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Top 10 Best JRPGs on PS4 You Can Play Right Now

Nothing but the best from Japan.

by Abdul Saad


Japanese Role Playing Games (or JRPGs) have been a large part of gaming  for quite some time now and have become so common that we often get a vast number of JRPG titles every year. Some of which are real gems that’ll be played for multiple generations, while others are just laughable. I’ll be listing ten JRPG titles on the PlayStation 4 that’ll fall into the former category in no specific order. As a disclaimer, I’ve decided to stick to one game per franchise to keep things simple.

Valkyria Chronicles Remastered


The turn-based tactical JRPG first made its debut on the PS3 back in 2008. After its huge success and popularity, a PS4 version was released eight years later with all its DLC.  Valkyria Chronicles Remastered tasks the player in managing and engaging in battles with their own militia group. Players will have to think tactically in each battle and deploy troops in favorable positions to gain the victory. The game also has a rich upgrading and leveling system that succeeds in immersing the player into laws of tactical combat.

Kingdom Hearts 3


The latest installment in the Kingdom Hearts franchise has had a lot of support and love behind it, and after many years of waiting fans finally got their hands on the real-time action-packed RPG. While it still has its signature confusing plot, and some parts of the fan base were unsatisfied with the game, it still delivered a great experience full of flashy action and adventures with Sora and the Disney crew.  As a bonus, the ReMind DLC offers even more content for fans of the series to enjoy.

Code Vein


Bandai Namco’s take on the souls’ formula was released in 2019 and saw quite a bit of positive response. it’s dark aesthetic, fun and engaging combat, anime-inspired visuals, and overall intriguing story garnered the game an impressive amount following and is considered one of the best souls-likes currently on the market. It’s also known for its deep customization system, and unique leveling system most good JRPGs have that’ll no doubt keep the player invested for quite some time.

Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch Remastered


The first game in the Ni No Kuni Duology first released in 2013 to critical success, which eventually allowed the game to be remastered for the PS4. Its vibrant visuals and studio Ghibli aesthetic is one of its most prominent features alongside its combat and gameplay mechanics, interesting cast of characters, and a lovely soundtrack that gives the player a full JRPG experience.

Monster Hunter World


The latest and most accessible game in the Monster Hunter series quickly amassed a large number of fans. While its story leaves much to be desired, it still offers a lot to do with its deep crafting and leveling system, and a slew of well-designed and highly entertaining monsters to fight. Its latest Iceborne DLC offers even more armor, weapons, and of course, monsters for Hunters to immerse themselves with.

Nioh 2


While its predecessor is objectively a fantastic game, Team Ninja kicks it up a notch with Nioh 2 by fixing all issues with the original game, adding a character creation system, an engaging plot, more weapons and armor, and an even deeper, fine-tuned combat mechanic. While it’s advisable to play the original first, Nioh 2 is by far, a must-play for JRPG fans, who enjoy a challenge.

Tales of Beseria


Tales of Berseria is quite a unique installment in the series as it’s the first to introduce a much darker tone than its predecessors and does it well. While the story is arguably the best part filled with multiple entertaining characters, its combat system is no slouch either, as the lengthy JRPG offers players a deep action-focused and rewarding combat system unique from other titles in the series or other games in general. It’s no surprise it’s a highly beloved title among devoted fans of the series.

Nier Automata


Most if not all hardcore modern JRPG fans know NieR: Automata as a game that redefines the genre with its excellent and meticulously written story, its amazing graphics, intriguing lore, and unique, fast-paced combat system. The player takes control of three distinct androids fighting a war against invading machine life forms in a post-apocalyptic earth. While the game requires multiple playthroughs to better enjoy the story, most players will be left in awe by the end of the journey.

Final Fantasy VII Remake


After many years of waiting, fans finally received the Final Fantasy 7 remake, which is perhaps the biggest JRPG release this year. Fans of the genre are well acquainted with the original as one of the best JRPGs ever created. While the remake isn’t a complete re-release, it still excellently portrays the Midgar saga with beautifully refurbished visuals and an updated combat system, which is a mix of both fast-paced action and tactical combat.

Persona 5 Royale


The latest installment in the Persona series is objectively one of the best JRPG this past decade that’s both critically and commercially successful. It’s a game loved by both critics and fans alike and has successfully introduced many to the series alone. While the original Persona 5 amazed players with its colorful visuals, intriguing story, and entertaining characters, Persona 5 Royal builds upon it with even more unique features that are sure to leave fans foaming at the mouth. If you haven’t already played Persona 5 especially, this is the way to go.

- This article was updated on:August 21st, 2020

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