Best Final Fantasy Gifts That Will Make Any Party Complete

Tifa would be over the moon with these gifts!

by Gordon Bicker

Final Fantasy fans tend to have a great love of collecting various items and collectibles related to the franchise. We know that we certainly do, so it is always a joy to look over all of the latest real-world memorabilia. There is an excellent range of gifts that will make avid fans no doubt gasp in glee-filled excitement. Whether they are just returning from a journey through Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade or instead focusing on how to use those all-important limit breaks, fans certainly won’t be feeling left out during the Christmas season.

Best Final Fantasy Gifts to Acquire This Year That Will Keep Your Party’s Spirits High

Final Fantasy VII Remake Play Arts Kai – Tifa Lockhart — $154.99


Tifa is a fan-favorite character of many players of the franchise. For a lot of people, Final Fantasy VII was the very first game that they played In turn, these characters formed a very special place within their hearts. Watching Tifa and Cloud on the water tower as the moonlit sky dazzled brightly in the background was always a special moment. Not only that but Tifa’s courage, smarts, and willpower are loved by many. These were all highlighted in even more detail during the Remake.

With this Play Arts Figurine from the Square Enix store, you will get a 10-inch tall figure which has moveable parts and even interchangeable hands and hair pieces. Although its price point is steep, if you or someone you know is a diehard Tifa/Final Fantasy VII fan then this figure will be adored forevermore.

Encyclopedia Eorzea -The World of Final Fantasy XIV — $49.99


Final Fantasy XIV players are some of the most dedicated bunch of people around. There are a lot of reasons why this is the case, from fairly consistent updates to an incredible game experience all around. The community continues to impress most people who venture into the game and you may even hear a fancy bard performing on the streets for you.

The Encyclopedia Eorzea which can be bought from the Square Enix Store or other retailers compiles a lot of the lore for you from parts of the story to general overworld information and hidden details. This is a must-have item for anyone who enjoys the lore of Final Fantasy XIV. Further, there are 304 pages with a beautiful cover all arriving with this book. This book can also be found cheaper at places such as Amazon.

Final Fantasy Plush Cactuar — $29.99


There are not many other monsters in the franchise that are more well-known than the adorable Cactuar. With this medium-sized plush from the Square Enix store, you will be able to bring the essence of them into your very home. It is a perfect gift for anyone who really enjoys the franchise and knows about the Cactuar.

Moogle Desk Buddy! Final Fantasy XIV Inspired Storage Container — $33.42


Etsy can be a prime location to hunt for Final Fantasy gifts and this Moogle Desk holder by TurnTwice is an excellent example of that. The holder has a solid base and the top part of the Moogle’s head can be removed allowing you to place whatever items you’d like inside. Which may be office supplies or other smaller items to store. To note you could also perhaps have this as a general ornament standing up somewhere.

It is an iconic figure to have to represent your desk and anyone who walks into the gift receiver’s room will know they are a Final Fantasy fan right away.

Final Fantasy Engraved Bookends — $32.00


This list of gifts has been curated to ensure that there are not just the run-of-the-mill gifts that everyone tends to think of getting. These bookends are specially engraved and made entirely of wood and plywood with a few other materials for an authentic and nice feel. DreamCollectiveArts on Etsy has created these to allow Final Fantasy fans to choose two characters to have as bookends.

If you are or know a reading hobbyist then having a lovely bookend to store books (or games) will definitely make this gift well worth the purchase. The characters that you can choose to have engraved on the bookends are shown below.

  • Rinoa
  • Yuna
  • Cloud
  • Squall
  • Sephiroth
  • Tidus
  • Vivi

Final Fantasy VII Remake – Limited Edition Fine Art Print — $22.00 – $50.00


If you are looking for a fine art print to highlight your love for Final Fantasy VII then this art piece from TylorHepner on Etsy will have you covered. The price varies depending on what size you want to get. This starts from an 8×10 inch print and then goes up to a 16×10 inch print for the higher end of the price range.

The colors are vast and vibrant with a lovely flow of themes throughout. You could even get a frame if wanted to hang this up on the wall somewhere or as a way to prepare it as a gift for another person.

Final Fantasy IX Vivi T-Shirt (The Little Black Mage Classic T-Shirt) — $22.66


Clothing is of course always a common gift to get for the folks who are closest to you and this is why getting a specially designed Final Fantasy t-shirt could definitely go down a treat. This T-shirt sold by Sarya Art on Redbubble has Vivi from Final Fantasy IX with a beautiful background.

The quality of the t-shirts from Redbubble we can attest to, the prints last a while, and the material is soft and comfy to wear.

Final Fantasy VII Remake: Traces Of Two Pasts — $24.99


This book can be pre-ordered/bought from the Square Enix store as it releases on January 31, 2023. There are many reasons why getting a placement order on the book early will be worth your time. It is written by the fabled Kazushige Nojima who has written the Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children film and more. Nojima has written this 384-page book which looks into both Aerith’s and Tifa’s pasts. There will no doubt be a lot of emotional stories found within.

If you are wanting to get a gift that will be at the front of the pack and on the cutting edge when it releases this book will absolutely be one to get. Nojima always has a brilliant way of storytelling so someone knowing they’re getting this book will likely be over the moon if they are fans of the characters or Final Fantasy lore in general.

Final Fantasy Series 35th Anniversary Orchestral Compilation Vinyl — $84.99


The music of the Final Fantasy series is truly breathtaking and what better way to celebrate that than listening to it on Vinyl? This official 35th-anniversary Vinyl which can be bought from the Square Enix store puts together Orchestral scores of various themes throughout the franchise.

From One Winged Angel to Zanarkand, there is a song for everyone that people can enjoy thoroughly. This is a brilliant gift to get any Final Fantasy fan and music lover this holiday season.

Final Fantasy XIV Carbuncle Slippers — $34.99


There would be no Christmas time fully complete without someone getting a pair of slippers or socks. With these Carbuncle Slippers from the Square Enix store, you can wear these adorable creatures around the house this season. Just look at their cute little faces!

There are definitely many items out in the world which are some of the best Final Fantasy gifts to get your franchise fanatics. Whether that is you or someone else, there is a lot to cherish about getting these amazing items. Equip your party this year with Materia, fancy-free mounts after learning how to get them in XIV, and Final Fantasy Christmas gifts to joyfully remember for years to come.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade is available right now for PlayStation 5 and PC.

- This article was updated on November 21st, 2022

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