How Old is Hisoka in Hunter x Hunter?

How old is your favorite anime murderous clown?

by Gabriel Rodrigues
Hisoka fighting Gon

Finding out the age of your favorite anime character usually is a bit of a challenge, as most times, it’s not stated in the story but by the author during interviews or similar situations. Hunter x Hunter is very similar in that regard, but Yoshihiro Togashi, the creator, released a book with a lot of different information. So, how old is Hisoka in Hunter x Hunter?

What is Hisoka’s Age in Hunter x Hunter?

The Hunter × Hunter Hunter Association Official Issue: Hunter’s Guide is a databook with information about the characters, including their age. Unfortunately, Hisoka’s age was never revealed in the databook or by Togashi. The only official information we have about him is that his birthday is on June 6, has 187 cm (6’2″), and he weighs 91 kg (200.2 lbs).

However, as Ging is 32 and Illumi is 24 years old, and Hisoka must be a similar age, fans reached a consensus that he was 28 years old at the start of Hunter x Hunter. So, according to fans, he was born on June 6, 1971, is 30 years old in the latest chapters, and is the oldest of the main characters. Both Gon and Killua are 12, Kurapika is 17, and Leorio is 19.

Togashi isn’t releasing any Hunter x Hunter chapters currently, but soon we might get chapters with official information about Hisoka or a new kind of databook.

Who is Hisoka in Hunter x Hunter?

Hisoka is the main antagonist in Hunter Exam, the first arc of the series, quickly developing an interest in Gon. He wants to see him grow stronger to fight him with all his strength. He is a crazy killer, addicted to the thrill of fighting. For that reason, he was part of the Phantom Troupe, an infamous band of dangerous thieves, for a while. He is one of the strongest and most skillful characters in Hunter x Hunter.

Not much is known about Hisoka’s past. Sui Ishida, the author of Tokyo Ghoul, wrote a one-shot telling part of his story, but there’s no official declaration of it being canon. Togashi has shown a lot of interest in it and said that if he tells Hisoka’s past at some point, it’ll be set before Sui Ishida’s one-shot, so we have reason to believe at least some elements in it can be considered canon. Hisoka was part of a circus and was trained in nen by the ringmaster, who soon is revealed to be a known serial killer. After a hard and gruesome battle, Hisoka uses his Bungee Gum ability to kill the man.

- This article was updated on February 6th, 2023