Chainsaw Man Season 1 Finale: What is the Gun Devil’s Role?

The scariest enemy teased so far in the anime.

by J.R. Waugh
Image: MAPPA

Chainsaw Man has introduced some fairly fascinating devil enemies for Denji to carve up so far in season 1. While some have gone down easy like the Sea Cucumber Devil, and others have been a fascinating threat to Denji and Public Safety like the Eternity Devil, one name engages curiosity and terror: the Gun Devil. This character is one the fans are waiting to see rendered in the show. Due to Chainsaw Man season 1 only being 12 episodes long, fans are hoping that they see more of this crucial enemy by the finale.

Who is the Gun Devil in Chainsaw Man Season 1?

The Gun Devil is the first major antagonist in Chainsaw Man, and the main enemy for the entire latter half of season 1, despite never showing its face. The Gun Devil is extremely powerful due to feeding off the fear of guns, presenting as a threat that must be exterminated. Makima enlists Denji’s help to defeat it, but the Gun Devil is also clearly aware of Denji, with powerful devils sent on its behalf to take Denji’s heart. A series of coordinated shootings in public left much of Public Safety massacred, including people with whom Denji worked closely.

What is the Story of the Gun Devil?

Image: Shonen Jump

The Gun Devil rose to power 13 years before the events of Chainsaw Man as people sought guns as a means to fight devils. However, the greater availability of guns meant the public was able to access them and gun-related crime rose drastically. After this reached a fever pitch in the form of a terrorist attack in the United States, the Gun Devil was born, where it swept across multiple nations around the world, amassing a 1.2 million death toll in just 5 minutes after appearing. This is all that should be said for now without giving major spoilers of the series if the anime ends up adapting more of the story.

The Gun Devil is also so powerful that traces of its flesh can enhance the power of other devils just by them carrying it. It is so deadly that it can fatally shoot every living creature within a 1-mile radius, and is capable of regeneration by reattaching the gun flesh it amasses and leaves behind. The Gun Devil is a massive, terrifying amalgam of rifles, ammunition, and pistols, with an untold number of screaming heads caged in its torso. Its pieces become vital assets to other devils or entire nations and are still deadly when separated.

The worst part? This is not the most powerful devil or even the last great threat that Denji will come across. But Chainsaw Man season 1 only barely taps into what the Gun Devil and later enemies bring to the series.

Chainsaw Man released on Crunchyroll on October 11, 2022, with the English dub released later that month.

- This article was updated on December 14th, 2022

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