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Nioh 2 – How to Switch Weapons

Dominate the battlefield by gracefully changing weapons as required.

by Brandon Adams


Nioh 2 features some of the most fluid combat found in any Souls-like with layers of complexity that can shift a battle in your favor, such as switching weapons. You can equip two melee weapons and two ranged weapons at any time, and it isn’t difficult to switch them on the fly.

You can switch weapons in Nioh 2 by holding down R1 and using either Up or Down on the D-Pad.

To switch weapons in Nioh 2 you simply have to hold down the R1 button and press either Up on the D-Pad to change between your two ranged weapons, or Down on the D-Pad to cycle between your two melee weapons. This can be timed with a Ki Pulse if you want to keep on the offensive, and there are even a skill in the Samurai skill tree that allows you to perform a minor attack between swaps with a perfectly timed Ki Pulse.

You can also swap stances and weapons at the same time, but this can be a touch cumbersome. Learn how to switch weapons during Ki Pulses first, and once you feel you have that down practice swapping stances at the same time.

If you wanna swap what weapons you have equipped you will need to do so from the equipment screen.

That’s how to switch weapons in Nioh 2. Find a combination that works best with your play-style then beat your enemies into a bloody pulp.

- This article was updated on:March 18th, 2020

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