Dead by Daylight and Meet Your Maker Developers May Have Cracked a Formula — It’s Not What You Expect

Have you been noticing a lot of Behaviour Interactive DLC Packs?

by Gordon Bicker
Image: Behaviour Interactive

Behaviour Interactive is known for its original, unique titles and none more so than Dead by Daylight. The cult-classic game has been making tidal waves on streaming platforms for many years at this point. Has its great success been a coincidence of creative genius? Or has there been another key ingredient that made its lasting impression on the community? With Meet Your Maker’s release, the latter can have a proposed answer.

Regular DLC Packs Appear to Be One of Behaviour Interactive’s Lifelines

If you are a player of Dead by Daylight you will likely notice on your chosen storefront just how many DLC Packs there are for the game. Effective and frequent DLC Creation seems to be the key ingredient for some of the success. Not just any DLC but Licensed DLC too which features killers such as Pyramid Head from Silent Hill and Sadako Yamamura from The Ring.

Other games have successfully seen influxes of players thanks to licensed crossover events: Fortnite is a great example. Licensed franchises sell and they sell big. When you combine that with a horror game of this caliber you get a concoction that players love. Attach discounts to those DLC packs once in a while and suddenly Behaviour Interactive has an addictive successful formula.

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Even Meet Your Maker (Behaviour Interactive’s latest title) received a DLC pack on day one of its launch. Namely, The Scorched Necropolis Collection is themed around having “building and raiding cosmetics” inspired by Ancient Egyptian styles. Surprise surprise, this is also currently on discount for PlayStation Plus members — just when the game has been made free for the month.

Behaviour Interactive could be said to be geniuses with marketing and the results show — especially when Dead by Daylight is one of the most played games. So the fact that there is a crossover event in Dead by Daylight based on Meet Your Maker yet again shows how the studio keeps growing players’ interest in their other titles.

The Importance of Ongoing Developer Support for Titles such as Dead by Daylight

Developer Support is of course extremely beneficial to keeping players engaged in the games they enjoy. Even though DLC packs bring a lot of people back to their main titles on a regular basis, it would be exclusionary to have DLC be the pure focus. Some people can’t afford to be splashing out cash all the time so free content and in-game events bridge that gap.

Meet Your Maker may yet see similar success as Dead by Daylight over the years. All summarized: Unique games, frequently filled DLC packs, and developer support can be thought to be the building blocks of great success. Behaviour Interactive has certainly forged its own path with these. It is an exciting time to see what the future holds for the studio and others who may follow in their footsteps.

- This article was updated on April 6th, 2023

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