Best Animal Crossing Gifts for Islanders of Any Age

Consider how you spend your Bells this holiday!

by Kara Phillips

Animal Crossing New Horizons became rapidly popular following its launch, so it’s become a favorite game for thousands of players around the globe. As the Holiday season rolls around, many people will want to find the best present for someone who adores the franchise, but that doesn’t make it any easier. Between the variety of characters and potential in-game items to copy, shopping can be a considerable challenge, especially for those who don’t know the game well. But there are loads of gift ideas, even for the players who don’t know what they want. So read on to discover some of the greatest gifts for Animal Crossing lovers of all ages.

Best Gifts for Animal Crossing Lovers

After the release of Animal Crossing New Horizons, the world of Animal Crossing merchandise blew up. So, for a new shopper who doesn’t know where to start, finding the perfect gift for any AC fanatic can be extremely intimidating. However, due to the scale of how much merchandise is currently available, there are plenty of options to suit every gamer. So, whether you’re looking for something cute and cozy for the all-day gamer or something more subtle for the everyday AC lover, there’s something for everyone.

The Roost Cup & Saucer – $24.99


For a more classy Animal Crossing fan, the Roost collection is perfect for any caffeine-keen gamer. As a subtle nod toward one of the favorite NPCs, Brewster, you can create a kitchen stripped straight from The Roost, starting with something as simple as a few mugs. Of course, this cup and saucer can be used for any beverage of your choice, but maybe skip the pigeon milk this time.

Animal Crossing Joggers – $29.99


If you’re shopping for someone who spends hours a day running around to perfect their island, then something comfy like these joggers may be the perfect gift. Featuring bright icons of villagers, NPCs, and the unforgettable Animal Crossing logo, these joggers are essential for night-long gaming sessions, especially during the colder months.

Museum Collection T-Shirt – $24.90


If every other Animal Crossing t-shirt is slightly too obvious, this Museum Collection may fit the bill. This is the perfect gift for in-game collectors who take a lot of pride in their Critterpedia. Featuring bugs from around the seasons, insect fanatics can wear their collections with pride and avoid being prominent Animal Crossing fans. That being said, a little leaf logo at the base of the tee is a gentle reminder of the game and is more of an ‘if you know, you know’ than a blatant piece of merch.

Animal Crossing Desk Lamp – $59.95


Bring some light to any room with this adorable desk lamp. Featuring every player’s favorite family of Tanukis and an appropriately themed Bell pull-string, this lamp is too cute to pass up. The size of this lamp makes it perfect for any desktop or bedside table, and for a setup looking for a little extra light, it won’t take up too much space. In addition, the empty base leaves a considerable amount of space to display figures or plushies, to make the most of every possible area.

Bag of Bells Pen Pot – $12.99


This Bag of Bells Pen Pot is another subtle hint toward the AC franchise and would make an adorable addition to every setup. Outside of pen pots or planters, you can use this pot for any number of things like change, jewelry, or just decoration for any space. Without being too obvious, this pot could make an excellent gift for collectors of any sort.

Animal Crossing Build a Bear – $44-$52


The Animal Crossing Build-a-Bear collection has been around for a while, but after being sold out for a good few months following its release, many franchise lovers still haven’t managed to get ahold of one. So, if your player is still waiting for the day one of these plushies falls into their hands, now may be a perfect time. Although they may be slightly on the more expensive scale of gift ideas, you can completely personalize your present through sounds and scents and even shake up their outfits if you fancy something unique.

KK Slider Tour T-Shirt – $23.90


Every Animal Crossing player knows where to go on a Saturday evening to see KK Slider perform, and given how much time we have spent listening to his tunes, this Tour T-Shirt showcases some of the best in true rock and roll fashion. Without being too obviously AC-inspired, it’s a great shirt for an older player or, generally, anyone who loves to get down on a Saturday night to the sweet sound of Slider.

Animal Crossing Club Mocchi Mocchi Leaf Plush Cushion – $34.99


This 15″ Leaf plush cushion is a perfect addition to any gaming setup for a more subtle approach to Animal Crossing merchandise. Not only is it super cute, but it’s also super soft and perfect to use for long gaming sessions. For a plant-obsessed Animal Crossing fanatic, this could be a great addition to every gaming setup while providing extra support for even the most uncomfortable chairs.

Animal Crossing Socks Gift Box – $9.99


Holidays aren’t complete without comfy socks, and this sweet little gift set is the perfect addition to any gamer’s collection. You cannot go wrong with this set containing three pairs of Animal Crossing-themed socks and coming neatly packaged in the game’s iconic present box. Although socks are typically a gift people will laugh and gloss over, everything from the presentation to the contents of this set is perfect for keeping cozy while running around your island.

Animal Crossing Collectors Box – $29.99


This Collectors Box is the perfect gift for anyone overwhelmed by the amount of Animal Crossing merchandise available. It includes a wide variety of items, such as a lunchbox, a fleece throw, and a Nook Inc-inspired hat for the cold days on the island. Additionally, everything comes pre-packaged in a perfect Nook Inc Island Getaway box, so all you have to do is stick a label on it, wrap it nicely, and it’s good to go. For an Animal Crossing fan who can’t pick a favorite villager or character, this box also strays from the typical, obvious homage to the franchise. Instead, it welcomes a more subtle and cool-toned variety of items.

Animal Crossing New Horizons is available on Nintendo Switch.

- This article was updated on November 28th, 2022

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