Best Video Game Gifts Any Gamer Will Enjoy

Find some suitable gifts for your loved ones this holiday!

by Kara Phillips

The world of gift shopping for gamers is ridiculously overwhelming if you don’t know your stuff; there’s no denying that. Outside of the world of tech, you need to know the console your gift-receiver predominantly plays on so you can find the perfect gift, which is the best place to start. Once you’ve got to this step, the options available for shopping are still really extensive, but you’ll have a general direction of where to head.

Best Gaming Gifts for Gamers of Any Age

If there’s one thing to avoid buying if you don’t know, stray from buying any tech. The options are so various and tailored to specific preferences and needs unless you’ve been explicitly asked to purchase a particular monitor, microphone, or headset, then steer clear. While it’s a great idea, it’s best to avoid any potential of buying the wrong thing. So instead, here’s a list of some great general gift ideas for gamers of all ages.

Xbox Mini Fridge – $149.99


If the person you’re shopping for spends a lot of time in front of a screen, this Xbox-style Minifridge could be the perfect addition to their setup. Although it looks exactly like the console, it’s the ideal container for snacks and drinks they prefer to have on hand during those long gaming sessions, and its black and green color scheme lets it slip unnoticed as a fridge on every setup.

100 Games to Play Scratch Poster – $16.99


This scratch-as-you-go gaming Bucket List poster is perfect for anyone struggling to decide what to play. Covering a variety of decades and spanning almost every genre possible, having an interactive poster like this makes deciding on the next adventure much more accessible. Each square can be scratched off as the gamer chooses what to play, creating a physical game library to look back on rather than sifting through the extensive libraries linked to consoles. You never know; this gift could be the gateway to their next favorite title.

Vintage Gaming Blanket – $25.99


When shopping for a gamer, you can’t go wrong with anything that makes a setup an enjoyable, cozy space, and this vintage game cover blanket does just that. Showcasing a variety of well-known and well-loved titles, this blanket is incredibly soft and ready to keep adventurers warm on their journeys.

LED Light Strips – $12.99


LED Strips like this may seem like a simple and accessible gift idea, but they go a long way. Almost every gamer loves to personalize their setup with decor and lights, and if the person you’re shopping for is a known fiend for RGB, then this gift is a definite hit. These lights can be placed under a desk, behind a monitor, or along the walls to create a unique ambiance for every gaming session.

PlayStation Icons Light – $34.99


This familiar icon light is a must-have if you’re shopping for a known PlayStation Player. Although it’s a simple design, it can be the centerpiece of a dark space, showcasing a subtle yet iconic homage to their favorite console. In addition, the base of the light is slim enough to sit on shelves or displays without taking up too much space, so it’s a great way to drive some attention to a collection or display.

Stream Starting Soon Tee – $24.90


If you’re shopping for a Streamer or a Twitch-lover, this sweet Stream Starting Soon is a comfortable addition to every wardrobe. Giving off some serious “Hip-Hop Beats to Study and Relax Too” vibes, this Tee is a subtle nod to gaming passions rather than intensely stating the wearer is a gamer. So if you know the person you’re shopping for likes to keep things on the down low but still has a lot of energy and passion toward their hobbies, a shirt like this would be a great gift idea.

Tetris Mini Arcade – $13.99


This Tetris Mini Arcade is the perfect way to pass the time for gamers on the go who can’t exactly pack up and take a console with them. Featuring the authentic Tetris experience in a small handheld Keychain console, this device can be attached to any bag or belt, perfect for long journeys, waiting rooms, or general housebound boredom. It’s simple to pick up but not so simple to put back down. We all know the addictive nature of Tetris, so this could quickly become just as distracting as any household console.

Nintendo Switch Thumb Grips – $12.90


Players who spend a lot of time with repetition on the thumbstick will know the pain of slowly wearing the pad down until your thumb slips off, which can be detrimental to precise platforming or flashy fighting combos, so thumb grips are a must-have. Luckily, these accessories come in various colors and designs to perfectly suit everyone’s needs and preferences, making them a great stocking filler and preventing the frustration of a frayed thumbstick.

PlayStation Backpack Buddies – $8.99


If you’re still a little intimidated by gift shopping for gamers, something like a blind bag or surprise toy is a fantastic alternative. While these backpack hangers are exclusively PlayStation-themed, you can easily find an option to suit every need, whether Stardew Valley, Five Nights at Freddy’s, Super Mario Bros, or vintage Nintendo Consoles. For an indecisive gamer who likes to test the waters across a variety of platforms, you’ll undoubtedly find something to appeal.

Gift Cards


Finally, Gift Cards are a fabulous fail-safe gift idea if you don’t know where to start. The truth is games are expensive, and regardless of how highly-anticipated a title is, the price tag is enough to put players offs, so a little extra help goes a long way. In addition, you’re free to offer a gift card of any preferred amount, and you can find one for every platform. Be sure to know which platform you’re shopping for before purchasing since the last thing you want to do is buy an Xbox Gift Card for a Switch player, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

- This article was updated on November 30th, 2022

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