Roblox PROJECT: Playtime Multiplayer Codes

Prepare yourself for the ultimate showdown in this Roblox experience.

by Shaun Cichacki
Image: SECOND GAMES / Roblox

While it may not be as frightening as DOORS, this Roblox experience is enough to make a player’s skin crawl. As players make their way through this colorful asymmetrical horror experience, Project: Playtime Multiplayer has plenty to love. But, what if there were a few ways to get ahead of the curve?

While there are a few experiences that share the same name, Project: Playtime Multiplayer has something for just about everyone. No matter if you’re trying to survive, or attempting to hunt everyone else on the map down, having codes is quite the game changer.

All Project: Playtime Multiplayer Codes

Players will find all of the currently available codes for Project: Playtime Multiplayer below, alongside some questions asked by players of this experience.

All Project: Playtime Multiplayer Codes (Working)

  • 25MVISITS – 200 Gems

All Project: Playtime Multiplayer Codes (Expired)

  • TWITTER2023

How To Redeem Project: Playtime Multiplayer Codes

Image: Attack Of The Fanboy

To redeem some free gems or other items, players will need to enter the codes that we have listed above. When first entering this experience, players will see a prompt to enter a code. Enter any of the codes we have listed above, and press Redeem to claim your goodies. This will pop up every time players enter the experience, so it is impossible to miss the prompt.

Why Aren’t My Project: Playtime Multiplayer Codes Working?

Gamers that are running into issues with redeeming a code may be wondering why it isn’t working. There is a chance that at the time of reading, codes may have expired, or there may be an issue with either spelling or capitalization. Roblox experiences can be rather picky when it comes to accepting codes, so verifying spelling, or copying directly from our page to redeem the code with ease.

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How Can I Get More Project: Playtime Multiplayer Codes

Players wanting to get more codes should give the developer of this experience, SECOND GAMES, a follow on Twitter. While they do not have an active Discord channel, there is a chance that one could spring to life in the future, especially considering the popularity of this experience.

Can You Increase Your Chance Of Being The Monster?

Image: Attack Of The Fanboy

It is much more exciting to be the monster in this Project: Playtime Multiplayer than it is to try and return boxes, so any way to better the odds of being Boxy, Huggy, or Mommy can make this experience much more exciting. There is a way to increase your odds, but there is also a drawback to it.

Players looking to increase the odds of being the monster in their upcoming round will need to click on the Characters tab on the side of their screen, and then pay 100 Gems to increase the probability. 100 Gems will raise it to 50%, and 200 Gems will raise it to 90% odds. However, these odds will return to 10% once the round is complete.

What Exactly Is Project: Playtime Multiplayer On Roblox?

Project: Playtime Multiplayer is an exciting experience on the Roblox platform that will pit up to 9 players in a timed battle against a monster, where they will need to scour a stage in search of wind-up boxes. The team will need to work together and survive for 10 minutes while being pursued, and can easily get taken out from one swipe of the creature.

If players find themselves in the role of the Monster, they’ll need to quickly make their way around the stage in search of those trying to drop off these boxes, and quickly put an end to them. They’ll need to do this for 10 minutes, or until they have eliminated enough players to win the round for themselves.

- This article was updated on February 21st, 2023