How to Find and Catch Ditto in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Can't find a Ditto in Scarlet and Violet? Find out how to do so here!

by Shaun Cichacki

Players departing into the Paldea Region for the first time in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet may be surprised to see the number of familiar faces from the Kanto Region in this new region. With the ability to copy any Pokemon while in a battle against them, Ditto has been a sought-after Pokemon for a fair number of reasons.

However, players hunting for a Ditto may have a harder time than ever trying to find one, thanks to a new trick that it has up its sleeve. Players that are struggling to find this little blob of mystery goo are not alone, as the hunt for Ditto has never been this difficult.

Where To Find Ditto in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

It’s a bit of a loaded question since Ditto can be found anywhere in the game. It’s just a matter of how to find one that is making this hunt more difficult, especially for players utilizing the new Let’s Go! mechanic that has been added to the title. Ditto takes the shape of wandering Pokemon in the area, so the only way to truly know if you’ve encountered one is by starting up a battle against random Pokemon in the wild.

Much like Zorua, Ditto will take on the shape of any Pokemon in the surrounding area. By initiating a battle against Wild Pokemon, there is a chance that it may transform at the beginning of the fight and return to its normal look before copying the Pokemon you have brought out to battle. Since they are a relatively weak monster, players have ample opportunity to try and capture one at the beginning of a battle before causing any damage to it. So, there may be a chance that the Greavard that you’ve been aiming to capture for a while could turn into a Ditto as soon as you start the battle.

For the best chance of spotting a Ditto, players will want to stick close to towns and cities, as well as checking into these areas:

  • West Province (Area Two)
  • West Province (Area Three)
  • South Outer Rim of Casseroya Lake

Unfortunately for players using the Let’s Go! feature, there is a very good chance that some of the Pokemon that you are defeating in the wild are Ditto or Zorua, and it will tell you in the top right corner of your screen if one has been defeated. While this is very useful for leveling up Pokemon without having to battle every one of them, think about turning off battle animations for a while and challenging different monsters to claim one for your own.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are available now on Nintendo Switch.

- This article was updated on November 21st, 2022

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