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Genshin Impact: Every Pyro Character Ranked

Blaze into battle with the best Genshin Impact Pyro characters

by Holly Alice


Genshin Impact has it’s fair share of flame wielding friends. With such an expansive roster available characters, it can be overwhelming to pick the right team members. Never fear; we have ranked the every Genshin Impact Pyro character for you to accurately build the best party for your adventure.

Every Pyro Character Ranked in Genshin Impact

  • Yoimiya
  • Amber
  • Bennett
  • Xiangling
  • Xinyan
  • Yanfei
  • Klee
  • Diluc
  • Hu Tao



Yoimiya is a multi-use character on top of a strong Pyro user; she is a strong DPS, and uses Pyro as well as bows for melee attacks. Her Kindling Arrows target weak spots on enemies along with doing Pyro damage – a very convenient skill for the battlefield. This also infuses normal attacks with Pyro elemental damage. Yoimiya’s Elemental Burst is Ryuukin Saxifrage. This is an explosive attack that does heavy Pyro damage when an affected enemy is hit by any character’s attack. These skills come together to make Yoimiya a five-star level character – however she is beaten out by other characters that can obliterate the competition.



Found very early on in the game, Amber is the last Outrider of the Knights of Favonius. She is the first Pyro and Bow user you meet as you make your way to Mondstadt. Her melee attacks are weaker than most, but given she is a beginner character, this is expected. As a free character however, she is still a strong choice. Her Baron Bunny skill is a very useful one – creating a decoy that enemies will notice, it then explodes dealing Pyro damage to the surrounding foes.



At an early age Bennett was taken in by an adventurer, and this shines through in his performance. Bennett is best used as a utility – he has a great Elemental Burst. Fantastic Voyage creates a field that deals Pyro elemental damage to enemies, and characters in the same space have their HP healed to 70%! If already at 70% or above health, they get attack bonuses instead. His skills also apply Pyro damage to attacks made.



Head chef at the Warmin Restaurant, Xiangling is a mid-tier Genshin Impact Pyro character. She is also a Polearm user. Her Pyronado ability sends a whirling tornado of fire around her, dealing Pyro damage to any unlucky soul in her way. She can create useful elemental reactions with her attack using companion Guoba. The little red panda breathes fire at opponents dealing AoE damage four consecutive times! Xiangling can be obtained for free during the Spiral Abyss event, making her a good choice for players not participating in Genshin Impact‘s gacha system.



Xinyan is a character with less rarity than some other Pyro users. This accessible fighter has better physical DPS than others such as Diluc, but is primarily good for support. Her passive Now That’s Rock And Roll skill increases damage by a whopping 15% for characters in the battle – even more so if they are protected by her shield at the same time.



Yanfei is regarded as a ‘cheap Klee’; using much the same combat techniques. Her Scarlet Seal reduces her stamina cost though, which is a nice touch. Yanfei’s Ranged Pyro attacks can create great Elemental Reactions which ranks her as the second-best Pyro Catalyst user in Genshin Impact. Like Klee, she can be paired with Xingqiu to trigger Vaporize. One fantastic thing about Yanfei is her ability to hit flying enemies with her fireballs – this is a rare attack and should be taken into consideration when selecting party members.



Daughter of Alice, Klee is a very worthwhile Pyro user. Klee uses a Catalyst, so all of her attacks are infused with Pyro to land more damage. She is regarded as the best Pyro DPS character in Genshin Impact. Pair her with Xingqiu and players can trigger almost constant Vaporize with the mix of elements. The only drawback to Klee is that as she is physically small, her reach is also limited. However, her strong attacks more than make up for this; her Sparks n’ Splash ability summons massive damage for 10 seconds and can provide very heavy damage across the field!



Diluc is one of the first highly regarded character and continues to be a favourite with all the later additions to Genshin Impact. Diluc uses a Claymore melee weapon, which provides the most damage in the game. Paired with his Pyro damage, which is also the highest, he can create absolute havoc. His Elemental Burst knocks down enemies and sweeps across the battlefield with a phoenix made of fire – exploding into big AoE damage. Diluc is one of the best DPS characters and can infuse his claymore with Pyro damage. Get him to Ascension level four and he receives a 20% Pyro boost! If this wasn’t enough, his Elemental Skill can be used three times in succession to provide hellish damage to enemies.

Hu Tao


Genshin Impact‘s very own funeral director, Hu Tao, comes in at number one. The Pyro and Polearm user has an arsenal of great skills as well as being a great DPS. Her Spirit Soother burst does Pyro damage while healing her, and her Elemental Skill applies Pyro damage to any attack. This Elemental Skill also raises all ally’s critical skill by 12% for a limited time! Perhaps the best thing about Hu Tao is her Blood Blossom effect: using this means that enemies take Pyro damage every four seconds. Across the board Hu Tao is a very strong and reliable character, dealing a ton of damage as well as providing support skills. She is the top choice for a Pyro user!


According to recent leaks, Thoma will be another strong Pyro user. He will be available in Update 2.2, which is as of now still unreleased and without a date. We expect him to quickly burn through the ranks when he does arrive!

Genshin Impact is out now for PlayStation 4, PC and mobile platforms.

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