Anime Souls Simulator Codes

Looking for more Souls, Spins, and Potions? You've come to the right place

by Tom Cunliffe
Anime Souls Simulator
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Anime Souls Simulator is a popular Roblox experience designed by Anime Shadow Studio. In this experience, players can journey through various worlds inspired by popular anime, such as One Piece, Naruto, and Attack on Titan. Battling enemies will harvest their Souls, which can then be spent on unlocking your favorite anime characters!

Like many other Roblox experiences, codes can be redeemed in Anime Souls Simulator to gain free rewards. This includes Souls, free Spins to unlock new Skills, and various Potions that grant limited-time effects. Below, you can find all valid codes for Anime Souls Simulator and how to redeem them.

All Anime Souls Simulator Codes List

Anime Souls Simulator Codes (Working)

OPENSAMU150 Souls and a free Potion.
freespins3 Skill Spins.
10klikes 2 Skill Spins and a Luck Potion.
10kactives 1 Energy Potion.
5kfavorites 1 Souls Potion.
150kmembers 3 Skill Spins.
leozimgamers 2 Skill Spins.
update1 1 Energy Potion, 1 Souls Potion, 1 Damage Potion, and 1 Luck Potion.
l3ni 1 Luck Potion.
1mvisits 3 Skill Spins.
200kmembers1 Damage Potion.
10kfavorites1 Souls Potion.
upd1.53 Skills Spins.
15klikes3 Skill Spins and a Luck Potion
sorryforshutdowns2 Skill Spins and 2 Damage Potions

Anime Souls Simulator Codes (Expired)

  • release
  • 1kmembers
  • 1klikes
  • 1kactives
  • 1kfavorites
  • 50kvisits
  • 5klikes

How to Redeem Codes in Anime Souls Simulator

Screenshot via Roblox
  1. Launch Anime Souls Simulator on Roblox.
  2. Select the icon displaying a tick inside of a bubble.
  3. Select the ENTER CODE box and type out the code.
  4. Click the arrow to redeem the code.

Why Are My Anime Souls Simulator Codes Not Working?

If your Anime Souls Simulator codes aren’t working, it may be because you have accidentally added a space, which can happen when directly copying and pasting. Codes are also case-sensitive, meaning they will only work when typed precisely as they appear, including capital letters.

How Can You Get More Anime Souls Simulator Codes?

Anime Simulator Codes are regularly released on their official Discord server. @Paida_sc on Twitter announces new codes for ASC regularly, and you can even receive an exclusive reward for following them!

Other Ways to Get Free Rewards in Anime Souls Simulator

Joining the Anime Shadow Studio Roblox Club will allow you to use the free auto clicker and receive daily Group Rewards. Giveaways are also regularly hosted on the Anime Souls Simulator Discord Server, which includes fantastic premium prizes! Finally, you can also select the calendar icon to redeem free rewards daily.

What is Anime Souls Simulator?

Image via Roblox

In Anime Souls Simulator, players are tasked with defeating enemies in maps inspired by iconic anime locations. Enemies can be beaten simply by tapping the screen or clicking, which builds up a power gauge. Once filled, the player can unleash the power of various anime legends for massive damage. Robloxians can also group up together to fight bosses for exclusive rewards.

Roblox is available on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Mobile Devices, and PC.

- This article was updated on January 23rd, 2023