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Billy Race Revenge Codes (October 2023)

Updated on October 16, 2023

We looked for extra codes today!

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Billy Race Revenge is a Roblox experience all about racing on the back of a stickman named Billy. As players rack up Wins from soaring across the finish line, they can spend them hatching Pets to make Billy even faster.

To help you sprint as fast as possible, you can enter codes in Billy Race Revenge to earn free rewards. This includes pets to boost your speed and training, skins for Billy, or even Win Potions to double your Wins for half an hour. We’ve scoured the internet to bring you all the working Billy Race Revenge codes down below.

All Billy Race Revenge Codes List

Billy Race Revenge Codes (Working)

These are all the working codes for Billy Race Revenge.

RELEASEStarter Pet
CodeHydraCodeHydra Pet
MagicUpdateXWin potion
newcode456uTube Aliens Pet
neww2Win Potion
ytmr289uTube Dragon Pet
newcode4Win Potion
ytme1456uTube Bunny Pet
magicupdateWin Potion
ytbunnysuTube Bunny Pet
freecode2023Win Potion
NEWSKIN4Mango Billy Skin
NEWPET2290uTube Broli Pet
OPPET891uTube Boku Pet
Y125911uTube Dragons Pet

Billy Race Revenge Codes (Expired)

There are currently no known expired Billy Race Revenge codes. Hooray!

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How to Redeem Codes in Billy Race Revenge

Screenshot: Attack of the Fanboy, xFrozen Studios
  1. Launch Billy Race Revenge on Roblox.
  2. Click on either of the Codes icons.
  3. Enter a working code into the Enter Code box.
  4. Click or tap Verify to redeem your free reward.

How can you get more Billy Race Revenge Codes?

The i2Perfect YouTube channel regularly posts videos with new Billy Race Revenge codes. Make sure to check out all of their recent videos, as codes from other xFrozen Studios experiences often work in Billy Race Revenge.

We recommend checking out the official xFrozen Studios Discord channel and X account for even more codes.

Why are my Billy Race Revenge codes not working?

If your code doesn’t seem to be working in Billy Race Revenge, make sure that you’ve spelled the code correctly. Don’t forget to double-check that you haven’t accidentally entered a space after your code.

If your code still isn’t working, it’s likely because it expired. Most codes for Roblox experiences only work for a limited time before they can’t be used again.

Other Ways to Get Free Rewards in Billy Race Revenge

Screenshot: Attack of the Fanboy, xFrozen Studios

You can earn even more free rewards in Billy Race Revenge by clicking the Free Gifts icon on the left side of the screen. The longer you leave the game open without closing, the more rewards you earn. There are also free Pet Packs, OP Eggs, and Event Eggs you can earn similarly by clicking their icons.

Finally, xFrozen Studios will release limited UGC cosmetics that players can grab in the bottom right corner. These are usually limited to the first 1,000 players and require reaching certain Islands before you can claim them.

How to Play Billy Race Revenge

To earn Wins in Billy Race Revenge, simply run along the racetrack. Between races, spend your Wins on hatching Eggs in the lobby to earn pets that boost your Acceleration and click value.

Clicking or tapping on the screen will power up Billy’s Acceleration, making him run faster during races. Once you’ve earned enough Wins, click the Rebirth icon to unlock new Islands from the lobby.

You’ll lose your Wins during a Rebirth, but boost your Acceleration and Win rate to earn them back in no time. Don’t worry about your Pets — those stay with you!

For more xFrozenStudios freebies, check out Punch a Anime Codes. We also have a ton of other Roblox codes over on our Roblox Codes page. Happy racing!

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