30 Best Pink Pokemon of All Time

Pretty in pink

by Tom Cunliffe
Best Pink Pokémon (Miltank, Audino, Mew, Slowpoke, and Jigglypuff
Images via Nintendo, Game Freak

Most Pokémon are color coded to match their type, which meant that pink Pokémon weren’t particularly common in comparison to other Pokémon colors until the introduction of Fairy-types in Pokémon X and Y. While still being the most uncommon color, pink Pokémon are by far some of the most iconic. Jigglypuff has been in every Super Smash Bros. game, Whitney’s Miltank still evokes a fight or flight response, and the moms that call every Pokémon “Pikachu” can still probably name Mew.

This article lists thirty of our favorite pink Pokémon from Generation I to Generation IX. These decisions were primarily based on design, though their utility and power were also considered. With one exception, all Pokémon listed below are officially classified as “pink” in the Pokédex.

Best Pink Pokémon of All Time

Image via Nintendo, Game Freak, Niantic

30. Munna
29. Flaaffy
28. Hoppip
27. Corsola
26. Mesprit
25. Tinkatink
24. Tinkatuff
23 Enamorus
22. Oricorio (Pa’u Style)
21. Stufful
20. Flamigo
19. Cleffa
18. Igglybuff
17. Exeggcute
16. Slowking

15. Diancie

Image via Nintendo, Game Freak

Diancie is a beautifully designed Rock and Fairy-type Mythical Pokémon with an even more impressive Mega Evolution. While we wouldn’t go as far as to describe Diancie’s “pink, glimmering body” as “the loveliest sight in the whole world,” like its Pokédex entry from Pokémon X, it certainly stands out among the crowd with its unique design. Its shiny variants are especially appealing, darkenings its body and allowing its pink highlights to truly shine.

14. Hatenna

Image via Nintendo, Game Freak

Hatenna is a Psychic-type Pokémon that looks like it stepped straight out of a Kirby game, which is precisely something we need more of. Its sleepy demeanor, stubby pink body, and little pointed hat make this Pokemon almost too cute to evolve.

13. Chansey

Image via Nintendo, Game Freak

As cheerful as can be, Chansey is sure to bring a smile to your face whenever you see it. Especially after finally catching one following many attempts in Pokémon Red, Blue, and Yellow‘s Safari Zone. This oval-shaped Normal-type Pokémon constantly carries around an egg in its pouch, which is said to be delicious, nutritious, and incredibly healthy.

12. Slowbro

Image via Nintendo, Game Freak

Slowbro is unique in the fact that it has three incredible forms, and all of them are pink! Its vacant eyes, precious smile, and stoic approach to its tail being chomped upon (or swallowed whole) all contribute to how well this Pokémon is cherished by fans worldwide.

Its Water and Psychic-typing also provide excellent coverage when paired with its high Defense and Special Attack stats, especially as Mega Slowbro. If Poison is more your style, you can also catch yourself a Galarian Slowbro that uses Shellder as a Mega Man-esque blaster.

11. Blissey

Image via Nintendo, Game Freak

Don’t let Blissey‘s fluffy curls, inviting smile, and kindhearted appearance fool you; this Pokémon is as bulky as a concrete wall. With a whopping 255 base HP, 135 Special Defense, and no weakness due to its Normal-typing, Blissey can tank a Psybeam without a single scratch on its pink, oval head.

Blissey is also one of Pokèmon GO’s best Gym defenders, striking fear into the hearts of trainers with only five minutes before their bus arrives. Adorable, pink, and unkillable.

10. Clefairy

Image via Nintendo, Game Freak

Did you know that Clefairy was initially intended to be Pokèmon’s mascot? Before the debut of the Pokémon anime, which solidified Pikachu as Pokémon’s permanent mascot, Clefairy starred in the Japanese-only manga Pokémon Pocket Monsters with the intention of becoming the franchise’s mascot.

Even with its status as mascot revoked, Clefairy is still as iconic as ever, with its star-shaped body, curly tail, single-pointed fang, and rosy cheeks. Not to mention that these Pokémon originate from the moon!

9. Lickitung

Image via Nintendo, Game Freak

Lickitung somehow manages to carry around a tongue the height of Michael Jordan without so much as a complaint. (Though that may be due to it only being able to say its name.) Lickitung is as hilarious as it is adorable, with its unnecessarily long pink tongue, beady eyes, and stubby limbs. Its short scene in Detective Pikachu, which you can view below, is quite possibly the funniest moment in the entire movie.

8. Tinkaton

Image via Nintendo, Game Freak

The internet fell in love with Tinkaton shortly following Pokémon Scarlet and Violet‘s release, spawning wave after wave of memes, videos, and fan art. Fans latched on to its Pokémon Scarlet Pokédex entry, which mentions that it enjoys launching rocks at flying Corviknight with its hammer, with hints suggesting that its 220-pound hammer was actually crafted from fallen parts of their body.

Its Fairy and Steel-typing also make it a handy Pokémon for game playthroughs, especially when combined with its signature move, Gigaton Hammer. Plus, little pink creatures carrying around giant hammers is a recipe for success when it comes to character design; just ask Amy Rose and Kirby.

7. Sylveon

Image via Nintendo, Game Freak

Sylveon is (arguably) the cutest of Eevee’s eight ‘Eeveelutions,’ with its bright blue eyes, ribbons, bows, and pink head, feet, tail, and accents. As graceful and endearing as this Fairy-type Pokémon is, Sylveon is renowned for being a slayer of dragons. Originally a joke amongst the community due to the then-new Fairy-type being super effective against Dragon-type, Sylveon’s delight in butchering dragons was incorporated into its Pokédex entry.

6. Miltank

Image via Nintendo, Game Freak

Uttering the name “Miltank” is enough to send shivers down the spine of any Generation II Pokémon player. Whitney’s Miltank is notorious for its excessive use of the move Rollout in Johto’s Goldenrod City Gym, which often ended in the player blacking out. Even in its infamy, Miltank is a beloved Pokémon with a simple but adorable design that you can’t help but forgive. It can even drink its milk to restore HP during battle – just don’t ask us how, and be thankful move animations in Pokémon games aren’t particularly detailed.

5. Jigglypuff

Image via Nintendo, Game Freak

Jigglypuff is perhaps the most universally recognizable Pink Pokémon, thanks to its appearance in all Super Smash Bros. games and its mischievous antics in the Pokémon anime, in which it angrily drew upon the faces of those that found themselves asleep due to the soporific effect of its singing. Its simple spherical design, pointed cat-like ears, and swirly tuft on its head are all factors in making this pink balloon utterly iconic.

4. Scream Tail

Image via Nintendo, Game Freak

Who says you can’t improve upon perfection? Scream Tail takes everything great from Jigglypuff and adds sharp fangs, a dragon tail, and rosy cheeks. Exactly what it needed to make a fantastic design even better. This Pokémon Scarlet-exclusive Paradox Pokémon is extremely powerful in battle, too, with its Protosynthesis ability, which boosts its most proficient stat when paired with Booster Energy. Its shiny form improves upon its design even further, giving it glaring crimson eyes.

3. Mew

Image via Nintendo, Game Freak

The Pokémon that set the franchise apart from all others and became the prime playground rumor for an entire generation. Mew was the first Mythical Pokémon and astounded fans in the West when they learned that a Pokémon existed in their cartridge but could only be obtained by attending events. — or by checking under a truck, as told by Timmy, whose uncle works at Nintendo. This pure-pink feline can also learn every single TM and HM out there and can even Transform into any Pokémon it faces; something unique to it and Ditto.

2. Ditto

Image via Nintendo, Game Freak

Okay, no, Ditto isn’t officially classed as pink. Its Pokédex entry categorizes it as purple, but it also states that Qwilfish is grey, and both Jellicent forms are white, so take that as you will. Either way, this amorphous blob is the epitome of perfect design. It can turn into any pink Pokémon it pleases – and with a goofy precious face that enhances any species it mimics to boot.

Not only is this Pokémon adorable but also incredibly useful, with its ability to breed with almost any species of Pokémon, even changing its gender to do so. We bet this entire species has a fantastic haul of gifts on Mother’s and Father’s Day every year.

1. Slowpoke

Image via Nintendo, Game Freak

A Pokémon so brilliant that it got its own song and matching line of merchandise, Slowpoke is what we should all inspire to be. This dopey hippopotamus-like creature is so oblivious and slow that it can go the entire day without realizing that it has been injured, which is a good job when its tail is enjoyed as a delicacy in the Pokémon universe. Its head may be empty of thought, but everything about its design, from its vacant expression to its furled ears and pink hue, is genius.

- This article was updated on February 11th, 2023