Has Doflamingo Ever Taken Off His Glasses? – Answered

Who would want to take off such stylish glasses?

by Gabriel Rodrigues
Doflamingo One Piece
Image: Funimation

It doesn’t matter if they’re protagonists, antagonists, or secondary — every character needs a good and recognizable design. One Piece is great at doing that, and a perfect example is Donquixote Doflamingo with his pink feather coat, creepy smile, and curved red sunglasses. But, as his eyes are rarely seen, and many different theories started surrounding the character because of his past, fans began questioning if Doflamingo has ever taken off his glasses in One Piece.

Has Doflamingo Ever Taken Off His Glasses in One Piece?

Ever since he was a child, Doflamingo would wear sunglasses; it’s a mark of the character. And, even though we already saw a glimpse of his eye once, we’ve never seen both of them clearly. Throughout the whole One Piece story, Doflamingo has never taken off his glasses. But think, if you had sunglasses as cool as those, would you ever take them off? He knows his way around fashion, what can we say?

Even Oda himself, the manga’s creator, joked about the subject. When a fan questioned him about Doflamingo’s appearance without glasses, he answered it with a drawing on SBS 85, the column in which he answers questions from fans. As his reply was a joke, readers started theorizing even more about the reason Doflamingo never takes off his sunglasses (as if being stylish isn’t reason enough).

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Is Doflamingo Blind?

Image: Funimation

This theory is based on Doflamingo’s childhood and on the fact he has never taken off his sunglasses. Doflamingo was born a World Noble, but his father ceased being one, as he wanted to live a peaceful and normal life with his family. Still, the rest of the people resented them, so they captured and lynched Doflamingo and his family. And we can clearly see an arrow flying toward him in the scene.

Because of that, many people theorize the arrow hit his eye. There are not many other elements in the story to give the theory strength, but it’s indeed possible. Even though Dressrosa is one of the best arcs in One Piece, and it focuses a lot on Doflamingo, he’s still very important in the pirate world and will keep appearing. So, Oda might prove the theory later.

- This article was updated on March 9th, 2023