Anime Power Simulator Codes

Don't miss out on earning this month's free rewards!

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell

Here are all the currently working Anime Power Simulator codes, a popular Roblox game made by Ratel Game. Your objective is to build custom squads fielded with the most potent anime units. Once collected, you can make them even more powerful, which you will need to do to destroy enemies. Finally, team up will fellow anime lovers to make the ultimate team.

You can use Anime Power Simulator codes to earn boosts to Yen and Luck, in-game currency like Yen, and try out several free features. These will give you a competitive advantage over other players and allow you to survive intense battles. Boosts are significant in Anime Power Simulator, so you should jump at any chance to earn them for free. Here are all Anime Power Simulator codes you can redeem for free rewards.

All Anime Power Simulator Codes List

We have provided you with an easy-to-browse list of working and expired codes and instructions on redeeming them. You will be earning free Cash and Weapons in no time!

Anime Power Simulator (Working)

Here are all the Working Anime Power Simulator codes:

  • 500likes—Redeem code for a Luck +1 Boost
  • 1000likes—Redeem code for a Luck +1 Boost
  • Auto Clicker—Redeem the code to try AutoClick for a few minutes
  • Auto Skill—Redeem the code to try AutoSkill for a few minutes
  • Ratel Game—Redeem code for a 2x Yen Boost

Anime Power Simulator (Expired)

These are expired codes for Anime Power Simulator:

  • There are currently no expired codes.

How to Redeem Codes in Anime Power Simulator


Follow the instructions below to redeem codes in Anime Power Simulator.

  1. Launch Anime Power Simulator
  2. Click the White Bird Icon
  3. Copy a Working Code from above
  4. Paste it into the ENTER CODE HERE text box
  5. Hit the Sure button

How to Get More Codes From the Anime Power Simulator Discord and Twitter

The easiest way to get more Anime Power Simulator codes is to check this guide at the beginning of every month. We will update new codes as they appear so you are always up to date. You can also join the DIB Studios Discord Server and follow @benther123 on Twitter.

Why Are My Anime Power Simulator Codes Not working?

Your Anime Power Simulator codes may not work because they expired or were mistyped into the text box during the redemption process. Please verify that the code you are trying to redeem isn’t expired and that it was typed correctly into the text box.

Other Ways to get Free Rewards in Anime Power Simulator

The developer will provide additional codes as more people like the game, so make sure you like the game and tell your friends to do the same. You can also check out the (NRPG) Dragon Roblox Group for additional rewards.

What is Anime Power Simulator?

Anime Power Simulator is a popular Roblox game with some of anime’s most popular characters. Power up your units and become the ultimate anime fighter in this unique anime world. Will you be able to become the best and top the leaderboards?

- This article was updated on February 6th, 2023