What The X-Men: Apocalypse Ending Means For Future Movies (Spoilers)

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X-Men: Apocalypse is a unique film since it is continuing the timeline that was completely altered thanks to Days of Future Past. If 20th Century Fox decides to retain the main cast, there are several things they could do with the characters they currently have.

Bear in mind, spoilers for X-Men: Apocalypse will be discussed in in this article, so avoid reading it if you have not seen the movie yet. Anyway, here’s what we think could happen in future X-Men movies produced by 20th Century Fox.

X-Men: Apocalypse pretty much ended in a similar vein to Avengers: Age of Ultron because there is a fresh new team of heroes that are ready to fight for any threats that await them. However, there is one member of the team that they actually have to keep an eye on and that’s Jean Grey.

Jean Grey was instrumental in killing off Apocalypse as she unleashed her full powers during the final fight of the movie. This is thanks to the Dark Phoenix power that lies within her. This is an obvious tease that 20th Century Fox wants to redo the Dark Phoenix storyline properly as X-Men: The Last Stand butchered it. Bryan Singer actually talked about doing the storyline in future films as he missed his chance back in 2006 as he was busy directing Superman Returns instead.


As for the rest of the characters, they are mostly good guys at this point. The new X-Men team comprises of Jean Grey, Cyclops, Storm, Quicksilver and Nightcrawler with Beast, Mystique and Charles Xavier serving as their mentors. We don’t know if Jennifer Lawrence, Nicholas Hoult and James McAvoy are willing to reprise their roles as X-Men: Apocalypse was the last movie in their contracts. We’ll just have to wait and see at this point.

Magento is somewhat of a good guy now too, although he chooses not to stay and be part of the team. It will be interesting to see if he stays good or not as the character likes to switch sides often. The only Horsemen that stays bad is Psylocke. She got knocked out during the final battle falling off of the X-Jet. After Apocalypse was killed, she ended up running away without saying a word.

Apart from Apocalypse himself, the only other two characters that we won’t be seeing in future movies are Angel and Havok. Angel was killed when he boarded the X-Jet when it crashed while Havok died when the X-Men mansion exploded.

We’ve already talked about the post-credits scene which teases future bad guys are on the way. The Essex Corporation has obtained blood from Weapon-X and we might see a new group of mutants taking on the X-Men.

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