Chucky Officially Renewed for Season 3

The year of slasher.

by Gabriel Rodrigues

Our favorite killer doll is back (not you, M3gan); Chucky has been renewed for a third season, returning on Syfy and USA Network. Season 2 brought us many plot twists and character developments, improving on what the first season and the movies had previously established. After the 50 minutes of surprises in the finale, fans can’t wait to see more of Chucky.

Everything We Know About Chucky Season 3

In “Chucky Actually,” the last episode of season 2, everything seemed to be going well. Glen and Glenda, now called GG and back into their doll, went on their own adventures in the UK. Our protagonists, Jake, Devon, and Lexy, had a warm and peaceful Christmas party. That was until Chucky arrived at night and gave us one of the best kills of the franchise – unfortunately for Lexy’s mother. But that was followed by Lexy using a chainsaw to destroy the doll.

But the thrills didn’t stop there. Caroline, Lexy’s sister, was tricked and started o believe Tiffany Valentine is her real mom. Both escaped and left the protagonists with a new crisis to solve. But nobody is safe. Nica Pierce was revealed to be hunting Tiffany, and Chucky used a new doll to make a last-moment resurrection.

In the Fall, we will receive a new addition to our list of most anticipated horror shows of 2023. Nothing can be said about GG returning or not, but season 3 has a lot of potential and plots to be explored. Tiffany will probably survive and be hunted by both Chucky and Nica Pierce, but how will she survive? And what strategies will the protagonists use to rescue Caroline and kill the new Chucky doll? In this never-ending franchise full of crazy situations, there’s no way we can know before watching.

With Crystal LakeScream 6, and a new season of Chucky coming, 2023 promises to be a great year for horror and slasher fans.

- This article was updated on January 16th, 2023

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