, was released in February 2002. Initially an online-exclusive “bear,” Mew came with a Master Ball hoodie and cape before being released as a standalone plush in-stores at a later date in certain regions.



Proving to be incredibly popular in Pokémon Sword and Shield, Scorbunny released in May 2021. Scorbunny ordered online came with a comfy fire-type onesie and cape.



Espeon was an online-exclusive bear released in September 2021. Being unavailable in-store, customers could only buy Espeon in a bundle that included a Psychic-type sleeper and purple Poké Ball cape.



Where Espeon goes, you’ll likely find an Umbreon not too far behind. Unlike its counterpart, however, Umbreon released both online and in-store in August 2021. Its exclusive online bundle included a purple Poké Ball sleeper and a black and red Poké Ball cape.



The fan-favorite ghastly ghoul, Gengar, was released in September 2021. In the United States, its online bundle initially included a Gengar coat, though the UK also included a purple sleeper designed to fit its body. In all regions, the online bundle now consists of the coat, a top hat, and a scarf for a dashing look.



With the sheer popularity of Eevee and the five of its Eeveelutions, it was inevitable that the remaining Pokémon would join the collection. Glaceon was released in January 2022, with its online-exclusive bundle continuing the practice of having a themed Poké Ball sleeper and cape.



Leafeon followed shortly in March 2022, dressed in a green Poké Ball sleeper and matching cape when ordered online.



The Generation 7 Grass starter, Grookey, launched in May 2022. Fans that ordered Grookey online received him dressed smartly in an Alolan-themed shirt and Grass-type cape.

25th Anniversary Pikachu (Male)


A new Pikachu was released in July 2021 specifically for the 25th Anniversary. This Pikachu had an updated, pudgier design, a permanent wink, an open mouth, and a unique sparkly silver BAB paw tag. Its online-only bundle included a 25th Anniversary varsity jacket and red Poké Ball sleeper with a thunderbolt symbol.

25th Anniversary Pikachu (Female)


The gender of a Pikachu is determined by the tip of its tail, with males having a lightning bolt shape and females having a rounded heart. A female 25th Anniversary Pikachu was released alongside the male variant in July 2021.

Not only does this Pikachu have a heart-shaped tail, but also incredibly sparkly fur. It also has both eyes open and a closed, smiling mouth. Its online bundle also differs from the male, offering a purple varsity jacket and sleeper.



Putting the “Bear” in “Build-A-Bear” is Teddiursa, released in November 2022. Its online bundle includes a Teddiursa sleeper and a Teddiursa hoodie fashioned to fit its enormous head.



Sylveon hit stores in December 2022, finally completing the Eeveelution collection and allowing the bank accounts of Eevee fans everywhere to finally rest. When purchased online, Sylveon comes with a Fairy-type cape and sleeper, matching its eight other siblings.


Image: Build-A-Bear Workshop / The Pokémon Company

The fearless and fluffy Growlithe was released in March 2023 alongside a Growlithe-themed cape and sleeper included in its online bundle.


Image: Build-A-Bear Workshop / The Pokémon Company

Completing the Galar starter trio is Sobble, released April 2023. Equipped with a smile instead of its usual teary-eyed look, Sobble’s online bundle includes a button-up Sobble shirt and cape.

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- This article was updated on April 20th, 2023

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