How to Watch All 4 Vinland Saga Manga Arcs in Chronological Order

How to read the four parts of Thorfinn's journey?

by Gabriel Rodrigues
Thorfinn in his quest for revenge

Vinland Saga is one of the best seinen manga, and it’s also pretty popular with anime viewers, with a second season airing in Winter 2023 that’s definitely going to be one of the greatest anime of the year. The story is divided into four arcs, and fans are wondering how to watch them in chronological order.

What Are All 4 Vinland Saga Manga Arcs and How to Watch Them in Chronological Order?

Vinland Saga is divided into four parts following Thorfinn’s life: War Arc, Slave Arc, Eastern Expedition Arc, and Vinland Arc (all in publication order). The chronological and the release order are the same, so thankfully, there’s no need to switch the order of many seasons or episodes. But as the last arc is still being written, the manga hasn’t been fully adapted yet, and it would be necessary to read to finish all the parts.

Let’s check out the arcs in chronological order and some details about the plot:


War Arc

The first arc was adapted into the first season of the anime. Throughout the 24 episodes, we see Thorfinn and his quest for revenge. His father, Thors, was a warrior, but he escaped to Iceland, wanting a better and more peaceful life. However, he’s dragged into the path of violence again and is killed by Askeladd in front of Thorfinn.

The boy starts traveling with the man who killed his father, and every time he accomplishes a great feat in battle, he’s awarded a chance to fight Askeladd and get his revenge.

Slave Arc

After the first arc’s events, Thorfinn ends up as a slave on the Ketil farm. It’s currently being adapted into the second season of the anime. It’s the shortest of the four parts, focusing on Thorfinn’s friendship with Einar, another slave, and trying to find out what a true warrior is. Thors and Askeladd talked about that sometimes, but the boy never understood what it really meant.

It’s an incredible and very emotional arc that develops Thorfinn’s character even further. At this point, we can already see what Thorfinn and Einar’s objectives will be in the following parts.

Eastern Expedition Arc

This and the next arc haven’t got an anime adaptation yet, so you’ll need to switch to the manga to know the rest of the story or wait a few years. It follows Thorfinn and his friends trying to find the means to go to Vinland. They travel through many different places and see various situations. Thorfinn’s desire for peace and to become a true warrior is challenged many times.

Vinland Arc

This is the last and current arc of the manga. It follows Thorfinn’s attempt to create a land of peace in Vinland. The main theme is redemption, as it’s what Thorfinn is looking for there. Even though it’s probably only halfway through, it already has many highlights and one of the most emotional moments in the whole series.

- This article was updated on January 27th, 2023