Is Hunter x Hunter on Hiatus?

At least there's some good news.

by Gabriel Rodrigues

Hunter x Hunter fans know it’s quite common for Yoshihiro Togashi, the author, to take some breaks, making the manga earn the nickname “Hiatus x Hiatus.” After ending its longest streak (a surprising record of 184 weeks), the comic came back on October 24, 2022, and the Shonen Jump Youtube channel released many promotional videos to celebrate the comeback. But is Hunter x Hunter on hiatus again?

Is Hunter x Hunter on Hiatus Again?


Unfortunately, yes. As mentioned before Hunter x Hunter is famous for its hiatus, so much so that fans created a website to count the number of weeks it’s on break. Today One Piece is one of the longest-running shonen mangas of all time, and it’ll take you centuries to finish it. Actually, Hunter x Hunter was also supposed to be like that if it never went on any breaks, as it started only a year after our favorite pirate manga.

While working on Yu Yu Hakusho, another great shonen manga, Togashi overworked himself and began having back problems. Because of that, Shonen Jump allows him to have a different schedule than most mangaka. He can take things at his own pace now and relax/think of better story bits when he wants to, which is really helpful for him and us.

When Will Hunter x Hunter Return?

The Hunter x Hunter manga still is on a hiatus, and there’s no confirmation of when it’s coming back, but we received some good news after the latest published chapter. Togashi will no longer publish the manga in a weekly format, so the scheduling of the manga will change from chapter 401 and after. 

Whether it’s decided it will be released bi-weekly, monthly, or in a different form, we can expect this will help Togashi even more and probably reduce the necessity for so many breaks. It’s highly doubtful he will need to take a hiatus as long as his last one again.

Hunter x Hunter has two anime adaptations that can be streamed through Crunchyroll, while the manga can be read through VIZ Media and other manga apps. Don’t miss out on it!

- This article was updated on January 11th, 2023

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