Where To Find Booster Energy in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Find out how to get your hands on Booster Energy in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet!

by Shaun Cichacki

Gamers hoping to get their hands on one of the greatest items in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have been scattering, searching far and wide for Booster Energy. This is an item that is extremely beneficial for Pokemon that utilize the terrain they are on and will allow them to change the battlefield to their advantage instantly.

With an item this good, there is no way that an item like this is easy to find. There are a few different ways that gamers will be able to get the Booster Energy item, so let’s find out the easiest way for players to finally claim one of these unique capsules for their own!

How To Get Booster Energy Easy in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

For players hoping to get their hands on one of these the easy way, they will need a Miraidon to make things easier. This means you may need to trade your Koraidon away to a friend or wait for a possible Mystery Gift in the future. The main reason you will need Miraidon is due to their special ability, which instantly turns the ground into electric terrain. This will allow the monsters you are hunting from using their special ability.

Next, you will need a monster that happens to have the special ability Frisk, which lets the player see if the wild Pokemon they are battling is carrying any special items. Swapping to the Pokemon that knows this move will verify and certify that the wild Pokemon is holding Booster Energy.

Certain Paradox Pokemon that happen to use Quark Drive or Photosynthesis have about a 5% to 10% chance to be holding the Booster Energy item. If the item is found, use a Quick Ball or Ultra Ball to try and capture this monster right away, so you can snag this item for your personal use.

Battling other Paradox Pokemon may also cause a Booster Energy to drop, but this is an even lower chance than before, with a basic 5% drop rate.

Can You Get Booster Energy Without Miraidon?

Yes, you can still utilize the method above, but there is a chance that the Booster Energy may get used up by these Pokemon. With Miraidon having the special Hadron Energy ability, this prevents the item from being used right away at the beginning of the battle, giving gamers more chances than ever to get this special item.


Players will also find a Booster Energy laying on the ground near this pile of rocks in the final act of the game. Before facing off against the true final boss of the game, make sure to check this specific area. It’s the only Pokeball in the room, so it is not an easy item to miss.

Even if a player is lucky enough to get their hands on a Shiny Paradox Pokemon, there are no boosts to their combat abilities or the chance that they are carrying the Booster Energy. It’s a fairly rare item to have, so players will need some patience to get their hands on this. Seems that gamers will have a better chance to get Golden Bottle Caps than this on the first try.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are available now on Nintendo Switch.

- This article was updated on November 29th, 2022